This is my self taped audition to be a contestant for The Pugilist.

This is a new Reality TV show that has Veterans fighting for their Non-Profit of choice to win approximately $22,000. If selected I will be fighting of which is a non-profit I helped to start.

Stay tuned for up and coming footage of my Pugil stick fights in the Lightweight category,

The Pugilist event:

I bought this 25' Flair Fleetwood with the 7.4L Chevy Big Block 454 engine that was made in Detroit as my project car. I am a Journeyman Carpenter by trade from Detroit area that was just a few miles away from the factor that built this RV. I also fixed Machine Guns and helped work on the CH-46 Helicopter as a Marine due to my mechanical mind.

I was medically retired from the Marines in 2012 and have been adjusting to a retired life style since my discharge. I will be doing a lot of work and uploading the maintenance for a P30 Chassis. In this I changed out the passenger lower ball joint and Air Spring kit with identical work on the driver side. Prior to this I changed out both rotors, inner/outer bearings, Caliper, Brake pads, and brake house in the front end. The previous owner lied a great deal and told me this RV was road ready.

In other videos I will be doing electrical work inside/outside and plumbing work to fix a leak. I will also repainting this RV to look like the A-Team van with the interior redone to match.

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I am not a chess player but I enjoy building them!!!

I have built two other boards and started my third chess board that is my biggest one yet to include three players.

My first chess board was a smaller version of this three man design. The second chess game was built for two players with three levels that rotate and allow the player to change the board during game play.

I am painting this three man board with black and white print making ink left over from my art class. The center piece will be individually pieces I cut from of exotic wood that are naturally black and white like Ebony/Holly.

My mind is so active and loves geometry SO MUCH!!!! I have created the blueprints for a five man board and rotating center.

I originally put a hole in my nail with a screw bit while working for a friend. The progress was slow until I started using Helichrysum on my fingernails daily.

What is your worst nail injury?

What is you favorite nail treatment?

The mother mold has set over the weekend and I am removing the clay from the mold and refill it with melted red wax until it cools for a short period and I dump it back into the melted wax. I start this process over until I get my desired thickness.

The final layer of silicon has dried and I am preparing the feet for the mother mold. Once the mold is finished I will clean out the clay and fill it with red wax. I will do this process for both wings and the main body. The final outcome will be a Bronze Statue of a bald Eagle


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