Upgraded my old Ruger Mark II with new Tandemkross replacement parts.

Video journal from 20 Feb 2019 to 21 Feb 2019, Prescott, AZ

Toothpaste talk and a shootout with, Yours Truly.

My .22 Cal. good morning to everyone; some shooting; some Chem Trail/bug spray discussion; some fatbike driving; more shooting; kinetic force dispensation; KFD; and the end of a perfect day!

Yours Truly, shooting up the landscape somewhere between Prescott and Skull Valley, AZ with the good ol' Ruger Mark II pistol.

Author's note: I named the pistol a Ruger Mark IV several times in the video. It is not a Ruger Mark IV, but a Ruger Mark II.

Shooting on the road a bit out of the town, my little gun jammed!

I've captured someone's flag up on Thumb Butte!

Scenes from Thumb Butte and Downtown Prescott, AZ on New Year's Day 2019. Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve 2018 To New Year's Day 2019 In AZ!

Christmas lights; Whiskey Row; The Palace; Wyatt Earp; Doc Holiday

Engraving the 2nd Amendment into a gun slide.

American Genocide--Or A New Beginning? What Will The 2018 Midterm Elections Bring?

On Democracy & Voting w/ an excerpt from Isabel Paterson's "The God of the Machine"

My New Meat Grinder

I Voted!

When we say leftist we mean rapist. When we say rapist we mean leftist. The present day rape culture and where it's going.

Simple, highly effective firestarter.

Get Your Pinhole Glasses And Get Rid Of the Blur!

Making fun of Brian Stelter's voice.

Driving Bullhead City Beach, AZ on a fatbike.

A little lightning storm I rolled into while driving trails in Kingman, AZ today.

Blackfish celebrates the 4th of July fatbikin' and fire from the Ruger LCP!

Desert Serenity Talk

Desert talk.


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