Discussing the shifting winds concerning the state of Virginia, Gun bills, and Declaration of Emergency?

A discussion about some disturbing news coming out of Virginia.

Fun Discussion surrounding the Color Green.

Fun discussion about the hell of being a used car salesman.

Looking back on my childhood and the James Cameron phenomena that bridge the Parent to Child Gap...What the Heck were we thinking?

ADD riddled gaming, with a hint of schizophrenia, sprinkled on top.

a Discussion about the Future of Gamin' chat as it is to under go an overhaul.

Discussing the Retaliation of Iran and whether Donald Trump will Respond or is the Skirmish over?

A fun Discussion of the Future or lack therefore of Hollywood.

Fun discussion about Iran and their desire of retaliation against the US via Israel? spoiler on star wars. and My nomination for best Movie of 2019 is...1917.

Fun Discussion about Iran's Threats, UN condemnation of the US, China's Organ Harvesting, and The UN uselessness. Feel Free to leave a comment as I do read them and Respond.

The Fun and Not so Fun Discussion about liberal progressivism, Mass Migration, and Transgender Studies??? What the Heck am I thinking?

Freely discussing Many Topics today because my ADD is Acting up and I'm sedated. :( Topics include the Following: Soleimani, Iran, 1917, Dunkirk, Oscars and Something else.

Fun playing House Flipper while, discussion the concern of Germany's New "Hate" speech Laws.

The Fun discussion of Eragon sprinkled with ADD and Man, I need to take my meds again...I think.

Gamin' Chat is Back. What is going on with Star wars?

Kyle is Famous...For eating bugs.

Kyle Dies at the End because he was stupid.


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