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Unfortunately, someone is on the war path in the music category so I can only provide bare basic info here. And put this in the anime tab too. Bitchute blocked a bunch of my videos

Bitchute is getting a little trigger happy blocking random videos of mine. Saying they "sent an email about why" but THERE IS NO EMAIL. So I am having to reupload the videos that got blocked one by one
Hey Bitchute, if you want me to start paying you guys again, DON'T BLOCK THE VIDEOS

Bitchute took this video down for unknown reasons, so now its back

Custom Tailored from the movie "Extra Edition" with additional scenes for flavor and substance.

Black and White Sword Dance

Illusionary Avenger
Unfortunately I had to split this video in half cause Bitchute was unable to process the whole thing.

Also, Playlists are unavailable at this time

New Series

(unfortunately I am financially struggling right now so playlists are unavailable right now)

An overlooked video I somehow missed

Compilation of bloopers from Season 1 - 3 Hilarious moments aired only at Anime Convention centers

SAO Abridged Asuna scary AF moments

The finale is here. Thank you everyone who has subscribed, watched, enjoyed and waited for these to come out one at a time. There is still a lot of reuploading left to do but as far as the main story line goes, this is it for now.

Final Episode due tomorrow.
Blocked on YouTube worldwide.
A quick rewind with Eugeo

New Series

Full Intro and Outro Edited in
The finale of the SAO Epic Arc in its final run
The Dub loves butchering the intros and outros. I took care of that problem.

New Series

Full Intro and Outro Edited in
The finale of the SAO Epic Arc in its final run
The Dub loves butchering the intros and outros. I took care of that problem.

Character Song Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Sword & Soul EnglishKaraFX
By Japanese voice actor for Kirito
Coming up next: War of the Underworld Ep 21

Artist: Tomatsu Haruka - VO Asuna
Yes its in Japanese. No, there were no subtitles for this

Cut scene from Batman Beyond

Song: "Luminous Sword - Queen of the Heavens"
Super account 01 Stacia merged with Asuna with the massive time jump from the Sea Turtle creates Asuna, the Star Queen
Ruler of the Underworld next to Kirito

Terry finds one of Batman's old villans, Bane

New Series

New Series

Took me at least 10 attempts to upload

Track list:
0:00:00 Gracefully
0:01:42 a tiny love
0:03:20 For Your Bravery
0:04:32 is this love
0:06:49 past sadness
0:08:40 a tender feeling
0:10:39 Shooting Stars
0:12:43 Freyja
0:14:30 good bye, again and again
0:16:31 Yui
0:18:19 I'm always thinking of you
0:20:01 she is still sleeping
0:21:39 Tears for You
0:23:26 think tenderly of you
0:25:21 You Are Not Alone
0:28:08 Trying to Understand
0:30:30 peace, again
0:32:12 You Are Not Alone 2
0:34:18 Listen Again ^^

(I did have a couple more videos uploaded, but Bitchute once again is having issues processing them. This one finished first)
►Composed by yashikin

►Artist: Yuna

►Anime Movie: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale - Ubiquitous dB (Special Ver) / Asuna + Silica

►Composed by yashikin

►Artist: Haruka Tomatsu

►Song: Ubiquitous dB

►Anime Movie: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale


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December: 28: Lost our Sayori / Monika voice actress over the holidays. Going through another set back unfortunately. Recruitment is back on the table

December 4th Update: Project DDLC The Good Ending is proceeding as planned but progress is slow

October 30th Update:
Currently working on a major project with a team of 5 people including myself. A Fallout Who Doki Doki Literature inspired crossover.
The mod in question is called "The Good Ending" created by Sam Carperner.
This will be a fully voiced over version of Doki Doki Literature Club "The Good Ending Act 1" and later "Act 2" using Fallout Who as a vessel to drive the narrative forward in terms of story telling. If successful, I also plan to do this again for "Exit Lights" "The True Route" and "After Story" creating fan dubs of each popular modification. I will only work with popular mods as there is a massive library of interesting ones nobody knows about. There is only so much time and commitment for the few that I plan to work with. I might not be able to do all of them as it is.

September 5th Upldate
The Channel yet lives. A week ago, I received a cease and desist letter from the platform to stop what I was doing. Even though countless other uploaders are breaking that rule 100 times over worse than I am. I was forced to remove my 300 plus videos. Funny, last time they did that FOR me. So I knew this wasn't a veiled threat. For whatever reason, someone out there really doesn't like Sword Art Online. Which makes me want to reupload that very thing all the more yet again.

(Under re-construction)

As I tried to mention before, there is NO monetary gain to be had here. I do have a Subscribe Star but no one donates nor do I ask for it. Which makes this my biggest time sink of a hobby uploading the one thing I am the most passionate about.