We were brainwashed, sold nothing but lies and are now expected to be raped.

The regime mandates a system of torture.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Barr is not to be trusted. Trump is naive.

Trust the scam. Where we disappear one we disappear all.

I wasn't brave enough to put this one on Youtube

I'm so fucking angry!!!

Left Wing Terrorist supporters everywhere will regret they ever spoke

Whats the fucking point!?

Forced Sterilization and mass death is progressive

Rudyard Kipling eat your heart out!

Obamagate exists in a different reality to them because they've been living in a dreamworld and reporting nothing but lies.

Please be aware video intended for youtube, so don't go on about bitchute - I know lol

We have real enemies...Meaningless division is not an option.

It will be biblical...

please note these vids are originally made for youtube then i back them up on bitchute.

I will not be told my voice doesn't count just because of my personal choices. Thanks.

You play by my rules now.

Conspiracy Deniers, coincidence theorists and assorted grifters need rejecting.

Conspiracy shaming from coincidence theorists

This guy might have taught me everything I know about fracking but he introduced gcmaf to the world and warned us about 5G. I think they are killing him on purpose.

Anne Marie Waters commits political suicide.

Sargon shows that he knows absolutely nothing after-all. Had me fooled all those years...

There are many agendas converging and people have been divided to tear each other apart. Plandemic.

Adrenochrome supply tainted, global baby blood drinkers all infected. I wonder whats been going on...

This virus will either be a referendum on globalism, or it will usher in the fourth reich.


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I am a pissed off activist

A queer Brexiteer AGAINST the LGBT consensus

I believed in Trump and I want to crush Globalism.
It has made us poorer, outsourced jobs and made terrorist attacks an everyday reality.

We have an outrage culture which is getting people sacked for making jokes. I want to crush it. I am part of the generation that crushes political correctness for the next, because if we don't - there is no freedom or safety for future generations.