Bock Saga

Bock Saga

Bock Saga


Ior - Lemminkäisen poika, viimeinen Pukki. Henkilökuva: Ior Bock. (22.12.1986).

Sampo, Aino, Ukko, Akka, Lemminkäinen, Joutsen, Ilmarinen, Ilmatar

Hel, Bock, i, Oden, Ra, Tor, Frej, Freja

Näyttelijä, mytologi, Suomenlinnan opas 30 vuoden ajan, Väinämöisen mytologian kantaja.

"Ior, avasit meille ikkunan maailmaan, jota ei aiemmin tiedetty olleen olemassa. Pidämme sen avoinna."

The BOCK SAGA offers a Comprehensive Alternative View of World History – albeit one that sheds a Very Different Light On Established Cultural Beliefs and Facts.
SAGA Told by Jim Chesnar.

The Rare Knowledge contained within the Bock Saga may change the way you view our Human Past, Present and Future.
Prepare yourself for many “Aha.!!.” moments..
As the Strange Upside Down - Back 2 Front World We Live in,
Suddenly Seems Too Make Just a Little Bit More Sense.

The BOCK SAGA has been meticulously transferred as an oral tradition from generation to generation within the Bock Family in Finland and has until now never been written down.
In 1984, IOR BOCK as being the very last member of this family line,
had the right to present the Saga for the very 1st time in 1000 years, to the outside world.
The material that is presented here is an introduction into some of the aspects and dimensions of the SAGA which shed a new light on Cultural, Historical, Linguistical, Mathematical and Mythological studies..
plus.. various archeological excavations are confirming the information given by IOR BOCK.
The story told in this video, is only a small insight into the vast amount of material to be found contained within the BOCK SAGA.

“For You See.. 👀
I Do Not Believe This Story.. Too Be true.. 😟
I Can Understand It.. Too Be true.. 😱
For a Belief can change from one day to the next.. 🤔
Today I Believe in Allāh.. Tomorrow I Believe in Jesus.. 🤯
If I Can Understand Something.. Too Be True.. 🤓
Then This Understanding.. Will Remain the Same For Ever”.. 🤗

Jim Chesnar (Ior Bock's close friend) brings us the Bock Saga from ancient Finland (Odenmaa / Hel). Walks through the history of creation and humanity on Earth while urging us to reconnect to nature and humanity's roots.

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Krishna came from Finland, too.

Jim Chesnar, goes to Pushkar (Rajasthan, India) to tell more parts of the Saga:

* Story of Krishna
* Story of Narkasura King
* Story of Heart
* Something about Circoncision
* Story of Gypsies

Correction: The Maharajah was the Rabi and the Rajah was the jarl or earl.

Michel in the Kaivopuisto - Helsinki (Finland) - had been speaking for hours about Bock Saga.

This is a part about Root (Ruut) language.

Buddha also eventually came from Odenmaa / Finland.

"Atlantis" is the mysterious story of a vanished civilization, legends, searches... There are still many disputes about where "Atlantis" is located. The main point of this saga is that "Atlantis" is not a place, but a period of time. Atlantis - All Land Ice - Alt - Land - Is.


Long time ago, before the iceage, people lived in
perfect harmony with the nature in a system that didn't
give possibility for overpopulation

As the aksel of the planet (plan-et) was in its right
position, straight, all the planet was under stable
tropical elimat. So was also Odenmaa at the northpole

There lived the Asers who held the highest knowledge
on earth with the ROT (root) -language. Outside Odenmaa lived the vaners in their ringlands.

Everybody paid respect to Per who due to the breeding-system was the allfather of all mankind
(everyone is a PER-SON)

Over 50 milj. 10000 years ago the axel of the planet shifted and caused the iceage when the ringlands outside were covered by ice, a period called ALT-LAND-IS (ALL LAND'S ICE)

As the Gulfstream came to heat south-Finland, Odenmaa remained clear of ice and the Asers learned a new way of life

Agriculture and new animal species were created for staying alive for 50 milj. years surrounded by huge icebergs

As the ice startd to mel and drown Odenmaa the very few of them left took pairs of the animals with them and sailed through a passage way melted by the stream to Bockland an island outside of Sweden, later named Goatland (Gotland).

After staying there for a thousand years the Asers headed back to Odenmaa except SVEN and DAN who went to Sweden and Denmark to rehabite the ringlands.

During ALTLANDIS the Vaners developed into ten different races, mythologies and languages outside the icebergs

The asers lived in Odenmaa again till the year 1050 when the crusader army sent by the Pope destructed Odenmaa and created a new information system based on the written word not spoken as it used to be.

This is a tiny part of a story that takes 20 years to tell two hours a day brought to us as family tradition by the last Aser since 1984, according to the saga 10 000 years after the end of the iceage.


