Boys brass band from out of town

Various passenger boats at Sint-Jobshaven

Linear park around an old rail line

Willemskade Sunset

Dragonflies & Attack Helicopters at Wereldhavendagen 2019

Havendagen 2019

This unusual curved lock-gate is raised and lowered by turning the bar with the tooth-wheels using an electric motor.
The gate has two arms on either side attached to the hinges in the lock walls.
This is the first example of this design ever built. (1935)

The air alarm is an audible signal to warn the population of dangerous situations. The sirens are tested monthly on the first Monday of the month at 12:00.

Up and down an urban waterfall

Under 20 meters of seawater this is a cool place for a walk on a hot day

Lovely thundery summer shower this afternoon

The park is built on a roof and has steep slopes

Waiting for the bridge at Parkhaven Rotterdam

They can walk down the plank to reach a small grassy pasture on the quay

A normal day on the river.

Any excuse to jump in the water again

Paper, wire, thread and glue, this home-made spiral-mobile has flown non-stop for more than twenty years.

Not even a hand-rail.

Local birds disappear when their living-space is invaded by large families of aggressive foreigners.

Someone says he did a poop

Heron and carp will eat baby coots soon.

Fish are Brain Dead.


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