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HD DVD Extra Edition and Episodes with alternate music, with manual translation (The point of this is to experiment with alternate ideas as it always was since day 1. And I mean 11 months worth of experimentation)

Sword Art Online II Season 2 HD DVD Rips Episode 4 GGO
(New song and intro for Season 1 Volume 2 Coming soon. Definitely not the same as before. Plus, attempting to manually translate a few things...)

Every video I upload is assigned to their respective playlist. To find them, click my name with the (Blue Box Reven Click here for playlists) at the bottom of the video, or at the top of the screen on the main menu. Sometimes videos get uploaded out of order due to making up for lost videos.

Every video I upload is assigned to their respective playlist. To find them, click my name with the (Blue Box Reven Click here for playlists) at the bottom of the video, or at the top of the screen on the main menu. Sometimes videos get uploaded out of order due to making up for lost videos.

Season 2 Native 1080p HD DVD rips

Season 1 HD DVD Native 1080p Rips

Season 1 ALO HD DVD Rips Native 1080p (If it seems like I am skipping episodes.. believe me I am not... they are just labeled as NSFW)

Laughing Coffin infiltrates the World of Guns on their bloodthirst desire to continue murdering people like the old days...
(Uploaders Note: I have a version of Season 1 and 2 that is both Sub and Dub hybrid DVD .mkv files. Meaning if Bitchute supported it, it would been possible to switch the language of the video from English to Japanese or vice versa on the fly. But that function is not supported here. So these are regular digital downloads instead for the Subs.)

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Native 1080p HD DVD rips

1080p HD DVD Dub Rips

My version of "Extra Edtion" in the form of Season 1 in its entirety.
Just when life was going back to normal.... Kirito is forced to retell the entire tale of everything that happened when trapped in the SAO server with 10,000 other people. Meanwhile, the girls tell their own war stories amongst each other of what happened when they were trapped in the Death Server
(everything was ripped from DVDs and remashed into a new project series for a film like series, the intro sequences in the first part of the video was borrowed from the SUB/Dub Hybrid project, hince the subtitles)

War of the Underworld with Mass Effect 3 the extended cut modded ending music cover
(The time on the video is misleading. This NOT an hour long video)

Direct Uploads

Adult Swim version downloads, best possible quality Dubs

Sushi Fans uploads
(This was not supposed to publish immediately. I use place holders until I have time to fill out the title and picture. Big oops)

The inspiration behind Greekfire "real life"

1080p Professional HD DVD Rips

Sword Art Online Season 3 War of the Underworld


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Update August 6, 2020:
(The Goal of the next Volume Series now has a far stronger focus: To translate as much as possible, without being burdened by subtitles. The HD DVD is absolutely beautiful but it lacks one important fact: Most of the details on the screen are still in Japanese. My mission will be to once again use Extra Edition, only the DVD version of the movie, and adapt it to Volumes. I will manually translate as much as I can using the Subs as a guide on what was translated vs the Dubs that did not get translated. This is the primary mission of the next Volume Series)

This is a Dubs First, Subs second Channel. Meaning I give priority of Dubs over Subs. If I am happy with the way Dubs are doing, I will provide the respective Subs for that series uploads.
For all intents and purposes, my mission is to either upload or create the best possible quality Dubs that Bitchute can reasonably upload. Unfortunately, Bitchute is no capable of uploading the very BEST possible quality I can reproduce enhancing original videos into better graphics. That and Bitchute degrades the quality after uploading by default. What I see my computer does not reflect what the end product looks like after the upload makes it to the internet. It looks like shit compared to how good I can enhance the videos in my editing software.

This channel is made with love and respect to Sword Art Online to both its original state, the abridged, and given my time and effort to add my own to it in my own ways. As well as showcasing professionals that also added their own talents.
This channel contains the Official Release, updated frequently, Abridged, updated as soon as one is available, Spin-Off Series, if one is available, and Fan-Made from myself and others that have spent time and love into this amazing show.

In my custom edits:
Scenes I borrowed from include: Ordinal Scale and Extra Edition. The latter was used as a template to produce a whole new serial to the show while still keeping everything in chronological order. Also on a rare occasion threw in appropriate callbacks to some scenes.

The overall project uses the movie "Extra Edition" as a template to completely rebuild the series from the ground up and only goes through the entirety of Season 1
In the Aincrad story arc I combined a rare few abridged bits and bobs into certain areas.
Damn, I love a good love story, and this one gets me in the feels. The original did a pretty good job, but when you put two parts into one upload that match the same feeling or message, it hits your gut with a two punch knock out. So far, I can only achieve that with the first story arc as its the best in the series second to the Underworld arc that is currently being aired as we speak. I have no seen the subs, so I only know that Asuna comes back to save the day, making up for the horrendous terrible sloppy Fairy Dance arc.


Redesigned from the ground up Season 1 using extra scenes and edits to add or remove scenes into an extended cut while removing less desirable cut scenes better left out of the show. While adding extended cuts from the movie Extra Edition that is merely a recap of the entire first season out of order. Cut and spliced back into proper canonical episodes for your viewing leisure. Enjoy the show!