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What does Joe Biden’s bizarre visit to Israel tell us? To greenlight a land invasion of Gaza? Was a deal made to allow aid deliveries from Egypt? Essentially, does the Biden administration have a strategy? In the meantime, Palestinians in Gaza are dying in record numbers.

CrossTalking with Dimitri Lascaris, Marwa Osman, and Ray McGovern.

1/3 of the people in Gaza are Christians living in peace with muslin's..

Eight people are reportedly killed and dozens injured in an Israeli strike on the oldest Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza where people had been seeking shelter. Distraught relatives of some of the 200 Israelis still believed to be held hostage by Hamas, demand more is done to secure their release. Vital humanitarian aid supplies build at Egypt's border with Gaza, ahead of an expected opening of the crossing. That's as Israel’s bombardment continues ahead of a looming ground offensive.

Ukraine demands that the West adopt legislation that guarantees a money and weapons flow into Kiev under any circumstances. Our correspondent witnesses yet another use of those arms against civilians. South Africa opens an investigation into US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, accusing it of sky high prices for a vital drug that treats tuberculosis. Pan-African activist Kemi Seba and his colleague are released 6 hours after arrest at an airport in Benin just as they'd been about to board a plane to Niger.

Authorities of the southern Italian island Lampedusa declare a state of emergency after nearly eight thousand migrants land on their shores, more than the island's entire population. The death toll from deadly storms in Libya has surpassed eight thousand, with officials saying that number could double. We hear from a local journalist who managed to survive the disaster but couldn't avoid painful losses. India raises concerns over treatment by media and police in Seattle after the death of a 26-year-old woman, who was crushed by a police car in January. That's after a recording showing a policeman laughing at her death leaked onto the web. Ankara bashes the European Parliament’s report on Türkiye on Wednesday, considering the report as filled with unfair accusations and misleading information.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will officially visit Russia in the coming days at the invitation of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The death toll in Morocco nears 2,500 with thousands more injured and displaced in the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in a hundred years. The chocolate business is a special industry in Iran, and its sweets are famous around the world. We've had a tempting visit to a chocolate exhibition in Tehran.

Russian foreign intelligence says the US is considering the physical elimination of Niger's new coup government, in yet another bid to 'strengthen democracy'. The Military-led government in Gabon frees the nation's ousted president after a coup in the country last week. An explosion in a Ukrainian-controlled city in Donbass kills 16 people and wounds 33 more, including a child. Kiev accuses Moscow but even Ukrainian supporters doubt that narrative.

People taking back their nations, When is the USA gonna do that?

The military coup in Gabon follows a series of takeovers in former French colonies in Africa with some EU countries openly stating that the bloc's policy on the continent has failed. And another coup-besieged West African nation, Niger, strips the French ambassador of diplomatic immunity and reportedly gives French troops four days to leave the country amid growing anti-French sentiment. People in the country are fuming. Iran says that it foiled a sabotage attempt on its military-industrial complex by a group led by Israel's Mossad agency as tensions between the two countries heat up.

Zimbabwe summons EU ambassadors stating European observes are trying to interfere with its presidential elections results. Iran's president says his country refuses to serve Western interests, and will instead join the movement towards a true multi-polar world. Pakistan's high court suspends a three-year corruption sentence against former prime minister, Imran Khan, although keeps him in custody over another case. The Pope himself is not spared from Ukraine's wrath, after daring to praise Russia's historical legacy, while encouraging a group of young Russian Catholics during a speech in St. Petersburg.

The French President says he now supports a potential military intervention in Niger, as locals in Niamey voice their anger against the former colonial power. Japan summons China's ambassador over a slew of harassing phone calls addressing Tokyo's release of treated nuclear waste into the Pacific. Anger also fumes in nations across the region over the tainted water discharge. And setting another place at the table: India pledges to invite the African Union to officially join the Group of 20 organization, as New Delhi continues to promote the voice of the global south.

China blocks a visit by a senior Japanese government official, amid outrage over Toyko's release of wastewater from the devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant. That's as anger also boils throughout Pacific nations over the move. While the World Bank states Russia's GDP races ahead of European giants, Germany and France, the EU's Foreign Policy chief desperately tries to convince the public that its sanctions on Moscow are working. A deadline set by the Niger coup government for the French ambassador to leave the country expires, as locals voice their anger against the former colonial power, and demand its total expulsion. And two years after the Taliban swept back to power in Afghanistan following the chaotic US withdrawal, we get an exclusive interview with a spokesperson for the government, who says the country still faces enormous challenges.

South Korea condemns Tokyo for releasing wastewater from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, with hundreds of demonstrators protesting the move. Thousands of demonstrators in Niger take to the streets in support of the coup government's decision to expel the French ambassador. Locals say Paris has no choice but to abide by the decision. It's a new multipolar world order as the BRICS family adopts six new members following an historic summit in South Africa. In his exclusive interview to RT, the Russian ambassador to the country shares his views on the new world order. A major investigation's underway into a plane crash in Russia, that's believed to have killed the head of the Wagner private military company, Evgeny Prigozhin. DNA tests are underway to identify the ten bodies recovered from the scene.

Niger reportedly puts its armed forces on maximum alert fearing potential intervention and orders the French ambassador to leave the country, as relations with Paris plunge to a new low. Palestinian authorities accuse Israel's hardline national security minister of racism after he claims his rights outweigh those of the Arab community in the West Bank. As Nairobi authorities investigate allegations of British troop abuses relatives of a young woman allegedly killed by UK soldiers in Kenya in 2012, seek progress in their long search for answers.

