Ability to do a job isn't enough positive mental attitudes are what comes first. Stay focused put god first and don't give up!

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Small. Business is dead with the death of the middle class restructuring is a way to protect your assets in this video we go over the 12 requirements of franchising in 2020 &Beyond

If you look at the data and history of America you will see that it was build on a poor foundation. Sad ! Time for a blackxit back home to Africa. Do you have a Africa plan.

Gorge floyd
is the perfect example of Why there is going to be a blackxit of black business outside the United states and Europe but back home on the continent of Africa

Send us your video by email with your content we will air it across the global diaspora.

Watch as Checkpoints are being set across the United states cities to notify people of the new (Black Dollar )and the benefits of a black economy even placing sanctions on some businesses and collaborating with black Panthers and other group the represent the diaspora.

Black business Matters was on the ground as the new black panther party took full control of Chinese business causing them to shutdown in the nation's capital watch live as police stand down.

The forces of self determination in the Diaspora demand and end to underming of the black economy and black people worldwide. And the announcement by Black Business Matters of a new (Black Dollar) a digital currency to represent the black economy in the future. This takes place at the Chinese embassy in Washington DC.


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