... doing the same thing and expecting different results!

We failed!

Halifax kowtows to LGBTQ pronoun fascism, Stephen Fry backs international globalist 'climate' shills and Jeremy Vine fakes having COVID because he didn't get much attention as a kid.

It just isn't as exciting as all the other wars.

Abortion isn't just a blasé' thing once again - Good. Time to stop the harpies from doing as thou wilt.

To work in Hollywood you have to be introduced by Weinstein then Epstein...

This world is beyond a joke. Why should we care if they don't - and why should we follow the law if it mandates we murder our children? WE SHOULDN'T!

The law was there to exploit YOU!

Ben Stiller joins the list of Nazi sympathisers/supporters

The 'War-Zone' must be really dangerous ...

The establishment has lost the hearts and minds.

Woke culture is cancel culture. If you advocate wokeness you advocate censorship.

Featuring a demo of the Cure

XTC - Summers Cauldron/Grass

and mild homophobia about Tchaikovsky

Hope someone is enjoying these radio shows, they sure take a lot more work than the rants lol

Pride definitely go'eth before a fall. The push-back is on BIG TIME!

Arrest the parents taking their kids to the shameful 'Pride' - they are abusive parents.

also - Science-Ficton reality.

Either way it goes, we win - They either take "medicine" and get out the way or they listen to us and WAKE UP!

A loquacious 'stream-of-consciousness' style rant.

The establishment has already lost the hearts and minds.

I want NO MORE NORMIES left in the world - but no-one has to die, they just have to wake up!

End Times are our everyday reality.

Trust the Science (Satanism).



They are too stupid to ever suspect that their 'Gods' would try and poison them.

Justin Bieber suffers from obvious vaccine associated disease.

You aren't allowed to prove anything with evidence without being called 'misleading' and being banned.

Nothing matters.


We meander on achieving little.

Long live the Queen!


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I was a pissed off activist but now I'm a slave, trying to remember what culture was like before it became woke and worthless.

I wander the world trying to salvage humanity from the abyss whilst doing my best to spread a bit of joy, but it's not easy.

Accept that black pills are an inevitable part of the red pilling process and stop burying your heads.

Please enjoy white pill radio and reclaim what's ours!

I'm gay but I don't rave about it, and I oppose the LGBT consensus and agenda in every way. Restore common sense.

ive been fighting to save you for many years the least you could do is like my video or comment. Im actually disgusted by the section of society im supposed to be salvaging. I no longer want to save anything about todays society of fallen people least of all the supposedly red pilled morons. You were all too late to wake up and youre all too selfish to sustain any kind of community.