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Teen Bat is another unofficial sidekick, this time fashioned after Darkwing! In her first adventure, she faces some serious challenges!

The Full video can be purchased in two versions at www.
Choose the ending that you prefer!
In the Peril version, Teen Bat survives. Purchase link:
In the Extreme version, Teen Bat dies. Purchase link:

Catwarrior (Mink) steals merchandise from thieves, but the Red Ribbon Strangler is intent on getting it back and making her pay in the process!

The Full video can be purchased in two versions at www.
Choose the ending that you prefer!
In the Peril version, Catwarrior survives. Purchase link:
In the Extreme version, Catwarrior dies. Purchase link:


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At Bluestone Videos, we have been producing alternate entertainment productions for over 10 years, and will be featuring trailers and video clips from the following two categories here:

- Superheroine videos, featuring gorgeous women in fan fiction videos based upon the sexiest heroines of our time. Check out the adventures of Supernova, Wondra, Darkwing, Catwarrior, Dark Widow, Blackbird, Teen Bat, Ultrawoman, and many more!
These videos have at least two and sometimes three alternate endings in the following categories:
Peril (Sexy Superheroines): Where the heroine survives, but encounters lots of peril in her battle against the forces of evil.
Extreme (Vivacious Vigilantes): Where the heroine is defeated and killed by the forces of evil.
Mainstream (Girl Power): Where the heroine dominates the battle and comes out victorious.

- Sexy Spy videos, featuring original heroine creations, such as our White Angel super spy series featuring beautiful actresses such as Danica Thrall!
There is usually only one version of these videos, the Extreme (Sexy Spies) version, but sometimes there are alternate versions that are categorized under the Superheroine (Sexy Superheroines) Peril banner.

CONTENT: Our videos do not contain hardcore porn, but some do have topless scenes.
We have rated our videos as NSFW mainly because of the death versions and the topless scenes, but they contain no graphic sexual content, nor do they contain brutal or overly bloody death scenes. They are simply sexually stimulating eye candy, because we have the hottest actresses in the business playing our heroines!

We are currently producing these videos at a loss, and encourage you to contribute to the production of more videos by buying some of our videos at Thanks for your support!