Part 2 of my life digital autobiography covering from the ages of 7-14.
Part 1:

My digital autobiography on my life and it's themes within as I split into four halves of my life so far.

Throwing around a few thinkers and ideas trailing back from Aristotelian friendship to political ideologies on the Internet today and the proclivity to usher in betrayal from the emergence of online social media "friends."

Varied discussion on contemporary issues within the last month as well as sampling future content by thinkers and a prelude to my future mini series on my own life.

A video discussion about history and our relationship today incorporated with the Internet and historical perspectives that come with it. A little bit of a ramble on some other subjects such as Faustian presence and global capital being the facilitator.


A short video essay speaking on why it's important to see Testosterone and it's declining levels as perhaps necessary for controlling current social dynamics at hand.


A stand alone video of Aristotle's prognosis and solutions to questions such as factional groups and problems of rifting within a disenfranchised polis for different reasons.

This timeless text mirrors many of our thinkers online to this day and is important to consider

A look at one of the foundational texts of not just the West, but the father of political discourse itself as Aristotle appeals through Reason within a people in Polis. This video compares to our contemporary and how it differs.

A morsel of a discussion about the End Of History in 90s America and how it is never going to resurface from it's apolitical attitude among Gen X and it's hegemonic themes.

A discussion using the ideas of a Province People and synthesizing it with Scruton and the Early Christians of Rome, or as he put it the catacomb culture.

Province People video:

A rebounded discussion and critique on this channel in the polity opposite of fetishization with resentment towards the colonizer and yearning for their acceptance from the dominant peoples.


A discussion about some of the Physiognomic concepts that Schopenhauer brings to light and what it means for a masked society. As well as the importance of an Aesthetic and healthy community.

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Bouncing ideas between Evola's examples and arguments of traditional war and using them towards the Saiyan race and drawing parallels to the Aztec nomads of their empire.

By doing so we can establish perhaps a reason why "colonial" attitudes have produced differences within America beyond just economic discussion.

Another mash up of recent happenings that I try to cover and patch along with some of my thinking in recent videos.


EDIT: I said Tim Collins Instead of Tim Scott

Rambling through some more happenings lately and extrapolating it to some of the examples of how liberal democracy functions today.

Using Sowell's body of work and certainly his observations in White Liberals And Black Rednecks in particular for my own view of today's theory and politic.


This video is an attempt at sharing some critiques of the culture embrace of Science and it's imperial gaze of explanation of the world in a Heideggerian approach to Scientism.


Rubbing up my own thoughts in our contemporary time with Spenglers work Man and Technics as well as overlapping Hypermodernity through John David Ebert's, Michael Aaron Kamins, And Brian Francis Culkin.

My new video where I discuss my arguments against egalitarian thought and the importance of social hierarchies and topped with a philosophical appreciation of the tree.

Taking a stab at giving my own interpretation of Frantz Fanon's contributions through his short lived life and what I think is still relevant to my own political goals and what I disagree with.

White Universal:

A continuation of a discussion on how to counter a defective culture at stopping men from An Heroing themselves.

Death video:

Taking a look at Spenglers famous short book of Prussianism and Socialism and how it can still apply to the German Midwest populations.

Giving a brief rundown of some miniate political happenings.

*Had to drop quality for size of file of this video*

A bit of a ramble on my thoughts and experiences with freedom as well as why ideology fails to account for why it's not sufficient for most watching this.


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