Book review of The Great Female Con, by by Andey Randead. Published in 2006.

Liberation Y - MGTOW Hey, you catch the game?!

Spetsnaz - MGTOW Philosophy - Coping Ugly: The Male Experience

The journey continues.

Your crucible.

Spaces & places to express free thoughts are shrinking rapidly.

It's a cold world out there.

Ignore the siren's call.

Painted demons become what they think you want.

Return to yourself...go home to base zero.

What does it mean to be smart ? Sentience, sapience, consciousness, intelligence and emotion -

Define the next chapter of your life.

Don't be free food to the beast system.

Listen very carefully.

Feminists are mediocre cowards.
Feminists are followers by nature.
Feminists hate what they cannot obtain, like natural female beauty or a penis.
Feminists are the quintessential bottom feeders and usurpers of American industry.
Feminists are the ultimate bureaucratic, useful idiot shills who value conformance and consensus above performance and creativity.

Perhaps my Magnum Opus.

There's gotta be more to it than this.

Never surrender superior position, react to manufactured conflict, fake indignation, or leverage or offer free validation.

Social engineers are destroying the male mind (demoralization via bias laws/systems, projection, bad-faith arguments) while keeping the body to serve as the maintainers of physical infrastructure/systems and destroying the female body (promiscuity, hypergamy, feminism, single motherhood) while keeping the female minds to serve as useful idiots for social transformation.

Men are the prize, remember that.

Appreciating stock (men) should NEVER horse trade with depreciating stock (women).

Book review of "The Redpill Handbook" 1st Edition

Book -

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Book review of "Smart GIrls Marry Money: How Women Have Been Duped Into the Romantic Dream--And How They're Paying For It"
by Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake, Published in 2009, 221 pages.

Propaganda from the Feminazi cult trying to trick women into identifying as victims of the sexual market place and men.

I read and reviewed this crap so you didn't have to, but it's worth acknowledging that many women adopt these views in their approach to finding a suitable male for whatever.

huMAN - Why relationships are harder with age | An immovable feast:

Several reasons to work on becoming the greatest man alive!

This is what's behind the fake mask....hideous trolls and monsters.

This don't give ya the blues nothing will.

Liberation Y - Oh, they know. MGTOW:

Liberation Y - Women Need Men. Men are the prize!

The search for meaning, depth of insight and character with a vacant woman leads you no where. She's best only to take the edge off.

Dunces, SIMPs, and Losers come in all sorts. Keep your guard up, wallet closed, and eyes open to treachery.

Exhibits A - D of toxic, anti-male, anti-life ideologies on full display:

Loose Women:

The Real:

The Talk:

The View:

Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pussy

Men taking ownership of our existence and resources are now being labeled toxic. Attacking women or even arguing with them and SIMPS is a total waste of time. Critiquing, observing and judging toxic behavior from anyone seeking to harm you is the best course of action.

Simply avoid the shaming, guilting, reversing psychology, etc. and acknowledge through the attack on bachelors and single men that women and SIMPs confirm WE ARE THE PRIZE!

Final Leykis 101 Class Session with Professor Tom Leykis.

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What will society do with great men? Those whom desire to be the best, excellent and still virtuous and honest? With no desire
to place any blame, just the desire to fulfill our individual potential.

The most important thing you can do is protect your potential, it is the most coveted thing that has ever existed.

Guard your mind and your wallet. People want you how they want a subservient slave to their agenda, not your own self-interest.

This world is built around parasitism and exploiting the resources of others...most frequently men. The MO is destroy and step over you in search of the next victim.

Wake up! Are you chasing Mastery and success or her?

Become the prize you're intended to be through your purpose.

Enjoy the fruits of your crown with the leverage of your thrown.

Become the best version of yourself.

Command allows for no intimacy because it's lonely at the top.

Declare war on yourself to become a better man and doubt every weak thought.


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