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This video is of Steam Locomotives 4014 (Big Boy) and 844 leaving Evanston WY on 20190508 just after 0800 MT, heading West to Utah for the 150th Anniversary Ceremonies for the laying of the Golden Spike.
It was also snowing lightly.

This is the first snow of the season that is sticking, and is the second overall snow of the season.

Short clip of SW WY snow storm/blizzard

Teen maintaining the ice when Maintenance is nowhere to be found, and creating a rink where one can actually skate.

"Shout Us On" was always the band's opening number. This video was shot by a friend who was using an handheld camera. The footage is circa 1990. Video came from a VHS, so the tape flaws might show up. Performers are Bodwolf, Joey Rather, Carlton, and Russ. All copyrights for "Shout Us On" are owned by me, Bodwolf, all rights reserved.

This is a live video shot by a friend with a handheld camera. The song, "Two Ways To Love" is Copyright 1984 by Gary Stipe, videos posted with his permission. A little portion of the song is cut out due to camera operator actions.

Had a little laser show in my living room. There was a large fire in town so they cancelled the annual fireworks show and banned all fireworks. Had to do something to celebrate our nation's independence. Here's a short clip.

A cut from a '90 video. "Bring Back The Good Times" is pretty much the band's theme. Performers are Bodwolf, Joey Rather, Carleton, and Russ. Video shot by a friend using an handheld. All copyrights for "Bring Back The Good Times" are owned by Bodwolf. All rights reserved.

First person view of when I ice skated on the natural ice of the Ice Ponds in January of 2018

Fed some Green Leaf lettuce to my new adopted-from-shelter Cinnamon rabbit.

Caught a close-up of my Dutch Rabbit eating some Green Leaf Lettuce
©2018 Bodwolf All Rights Reserved


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