Pardon me, I mean... Dabba-Kato returns!
NXT Vengeance Day (February 4, 2023)

Palumbo wins the big one, if only for a moment.
WCW Nitro (August 21, 2000)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan as guest referee.

One of these days he's gonna let them have it.

Stars of the martial-arts and professional sports help Goldberg keep the nWo at bay, after a hard-hitting match with Scott Norton.
WCW Monday Nitro (January 25, 1999)
Results (CageMatch):
Results (DDT Digest):
#JCVD #Cowboys #ChuckNorris

Kanyon debuts a new look right before WCW closes its doors.

The Next Big Thing gets his first win on WWE TV
Taped 6/8, but aired 6/24/2022
TV Taping Results:
#SkinnyLegend #NXT #2point0

I love the way JR and King sell it here.
WWE Raw (November 18, 2002)
#Victoria #WidowsPeak #Raw

This is the only DVD that WCW ever produced.

Duration : 2h 2mn
Movie name : nWo / WCW MB vs NB: Millionaire's Club vs New Blood - WCW Powerful Outbreak of War!! [Japan Retail]
Movie name/Country : Japan
Director : Toshiba EMI
Distributed by : Toshiba EMI
Genre : Pro-Wrestling / Sports
Subject : Product No.: TOBS1001
Recorded date : 2000.11.29
Archival location : Japan
Original source medium : DVD
Original source form : Digital Video
Original source form/Name : Home Video
Copyright : World Championship Wrestling, Inc. ©2000

A bizarre match that leaves more questions than answers.

Gauntlet For The Gold Battle Royal
Konnan vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Lash LeRoux vs. K-Krush vs. Rick Steiner vs. The Vampire Warrior vs. Steve Corino vs. Devon Storm vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell vs. Gran Apolo vs. Bruce (w/Joel Gertner & Lenny) vs. Chris Harris vs. Slash (w/James Mitchell) vs. Scott Hall vs. Norman Smiley vs. Justice vs. Brian Christopher vs. Malice (w/James Mitchell) vs. Del Rios

NWA Total Nonstop Action #1
June 19, 2002
Full Card:
#Phantasio #BigPoppaPump #DelRios

I've never seen so much packed into 10 minutes... or been so entertained. No description I can write could add to this, just watch.
Fully blocked by WWE on YouTube, why?! Most of my videos get content ID'ed by WWE, but only blocked in
Full Card:
WCW Monday Nitro (June 5, 2000)
#EricBischoff #WCW2000 #TerryFunk

Prized pupil Bodhi Hayward reads an essay about standing up for his mentor Andre Chase in front of the class at Chase University.
#Censored #RTC #ChaseU

Sabrina attends a wedding in another dimension. Unfamiliar with their traditions, she learns about her responsibilities the hard way as she's thrown into the ring with Billy Gunn - or as he was known in 1999, Mr. Ass!

Spring Stampede 2000 (04/16/2000)

Graves making himself look like a fool on The Daily Show with John Stewart.
#Misfits #HorrorPunk #Graves

Chris Kanyon competes in his only TNA match, as Raven's surprise opponent.
#WhoBetta #Kanyon #Flatliner


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