Shaping a new world order together - Russia calls the BRICS alliance a platform for equality, and motivation for more and more countries to join the club, as six nations are officially invited into the bloc on the South African summit's final day. Protests erupt in Japan and South Korea after wastewater is released from the Fukushima nuclear plant - with China calling the move 'selfish and irresponsible'. The Donetsk Republic comes under Kiev's attack, with over 300 shells falling onto the central city.

South Africa endorses new members in the BRICS community, stressing the need for expansion adding that the bloc's importance exceeds the current borders. With just one day to go until the much-anticipated BRICS summit more countries are seeking economic multi-polarity, hoping to get away from a Western-oriented system with a former IMF executive director saying confidence in the US dollar is falling. An Israeli civilian is killed and another seriously wounded in a shooting close to the West Bank city of Hebron. Hamas has stressed the attacks will continue - but stopped short of claiming responsibility. China and Iraq move towards greater cooperation, in economic, trade and infrastructure areas, as Baghdad seeks greater distance from Washington.

Niger's military authorities warn of a tough response if the ECOWAS group of West African nations takes up arms against the country. Serbia will help Hungary increase Russian gas deliveries via the Turkish Stream pipeline, if Ukraine stops its transit to Europe, says Hungary's foreign minister. With two days until the curtain rises on this year's BRICS summit, final preparations are underway in South Africa. The event, which promotes multi-polarity in the world, will bring together top officials, businessmen, and scholars from around the globe.

Five people have been injured after a Ukrainian drone strikes a train station in the city of Kursk. Niger's military authorities warn of a tough response if the ECOWAS group of West African nations takes up arms against the country. Religious strife is on the rise in Pakistan, where hundreds of Christians protest over Muslim violence against their churches and homes, following allegations of blasphemy towards the Quran. We put the issue to a panel of guests.

Potential military intervention against Niger's coup government moves a step closer, as the ECOWAS group of west African nations says it's prepared for action. But the country's people say they're ready to defend their nation. Ugandan authorities slam the World Bank after it halted all financial aid to the country over a controversial new anti-LGBT law. The Ukrainian Security Service brags about conducting terrorist attacks against Russia, savoring the grim details of tragedies which claimed the lives of innocent people. With the upcoming BRICS summit just days away, more and more countries are expressing their interest in the bloc hoping to get in on the mutually beneficial partnerships it offers, as the new multipolar world emerges.

Explosion in Moscow as air defenses intercept a drone over the capital. Russia brands it a foiled Ukrainian terror attack. The ECOWAS group of West African nations reaffirms it will step in militarily - if all else fails, over the crisis in Niger. But much of Africa itself seems divided over armed intervention. Washington asks Pakistan's 'Caretaker Government' to respect the rights of prisoners, while refusing to directly comment over the detention of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Divisions deepen in Niger - as ECOWAS activates its military forces, while the African Union reportedly stands against an intervention. That issue topping the agenda at an ECOWAS meeting on Thursday which is said to have just wrapped-up. At least 55 people are killed and more than a hundred wounded, following several blasts as clashes erupt in the Libyan capital. Exchanges of fire continue between the nation's Special Deterrence Force and the 444th Brigade. Kenyan President, William Ruto, addresses the important role of local authorities while facing climate challenges and other insecurity in Africa. That's as a joint letter, signed by over 400 civil organizations in Africa, calls for the elimination of foreign influence in the continent's climate affairs.

Embracing a changing order - Russia's defense minister says previously ignored countries are now being heard. That's as Moscow hosts a key conference on global security. Russia's Ministry of Defense reveals unscrupulous biological activities of the United States Military, claiming Washington searches for virus mutations, and uses them to further its goals. Hundreds of migrants from Africa and the Middle East arrive on the small Italian island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean. They share their experiences with us.

Embracing a changing order - Russia's defense minister says previously ignored countries are now being listened too. That's as Moscow hosts a key conference on global security. Divisions emerge over the Niger crisis, as a major Central African grouping lends its support to ECOWAS, including its threat of intervention, while neighboring Chad becomes the latest nation, to give its backing to the country's coup authorities. As the legal hurdles mount against the former US president, Donald Trump, his key supporters claim it's a conspiracy, designed to nobble him from the race for the White House.

NATO has made it clear that it sees its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine as existential. Russia views the conflict as existential too, it could not be otherwise. There will be no negotiated end to this conflict. One side will lose. The smart money is not on Biden or NATO.

The Russian President condemns Western countries for igniting more conflict in Ukraine, while addressing the Moscow conference on international security. In an exclusive report from the frontline, RT follows a Russian special task force on a mission, to recover the abandoned bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. Moscow says Kiev is destroying the Orthodox Church as Ukrainian law enforcement seize the monk's residences at The Kiev Pechersk Lavra. And Niger's new government recalls their Ivory Coast ambassador, in protest of the country's support for intervention. That's as Niger's military leader expresses readiness for diplomatic dialogue.

In an exclusive report from the frontline, RT follows a Russian special task force on a mission, to collect the abandoned bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. Niger's new government recalls the country's Ambassador to the Ivory Coast, in protest of their support for intervention in the country. That's as Niger's military leader expresses readiness for diplomatic dialogue. And, as the second anniversary of the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan draws closer we take a look at the grave consequences of the American military intervention.

An RT crew gets exclusive access to the frontlines of the Lugansk Republic where furious battles are underway. Niger's coup government is open to dialogue with ECOWAS, as it seeks to resolve a standoff with the bloc and put an end to escalating tensions in the region. Celebrations marking the 76th anniversary of independence from British colonial rule, are in full swing in Pakistan. RT explores the beauty of Chabahar, a unique region of Iran, which attracts travelers and adventure-seekers with its landscapes resembling the planet Mars.


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