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Don't call us monkeys and apes just because we are stronger than yall. lol

See that swastika? This is what these white supremacists do. They murder children of their own race. And you want to talk about non whites being uncivilized savages. Yall don't need immigrants to keep American violent. lol

RIP Audrii Cunningham

😂 ay yall tryna be like what you claim you hate about us and you still fail at that 🤣

Don't be racist and spit on us or you get 👊🏿💥

This White MMA fighter can't even beat up an amateur brutha. Looks like 💪🏿 truly is better than 💪🏻

That brutha got hands! What an epic KO!

RIP Harold Phillips

No wonder there be so many single mom black families because of what you white people do to us! 😡

another MAGA terrorist white man lol

White boys can't dance or make music like us. No wonder we dominate the entertainment industry. 💪🏿

lol wtf

Looks like he aint getting laid but a brutha will.

She aint totally Black but she inherited some African power. 💪🏿

We so badass that we can be old and not eat meat and still build muscle 💪🏿

How many people are in this good of a shape at this age?

Good for her. That sista did something that those white girls couldn't do. More proof we the 💪🏿est

Don't be calling us that word for the millionth time! And that sista got feet! Have you ever seen a white woman KOing a man like that? More proof that we the 💪🏿est race.

😂 Never underestimate the power of the African heritage fist 👊🏿💥

or you get 👊🏿💥

The world is too racist and cruel to us. Thank you for standing up for us! You a true brutha even tho you white.

White men being violent. Oh well. 2 less of them walking around. 😂💪🏿

ok ngl he looks weird but this is another demonstration of superior black genetics 💪🏿

This was an unprovoked attack and a robbery. See? White men can act like savage criminals too.

Even when those white boys were distracting him, lifting the car was just childsplay for this powerful black man that he even fell asleep.

Think twice before you call the physically gifted race a racial slur! 💪🏿


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