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Interview with Jeff Berwick that needs to be shared far and wide. Connecting the dots on "Hurricane Otis". Urgently Important. Weather warfare is not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact.

In Google Earth Pro you can go back to the day after the fires. Smoke still hangs in the air. Original music by Matthew Clayton

Vintage items concerning outer space - movie posters, books, toys, cars, etc.
Original Music by Matthew Clayton

There are plenty of instances of more votes than voters as well as dead people voting and people who have moved and people voting more than once and vote totals being reduced live on television and ballots being thrown away and seniors who did not vote whose ballot gets filled in and cast. The voting machines have a back door and that was addressed but never fixed. It is corrupted from as many angles as are available to corrupt. I now feel that if no one voted they would still say they had a winner. It is an illusion of choice, like it or not.

Forget what they want you to believe and see why they don't want you to know the truth about Sodium Tetraborate

Looks Just Like California DEWs

They are not wildfires

9/11, California, Greece, UK, Australia - it's the same effect

Planes can't slice through steel. Music by Matthew Clayton

A relaxing drive through a past that the whitecoats work feverishly against. Spacebuster makes it easy to see, however, this is words from 100 year old reports on attempts to spread disease. Every one of them ended in complete failure as none of them took sick. Original music by Matthew Clayton
The Grand Jury Court Of Public Opinion was released by each total day, meaning the videos were each around 5 hours long. I separated each day into more manageable segments with most segments containing one or two witness testimonies. I feel this makes it easier to reference and to archive. Also in this playlist are Dr. Reiner Fuellmich explaining and updating, leading up to and during the Grand Jury testimonies. I feel this playlist could make for a good college course but more importantly should be free for everyone in the world to access. Everyone should understand the truth about what we have all gone through the past two years as well as what we will continue to go through for years to come as a result of these crimes against humanity. 83 videos on this list as of June 11, 2022 with the uploading of closing arguments. Opening statements were on February 5, 2022. Let us hope these proceedings lead to significant convictions. These high power criminals are getting away with genocide.

The Corona Investigative Committee puts forth closing arguments. Part 4 of 4. See days 1 through 8 separated into individual testimonies plus relevant other videos in my playlist at -

The Corona Investigative Committee puts forth closing arguments. Part 3 of 4. See days 1 through 8 separated into individual testimonies plus relevant other videos in my playlist at -

The Corona Investigative Committee puts forth closing arguments. Part 2 of 4. See days 1 through 8 separated into individual testimonies plus relevant other videos in my playlist at -

The Corona Investigative Committee puts forth closing arguments. Part 1 of 4. See days 1 through 8 separated into individual testimonies plus relevant other videos in my playlist at -

Everyone has a different / unique perspective. Sharing those perspectives is how aspects get defined.
Also, remember this, the science is never settled on anything. Anyone who says the science is settled is trying to manipulate you, because they have already been manipulated into accepting that science is cut and dried. That's how it spreads. Question Everything.

Some scary stuff here.

Thank you to everyone who took interest in my videos. They are not for nothin'. Keep trying to wake up those who aren't pretending to be asleep.

A mash-up, a collage, Important stuff the brainwashed may never be able to see and, certainly, is banned wherever the official narrative reigns supreme.

Any reactions before 2 weeks after the 2nd shot are not considered "vaccinated" and are not counted. See the reports at - - and go to to send letters to your representatives demanding an investigation.

No food and lockdowns is what it seems they would be preparing to impose. Go to and tell your representatives to appoint a special prosecutor.

At the end of this video the easy steps to take action are laid out. Go to - - We must do what we can to share this with everyone who will listen. There are 17 more plandemics waiting in line.

Dr. David Martin shows us how Monkey Pox was planned ahead of time and their are 17 more pathogens waiting in the wings. We must take action to stop it and we can at - at the end of the video I show you the easy steps at that website. Please share and do your part to stop this madness and genocide.

Free Your Mind put this video up called Tesla Healing Wall. I had my own bands for 30 years. Music was my passion and my job to perform. This is what I think based on what I have experienced.

I might have to put a part 2 together. A quick shout out to Firesign Theatre for the Andrew Cuomo caption on the title frame. We need to reach critical mass of awareness - Share whatever works to wake people up.


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I started this channel to put forth music, however, the world is in a strange place and there are many issues that need addressing. I put original music behind many of the videos but the category would be better stated as News, Health and Ideas. We are under attack, we are at war, and so few people realize it because it is not conventional war, yet people are dying as our rights are eroding. The tipping point comes when enough people realize the true danger to stand up and make a difference.
I am a songwriter/singer/guitar, bass and drum player/band leader, or at least I was for over 30 years. Being used to spotlights, I don't feel the need to occupy center stage on camera. Reading is important and it seems to be getting cast aside in these tumultuous times so I thought of encouraging reading by providing important reports and articles as scrolling text with mostly ambient music. I have noticed that people are suffering with YOUR and YOU'RE, and are losing track of the difference between THEN and THAN. Reading registers into your brain in a way a video never can. It allows your imagination to paint pictures to go with the words as your vocabulary expands and your spelling improves. No matter what you read you are gaining knowledge and you're upgrading your memory and communication skills.
I try to be honest and put out as truthful a content as I can, however, almost everything that comes to us can only be categorized as hearsay. So, there is that and even if we see something with our own eyes we may misinterpret it or miss key elements. Pre set biases and belief in disinfo/misinfo has us all struggling to discern reality like salmon swimming upstream. You cannot negotiate reality if your navigation is based on fantasy, so, be willing to have an open mind and give consideration to things outside of your box until your gut informs you of logical plausibility.