In Loving Memory of Daisy Jane, Cabo, Brody, Baxter, Jake, Ben, Lukie, Shadow, Murphy, Molly, Teddy, Jackie, Toffee, Chloe and Bella.

In Loving Memory of Nanook, loved by Don Cee

Happy Father's Day!

In loving memory of George Kinion McLamb, and his precious grandpups, Bear Leigh and Sox.

In Loving Memory of all our Golden Angels

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!




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This channel will be featuring videos of dogs in my Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky Groups, from Facebook. Some of the older videos are from groups I have ran in the past, or groups I was a part of in the past. They are a little out of order, because I moved them here quickly.

My current groups are Golden Retrievers: Hearts of Gold, and my current Husky group is My Husky, My Best Friend. We post videos for these groups often, usually once a month.

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Sandra K. Boggs