The 28 pages linked Saudis to 9/11. Iran didn't cause 9/11. Iran isn't invading anywhere.

Game of Thrones melts down

Tommy exposes Farage


Farage is keen to defend Islam but destroy free speech because muh Tommy muh wayciss muh rape comments...



If you try and attack Sargon you'd better make damn sure you can stand by your own arguments.

The latest smear campaign against Sargon is disgusting and should signal the end of the mainstream medias ability to say whatever they want. This is election meddling.

The next step is to remove everybody who was shadowbanned's ability to function in the modern world on a whim. This war is in full swing.

The best thing to happen would be for Twitter to ban Trump


My allies are not my friends

Climate Cult call Mob Rule 'the new democracy'



Trump decides to Make Genocide Great Again and Farage decides to prevent Britain from being saved. All in a days work, faketriots.

Breitbart jumps the Shark

He cannot facilitate the deep state that vowed to destroy him

Hang this Government.

Would you believe I was scared to post this on YouTube. Thats where we are now.

We are doomed. There is no future.

Young people wake up to the New World Order being a reality


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I am a pissed off activist

A queer Brexiteer AGAINST the LGBT consensus of Islamization.

I believed in Trump and I want to crush Globalism.
It has made us poorer, outsourced jobs and made terrorist attacks an everyday reality.

We have an outrage culture which is getting people sacked for making jokes. I want to crush it. I am part of the generation that crushes political correctness for the next, because if we don't - there is no freedom or safety for future generations.