I talk about my concept for a metric based crypto currency and why I think that idea solves most of the problems with current currencies, crypto and otherwise.

Channel update, should be self explanatory.

Nothing goes wrong and there are no setbacks. There is only progress.

Many crew are sacrificed for the sake of my ambitions.

We overwhelm the Chrull with the glory of tier 3 ships. and start rebuilding the colonies in the sector. Minor setbacks occur, minor.

I am a very bad captain, I apologize for nothing, yet we're still alive anyways.

I finally do it, I finally use the precursor ship. I also ramble a lot. Enjoy the increased sound quality.

I talk a lot about psychokinesis and some aspirations while I murderize innocent space animals and their space babies in space.

I complete a thought from a couple episodes back, start upgrading the fleet, save some colonies and so on.

I wipe out the pirates and meet some totally legit psychics that are totally legit.

Lots or pirates die, also a space whale. More tips for user interface systems and ideas that could help the blind.

Lots of greenshirts die this episode, lots. I talk more about some user interface suggestions, some of my own projects and aspirations for the new year.

A much, much calmer, nicer, chill romp through federation space than last episode. Contacting colonies, fighting aliens, and rambling about writing, programming, people and more.

I give my completely unprofessional opinions on writing. Talking about my strategies for avoiding dumbing down characters for the sake of conflict, how I attempt to write more complex, multifaceted characters, and a lot about myself and my own psychology which taught me some stuff during the course of recording this. There's even a tiny bit about psychokinesis in there. It was pretty cathartic.


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I play games and talk about how user interfaces could be improved for the blind and in general. I also record coding sessions of working on my own projects.

Throughout I also ramble about various other interests, like the field of Parapsychology and the paranormal in general and the experiments and theories I've developed in my attempts to develop real world practical psychokinesis and related. And my ongoing attempt to write a book.