This is a professional tutorial by a real qualified baker on how to make bread at home by hand with or without a mixer. This video teaches you about sourdough, what it is, how you do it and we show you how easy it is. The next video will be a critique of bread and bread making so you can test yourself to see how well you went.

This video was produced upon request demonstrating the best way to treat a sinus infection especially from a Bio Film forming bacteria (MARCoNS).

1. Sinus wash bottle
2. Pharmaceutical grade EDTA
3. SALT (Pure - no anti caking agents)
4. Optional: Itraconazole capsule (To treat mould infections).

This is the most common problem faced by those impacted by mould.. MARCoNS. the standard treatment being BEG nasal spray, is an expensive compounded medication that does not seem to work as it does not enter far up the nasal cavity let alone the sinus area. BEG Spray contains two antibiotics and EDTA.

I created this idea after a discussion with a pharmacist who was creating BEG spray for me. We discussed how it was not working, and what each ingredient did so we came up with this.

I have never had a sinus infection longer than 12 hours when using this protocol twice a day for 4 days. That is all it takes.

Do not forget your outer ear canal can also grow yeast and bacteria so I suggest an over the counter ear drop to treat that too... if you are a recovering moldy that is !

New Logo for me

Watching chickens dirt bath, listening to them talk and interact. Watching a chicken laying an egg, chickens feeding and chickens free ranging. All in my backyard. Mindfullness.

Australia has a bird that laughts at you

Two brand new out of the box machines. 1. Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto, and 2. F & P Sleepstyle AUTO. 0 running hours. Set up at 12.5 start pressure. No ramp, No EPR. Listen to them both.. and I BROKE the Philips by coughing into it !

A new Sleepstyle is making noise.. extremely unusual.

So after uploading the silly version.. 3 hours later my voice is going horse and I just got spoken to for making noise at midnight.. so I sang this one really soft into my Swamp SU600 condenser USB mic. It is my quiet singing voice and a sample of what I can sound like. My studio recording session is booked for next week where I sing this properly.

So.. I was practicing with this song re the booked recording session in a few days and well.. that silly late night mood came over me and I decided to record this on my in house USB gear. Enjoy.. Just for fun !
No.. this is nothing like what I sound like hahaha !

The second of my two cover songs to be recorded this month.
I am a singer songwriter launching my online presence with a plethora of cover songs before I head into originals.

This is the raw acoustic piano version without vocals.
I am uploading this to establish copyright as I have previewed this on social media.
If you wish to use this media you must seek permission prior.
Contact me for more information.

Another project I am passionate about: Insect farming.
Meal worms are an incredible source of protein with the exact same nutrient footprint as steak, but almost a zero carbon footprint and little to no work.
This is also a project to make LOTS of money. Get your kids involved as this is simply too easy!

The Chicken coop project designed for Northern Australia. Hot Wet most of the year with very few cool nights. We needed something that would give protection but not heat up during the day. It had to be strong to withstand a cyclone too. Further, we are big guys so we needed it to be large enough for us to walk in and then... we wanted to do it on a $300 budget using any left over material we could find, some salvage and finally some cheap timber from a hardware store (non structural). We did it - with a concrete slab.

We started this with a $300 budget including the slab timber and steel. We had the metal for the roof and also, several rolls of "chicken" wire (Large hole). Ideally we should have used 6mm strong square wire but it would have blown our budget by $200.

1. The wire - Strong fine wire all over.
2. External feed and water tubes (PVC pipe style) $100 for a pair.

Whilst there are many ways to build a chicken coop.. we are hot most of the year with high humidity and lots of rain. This was the best design to provide shelter even during the heat of the day. It is cooler in the coop that our back patio.

This is our journey - how we built our chicken coop to suit the Queensland climate - Warm winters, hot wet summers. We built on a budget with cheap materials but keeping in mind snakes and foxes.

This is a great design if you are in Queensland where the weather is always warm and humid. This is not the ideal coup for areas that have cold winters as it is too open and offers limited protection from the cold.

We took this project on with the lowest budget $300. We had the roof iron but we could have purchased it from the recycle center as well as the sheet iron for the walls. You could enclose the entire structure but having it open resulted in good protection from the frequent rain, whilst keeping it cool even in the middle of a hot summers day. The concrete slab means the floor does not get wet which protects the chickens from "bumble foot" - a condition they get when their feet are always wet. The deep litter method ensures they are walking on something that feels like normal ground and they can scratch it too. The perches are high but spaced so the younger birds can get up into them. The nesting boxes are sheltered and have enough tin at the back and sides to keep any water off them. Chickens love SNUG for their nesting. The front piece of 3 ply is drilled in a series of holes. Today I cut the ties and lifted it up an inch as the chickens were still removing the straw. I made this entire thing to be adjustable.

In another 4 months the boys will have started crowing and have been removed from the flock leaving about 14 good hens. Ok.. we have a Bantam hen by accident.. but we don't have the heart to remove her. Our chickens are treated better than most people treat their cats and dogs. Today they received a treat - watermelon and a few cobs of corn. When I feed them treats I use the same whistle so I ensure they always come when I whistle.

They do get the yard on most days. The more time they spend in the yard the less seed/feed they eat. This saves me a lot of money. They only reason they remain in the pen for half the day or the small yard.. is for their protection from a fox that took two hens last week.

How to build a chicken coup for the Queensland climate.
Keeps the birds dry and protected, but cool even during the day.

We purchased the wood for the frame and a few other pieces, the nails the angle mounts, the brackets, a roll of 1cm wire and the concrete. And yes, the sheet metal came from the local tip (dump) recycling area which cost about $45. The roofing iron was left over from our home build. We have 24 chickens in the video. 2 less now as a fox managed to get away with two.

What do you think of the end ? When I let them out, it looks like a scene from Jurassic Park as they all run past me.

The very first cleaning video did was quite basic and regarded the Resmed 10 Series. Since then a new player hit the market - the F&P sleep style. Along with a host of new features - it requires more frequent cleaning and a slight different way of doing it. And of course.. you know me - a bit of general discussion too.

This is a general discussion about how we used concrobium during the mold remediation, and some general discussion etc.

This is a product called concrobium. It is totally non toxic and soaks into just about anything and can be used on anything. It forms a barrier that will both kill and prevent mold growth. Because it is salt based, getting it wet is no problem. I dries again. I only use it on on painted surfaces because 1. Painted surfaces are difficult for mold to form on unless dirty and 2. You want to clean your shiny surfaces regularly to remove dust and any spores. This is how to apply it. Concrobium is available from Bunnings in Australia and I know it is also sold in the USA where it is made.

In the video I noted there was no paperwork. I wish to correct this and say that when I opened the reusable bubble wrap pack, inside he folded laptop was a piece of paper detailing what they did. They replaced the internal and external keyboard and it appears the touch pad too. Champions. I am very happy with Lenovo. Three cheers for them. Amazing packaging. I have kept the packaging for any future returns.

This was the second attempt at doing an epoxy floor.
It was initially a two part resin that required no solvent. But because they wore no protective clothing or cleaned or secured the area for flies or had the right boots on to go fix this.. it went wrong. So then instead of patching as we requested - the put a coat of soft toxic polyurithane over the top. Now My auto immune diseases are flaring and we have no where else to live and no way no money to fix this. Still waiting on the QBCC inspector

Lenovo stated it was not possible to insure shipping so this is out insurance to show how well we packaged it and that is was not damaged. This happened to me less than a year ago when lenovo told me I had dropped my machine when in fact it had been damaged during shipping. If you purchase from Lenovo - keep this in mind.


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