Short clip of SW WY snow storm/blizzard

Teen maintaining the ice when Maintenance is nowhere to be found, and creating a rink where one can actually skate.

"Shout Us On" was always the band's opening number. This video was shot by a friend who was using an handheld camera. The footage is circa 1990. Video came from a VHS, so the tape flaws might show up. Performers are Bodwolf, Joey Rather, Carlton, and Russ. All copyrights for "Shout Us On" are owned by me, Bodwolf, all rights reserved.

This is a live video shot by a friend with a handheld camera. The song, "Two Ways To Love" is Copyright 1984 by Gary Stipe, videos posted with his permission. A little portion of the song is cut out due to camera operator actions.

Had a little laser show in my living room. There was a large fire in town so they cancelled the annual fireworks show and banned all fireworks. Had to do something to celebrate our nation's independence. Here's a short clip.

A cut from a '90 video. "Bring Back The Good Times" is pretty much the band's theme. Performers are Bodwolf, Joey Rather, Carleton, and Russ. Video shot by a friend using an handheld. All copyrights for "Bring Back The Good Times" are owned by Bodwolf. All rights reserved.

First person view of when I ice skated on the natural ice of the Ice Ponds in January of 2018

Fed some Green Leaf lettuce to my new adopted-from-shelter Cinnamon rabbit.

Caught a close-up of my Dutch Rabbit eating some Green Leaf Lettuce
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