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They want you to be a hypocrite so you capitulate to their madness - their endgame is to get you to accept paedophilia.

The world was being upended but now the battle is joined ...

The world is collapsing, so let it collapse


More of the same dot connecting despair and coverage of the sham election

People need to learn the basics or no one will make it.

An hour of comedy and music with no commentary

Unfortunately for them, we aren't the violent ones so they have to attack themselves!

An hour of good music, comedy and refreshments ...

Featuring ... Analysis, Politics, voting, big brother, modern society, Pelosi false flag, Obama's track record of crimes ...

We're all just victims in this prison planet whether we feel like it or not. People will have to learn eventually that they CAN'T LIVE IN AN ECHO-CHAMBER.

Far left = Far right

Mottled clouds always followed by intense wind and rain

We aren't fighting this war now, and we probably never will be.

Cancel culture does exist and those who cancel others claim it doesn't - gee I wonder why?

Groovy occasionally Psychedelic set


Donovan, Zombies, Tintern Abbey, Hermans Hermits, The Smoke and more

........... Aaaaaaaaaaaand Relaaaaax ...

The vaccine was poisonous and is killing people and yet everyone pretends they can just change their minds ...

I'll keep posting music/comedy for now ...

Do you want an echo-chamber?

It isn't coming back ... Our world has been destroyed by a criminal cabal that can't be held to account and didn't need to be good at covering up their crimes because they ran the entire matrix.

Your daily Fuck You!


I can't stand people to be honest....


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I was a pissed off activist but now I'm a slave, trying to remember what culture was like before it became woke and worthless.

I wander the world trying to salvage humanity from the abyss whilst doing my best to spread a bit of joy, but it's not easy.

Accept that black pills are an inevitable part of the red pilling process and stop burying your heads.

Please enjoy white pill radio and reclaim what's ours!

I'm gay but I don't rave about it, and I oppose the LGBT consensus and agenda in every way. Restore common sense.

ive been fighting to save you for many years the least you could do is like my video or comment. Im actually disgusted by the section of society im supposed to be salvaging. I no longer want to save anything about todays society of fallen people least of all the supposedly red pilled morons. You were all too late to wake up and youre all too selfish to sustain any kind of community.