A book I bought in 1969 when I was 12 years old. 20 of my favorites.
It was never socially or politically correct, but it was fun to look through.
Original Music - Cool Days, Hot Nights and Painted Skies
Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
I never used the book to insult anyone, just amusement for me and friends.

A gross (144) of infographics and memes I compiled, photopainted some, made some myself, that FB and YT would frown on.
Original music 1. The Last Straw 2. Preponderance of Evidence - Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI

Original Music, Counting Down Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Video segments by the Talented Contributors at Pexels,com
Stills and Memes from the web
Colored and Edited by Matthew Clayton

Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-Up, Fact and Photo Summary, reviewed as a video booklet.
Dane Wigington at put the booklet together as a compact, factual introduction to Geoengineering.
Please share this with anyone needing to see the facts about what has been happening in our skies.
Original Music, North Pole Rain, Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI

I have been watching the planes for years and done a lot of study. Gates saying he wants to start something that's been ongoing for 70 years is more deception.
Original Music - Truth Behind The Veil Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Video segments by the Talented Contributors at
4 photos by Matthew Clayton
All other stills and text from the 20 page booklet Thanks to Dane Wigington at
Please check out the website and share the verifiable facts found there with others.

Headlines from nursing homes since the jab came out and related items.
Original Music- Trudge-Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Vids at end by the Talented Contributors at

Some are as big as the big city they are near, like Albuquerque and El Paso. Streets are all named though they are all just scraped dirt and no houses or sidewalks or people.
Original Music - El Caballero Borracho, 18 Hands High At The Shoulder, Time Flies - Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
The grids are all over the place, somewhere close by and halfway around the world. I find them compelling.

Before you go running off half cocked, how about a reality check? Take a little more time to look at the jab.
Original Music - The Findings-Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Video segments provided by the Talented Contributors at

From Where I Stand, My Perspective, My Opinion
Original Music Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Video Segments by the Talented Contributors at & Last Segment by Videvo
Edited by Matthew Clayton

Original Music Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Those who usurp authority and trample other people's rights are the ones who try to stifle the truth because it would expose their criminal activity.

Original Music - Snowbound Groundhog-Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
with affirmation posters I put together for my Facebook Group, Matthew James Positive, a few years ago.
Edited By Matthew Clayton

Nuclear Energy, Fluoride, Frequency Radiation, Geoengineering, Vaccines and Masks
all packed into an original song video. Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Video segments provided by the Talented Contributors at

Fluoride is a real life nightmare. Be informed, educate yourself. It's not a theory, there is poison in the water.
Original Music - Cognitive Dissonance-Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI
Memes and infographics I found on the web. I photopainted some of them.
Edited by Matthew Clayton

A certified nursing home health care worker describes what happened after the CV-19 shots were administered. If you have seen part of this before, you know. I just wanted to try to keep it out there for those who haven't seen it .I put the generic sounding title on it to try to have YouTube let it be but I got a strike and it was removed from YouTube so that tells me it's more important to keep it out there. Share with others and keep the truth alive. "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it hates those that speak it". - George Orwell

Original music Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI Nuclear power, Fluoride, Geoengineering, Frequency Radiation, Vaccines and Masks; all in this short video.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Backed by original music - Exiting The Regime - Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI

A very short segment on Snopes fact checking from the must see 10 part documentary - The Fall Of The Cabal: The End Of The World As We Know It

The Republican National Committee has sent out letters in the mail requesting donations using Donald Trump as their salesman after betraying him in the Senate and the House. Seems to me they are just using his popularity to line their pockets after snubbing his efforts to have objections heard concerning the vote.

A request for donations came in the mail today, from the Republican National Committee, using Trump as the sales pitch after leaving him high and dry on the vote objections. Did you get one in the mail today?

First you will see 2 clips on the vote, followed by 11 clips from January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capital. I thought it would be handy to have them all in one place to save as a reference. Fair Use. Intro music Copyright Matthew Clayton 2021 BMI Feel free to save this if you find the compilation to be a useful reference. A peculiar day from a peculiar time in World History.

Just a short but important segment from Mike Adams that bears repeating. Be sure to check out his Situation Updates from

Original Fractal Art, Original Loop Music - by Blue Clayton
Under The Sands Of Time - Copyright 2019 Matthew Clayton BMI


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