Yoga 710-14IKB Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80V4
For Lenovo Support.. see I am not nuts. This is weird right ?

Seen this bird around. It often gardens with me. Today it shared my breakfast but declined a coffee. This is the Australian common Magpie, later joined by its baby already flying. No, I have never fed it before nor is it tame. Wild animals and birds are like this around me - no fear.

A comedy of problems from not juicing to blocking, being difficult to clean and having a tiny inlet not to mention a weak motor. To add insult to injury, I have been treated poorly by Kogan who decided to abandon Australian law, and not list phone numbers or email address etc. A change from what they did in the past.

Brett Murray jumping from a tandum sky dive in Hervey bay
December 2018
Posted here for Brett Murray. (This is not me.. another Brett).

A temporary video showing the progress of the mealworm farm. Some things have gone wrong... but we are still on track.
Commercial two more life cycles = 6 months.

This is the mealworm farm at present. 5 large boxes, 25kg of bran and more, and a worm density that is about to explode !
The simple easy explanation of how and why !
( Remember we started this entire project with only ten worms).

Getting tired of this challenge ? So am I. I actually give my chickens most of what I eat myself, my rare snacks like hot chips, not excluded.
So here is the chickens eating hot chips.

Only a few left now and yes, I am learning how to make youtube content, with the challenge now - recording good video footage and when/what to say ! Please subscribe as I need 1000 subscribers before I can make any money from all this work. How does that work ? Youtube pays me nothing for the ads they run... until I get 1000 subscribers. Then - I get a tiny amount of commission for the adds that run on my content. That commission is so very needed. I am really trying so please support me.

The funny chicken food challenge - Pizza !
You need to call this one as I am confused !

The growing list of strange things fed to my chickens - and their very interesting responses to these odd foods. A humorous approach to keeping chickens as pets.
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This is just a really quick video description on how to use Activated charcoal for either toxin removal in food poisoning, or as a binder for mold, lyme disease and so forth. No fancy intros on this one to keep it short.

I decided to take this seriously and really try some great foods. I am not a natural actor, and I am learning all the time how to record, set backgrounds and generally make my content interesting. Help me out with comments and ideas. Don't forget to subscribe

PArt 5 of the Chicken Food Challenge - a progressively harder variety of foods presented to the chickens to see what they will eat, and how they react. A humorous and fun way to look at chickens. Can you think of some foods I can try with the chickens ? Comment below and don't forget to click the subscribe button so you don't miss an episode. If you want email notification, also click the little bell beside the subscribe button.

The Chicken Food challenge. Chickens are challenged to different foods increasing in difficulty and strangeness to see how they handle or even like them. Subscribe to catch the whole series. Comment below for requests: What would you like me to have them try next ?

The Chicken Food Challenge - A funny look at how chickens tackle different foods. So far, we have run up a list of ten foods. Can you think of some more ? Drop a comment below and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss the next one !

The Chicken Food Challenge - A series of short videos in where I challenge my chickens to eat different and interesting foods increasing in difficulty and strangeness. I've not had this much fun in ages. I hope you subscribe to follow the series. So far we are up to ten.

This is an ongoing series of short videos to test the theory that chickens will eat anything. Welcome to the CHICKEN FOOD CHALLENGE. Subscribe so you catch them all. This is the funniest thing I have ever done with my chickens.

I gain an endless amount of pleasure introducing my chickens to new foods and watching them learn how to eat it, even decide if they like it or not. Their curiosity normally gets the better of them.

A new video showing how to clean Two CPAP machine brands, the Philips and the Fisher and Paykel. The Resmed is just as simple featured in the first video. We also show you how to clean the mask, the straps and get everything perfectly clean

This is a professional tutorial by a real qualified baker on how to make bread at home by hand with or without a mixer. This video teaches you about sourdough, what it is, how you do it and we show you how easy it is. The next video will be a critique of bread and bread making so you can test yourself to see how well you went.

This video was produced upon request demonstrating the best way to treat a sinus infection especially from a Bio Film forming bacteria (MARCoNS).

1. Sinus wash bottle
2. Pharmaceutical grade EDTA
3. SALT (Pure - no anti caking agents)
4. Optional: Itraconazole capsule (To treat mould infections).

This is the most common problem faced by those impacted by mould.. MARCoNS. the standard treatment being BEG nasal spray, is an expensive compounded medication that does not seem to work as it does not enter far up the nasal cavity let alone the sinus area. BEG Spray contains two antibiotics and EDTA.

I created this idea after a discussion with a pharmacist who was creating BEG spray for me. We discussed how it was not working, and what each ingredient did so we came up with this.

I have never had a sinus infection longer than 12 hours when using this protocol twice a day for 4 days. That is all it takes.

Do not forget your outer ear canal can also grow yeast and bacteria so I suggest an over the counter ear drop to treat that too... if you are a recovering moldy that is !

New Logo for me

Watching chickens dirt bath, listening to them talk and interact. Watching a chicken laying an egg, chickens feeding and chickens free ranging. All in my backyard. Mindfullness.

Australia has a bird that laughts at you

Two brand new out of the box machines. 1. Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto, and 2. F & P Sleepstyle AUTO. 0 running hours. Set up at 12.5 start pressure. No ramp, No EPR. Listen to them both.. and I BROKE the Philips by coughing into it !


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