Kingston Wall
Origin Helsinki
Genres Psychedelic rock, progressive rock

Petri Walli (Vocals, Guitars)
Jukka Jylli (Bass)
Sami Kuoppamäki (Drums)

Milo spricht über die Bock Saga bei der Radiosendung von Frank Stoner & Amok Alex Nr. 94.


Milo spricht über die Bock Saga bei der Radiosendung von Frank Stoner & Amok Alex Nr. 94.


The oldest saga on Earth. Hel / Odenmaa / Finland.

This is the Vainamoinen (Kalevala) mythology.

Part 3 / 3.

The oldest saga on Earth. Hel / Odenmaa / Finland.

Part 2 / 3. This is the Vainamoinen (Kalevala) mythology.

Jim Chesnar's email - odenisaring[at]

The oldest saga on Earth. Hel / Odenmaa / Finland.

Part 1 / 3. This is the Vainamoinen (Kalevala) mythology.

Jim Chesnar's email - odenisaring[at]

Visit Bock Saga website -

In July, 2015 a group of people led by Jim Chesnar came to Finland. Jim Chesnar was a close friend to Ior Bock.

Travel on secret side of Finland. The mythology connected with one of the most ancient stories around the world - BOCK SAGA.

The Saga told from creation of the world which was transmitted presently by Ior Bock. In the film, we will go in places connected with the Saga. We will visit islands, caves, the REAL North Pole, the most ancient castle on the planet, we will open many secrets and we will visit a place of burial of Ior Bock.

According to the Sa-Ga, the first major changes occurred just over 50 million years ago resulting in a shifting of the Pole causing all the lands to become ice. This was known as the time of “all the lands ice” ALTLANDIS, otherwise known as Atlantis. Atlantis was not so much a location as it was a time in history. Anticipating this major change, the Aser set up ten locations around the world so that the Vaner people could survive the ice time. Afterwards, there were ten breeding systems that became ten different races of people with ten different languages, all based on the original Rot / Van languages.
When the ice came, the Aser were cut off from the Vaner people. Largely due to a warm
Gulf Stream current flowing into the Finnish Gulf, the region of Uudenmaa remained ice-

In the movie you will visit with us:

Suomenlinna island
Ehrensvärd Museum
True North Pole
Lemminkäinen Temple
Kajaanin Linna
Raaseporin linna
Ior Bock Grave

This is a full movie about it. CORRECTION: ...there were 4 kar men in the rasti making performance not 3. The "Narn" in the "Babylon 5" sci-fi series "the knowing" is not a coincidence possibly either.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE - visit the website -

"I wonder how many Finns are really interested in the Bock Saga? I wish the people took this more seriously. He is speaking the truth."


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Passed down meticulously by methodical oral tradition, through one prominent family, the Bock Saga, contains an elaborate mythology that describes how our reality was formed, where we came from, as well as a history radically different than what we hear in the mainstream.

It also contains a detailed description of the origins of us all in Odenmaa / Hel (the modern day Helsinki, Finland) and the languages along with etymology describing the development of letters, sounds, words, and language that is far different than our understanding.

Details of a pre-tilted planet, with a huge internal cavern, otherwise known as the underworld. It’s situated at the true north pole, located near present-day Helsinki, Finland. This ancient sacred space, centered on an axis has been referred to as the original Holy Land and sits below the North Star, also known as Polaris.

The word "Hell" has been later falsely manufactured. Perusing through the dictionary, one can find more than 60 words that begin with the word hel (hellas, helvetia, Helen, etc). By integrating the principles of the Bock Saga using the root alphabet we can better understand the origins of the concept and the truth about hell, the demonizing of it through the Catholic and Muslim religion and lastly, it’s location here.

Under the threat of annihilation from both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics, the Bock family fled to northern Finland, leaving the pagans residing in “hell” to be completely wiped out. Yes, there happened a hell on Earth.

Jim Chesnar continues to tell the saga he learnt from Ior Bock himself. He helps to rectify any misinformation surrounding this old wive’s tale and explains the most recent troubles of the Bock family. He helps fill in the blanks of the Finnish people (and all mankind for that matter) not aware of their true origin and history.

As also the reseachers and archeologists know, the shadowy so called elite have gone to great lengths to squash any ancient knowledge from pagans, gnostics, and indigenous peoples. They have been known to bastardize cultures, writings, rituals, and traditions. A shining example of the hijacking of history can be seen in the Bock Saga’s long-held history involving Krishna and Moses. Both radically different from their current day perceptions. Explained are all the old beliefs and new ideas about the involvement of Krishna and Moses and their crucial role in the past.

Crediting the Sun as the life giver, and planet maker is just the beginning of the Bock Saga.