Covering Foucault's most acclaimed text, Discipline and Punish. I also synthesize with his state theory within Governmentality, and historical methodology towards how knowledge and power dispense, transform, and legitimizes itself.

Beginning my channel unit on Michel Foucault I touch bases and split his works into different projects of varying concerns. To then make focal, epistemology in his earlier works to a methodology and historical lens in an analysis of the praxis of how knowledge and power convey into how we instruct behavior and control in our world.

Installment musings video covering events across this summer spanning from desirous commodification as a process under the analysis of power relations. I shift to an analysis of the 2024 GOP field, Trump's mugshot and subsequent twitter return, and other matters. This discussion culminates in a racial lens towards the body without organs, and our relationship towards effectual senses, and the telos of authenticity in our technological paradigm today. The conclusion focal pivots to how it relates to power and the state and a comparison to violence in the East/West.

Part 2 of my discussions on Deleuze I turn towards the perpetual revolution and technological desire being paramount for advertisement in the 21st century. Followed by a discussion on judgement in politics and ethics within ones tradition or epistemological disciplines set forth in internalized practices and the necessity for obedience in order to make productive use of novelty.

Part 1 of my Deleuzian Hermeneutics where I cross the terrain of concepts and attempt to synthesize how one can emerge out of Deleuze's philosophy in unusual ways such as the incarnation under Deleuze's cosmological structure. I also discuss how one can cultivate their arborescent form in experimentation with the traditions and axiomatic norms that shape or negate our social formations whether in their upheaval or defense.

Finishing the channel's unit on Deleuze we continue to explore Deleuze and Guattari's examples of The Smooth and Striated firstly with multiplicities through mathematical topology. Secondly, discussions on their theory of work and labor. Lastly, we focus on the plateaus of aesthetics the Greek and their geometrical formalization of the state and other concerns of abstract lines and it's relation to the concept of Nomadology.

Continuing discussions on Deleuze and Guattari this video traverses through the plateaus of becoming animal or the directive of becoming towards imperceptibility and it's relations of molar aggregates or coded apparatuses to the minority as shown in a plethora of examples of sound, mathematical set theory, and the smooth and striated compositional relationship towards the state, the war machine, and lastly how global capital orientation relates to it's embedded structure of Axioms and Crisis or the un-coded flows.

An upshot of the inner plateaus within Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus starting with the different semiotics and sign regimes and their transformative capacity to how one can make themselves a body without organs. The two plateaus to follow are ones of faciality and the semiotics to a particular society. Lastly, how the war machine and the state correlate, differ, and converge in the example of the war machine co-opting the state apparatus in Nazi Germany.

This video clarifies and looks to explore the many themes and ideas of the various plateau shaped chapters. This covers the makings of multiplicities into more complex rhizomes which relate onto how they come into possibility from the plane of consistencies ability to flow and be coded into the extensive world by means of connectivity from the intensities assembled and interlaced by the strata's expression and content to then connect as machinic assemblages to then form more complex rhizomes out of multiplicities. This cosmological picture then can be applied across the different relations of the earth's ecology, physics, and into the domain of the social formations and how creativity is formulated to our human life.

Continuing the channel unit on Gilles Deleuze, I give a summarization of the concepts and discernment of Sense as it's own apparatus that cannot be fully expressed in his scheme of propositions to lead to sense dimension structured in paradoxical categories giving the conditions for how macro differentiation is done on the level of relations between different heterogeneous sets through events. The interactions which in doing so gives the chain of signification in it's asymmetrical properties the nature of how singularities occur in the world.

A discussion video on Deleuze's early philosophy in capturing the main ideas and themes within Difference and Repetition and the Logic Of Sense. Deleuze puts forth the rupture of memory and habit for empty time or the novelty of differentiation in the respect to intensities. In Logic of Sense Deleuze demonstrates the many paradoxes and incongruency of traditional logical systems with regards to sense as it's own dimension of truth.

This video discusses the move from symbolism and world construction in our own creative capacity in the Arts and theoretical scientific construction to the question regarding the possibility of actualized worlds where possibilities that did not happen in this world or happened yet happen in other worlds and are translatable hypothesis about worldly entities such as ones identity. This discussion culminates on the question of God's logical necessity and possibility and what such an intention of God's essence would look like.

Continuing on 20th century developments in Ontology with assorted structuralism such as Chomsky and De-sassure in philosophy of language as well as other disciplines. The focal discussion regarded on realism and anti-realism in philosophy of Science as well as the varied perspective in linguistic experience within a subjective grid of language theory with thinkers such as Nelson Goodman and Putnam finishing the video with their arguments on realism in Scientific theory.

Starting a discussion on Metaphysics after logical positivism by discussing the arguments of universals in language from Frege's sentence distinction to Karl Popper introducing intentions of state of affairs in the mental state. I then discuss Quines Language without ontology in his rejection of universals.

Musings video covering 2024, Tucker's Fox News departure, boycott capitalism, Trump's indictment, The AI question and other events or observations I found interesting.

Using Macintyre's continuation of his own Aristotelian framework, I look through the video to highlight particular concepts and put forward in today's context from varying perspectives of a discipline and practice under antagonistic institutions. The fall of theological forgiveness for emotive managed behavioral states, and the apotheosis in an Aristotelian account of the relationship between racial particulars, creativity, and external factors in ones narrative of a shared people.

Following Alasdair Macintyre's career I comprehensively preview and put forth the Aristotelian historicism for how Macintyre develops his thesis of different rational universal claims being incommensurable. The content of After Virtue's resonates with his indictment of the modern enlightenment project and matures with an account of a communal life for human flourishing under the underlying communal tradition one finds themselves in.

Following Ordinary Language this video covers Ethical responses to positivism by following Ayer's rejection of intuitiveness having meaning in moral judgements outside of psychological status. I introduce various theological and normative ethics. The problem of empirical limitations, the vacancy of a moral commander, and how ethics are prescriptive rather than descriptive by using the works of W.D. Ross, R M Hare, John Searle, Elizabeth Anscombe, John Rawls contractarianism, and more.

By discussing Ayer's distinction between religious language and Scientific knowledge I bring about different stories where meaningful discussion rejects the verifiability criteria of meaning. I also place later Wittgenstein and other thinkers such as JL Austin and Gilbert Ryle in the softening of ideal language philosophy with positivism to ordinary language and the re-introduction of metaphysics and ethical judgements outside empiricism.

At length discussion of A.J. Ayer's positivist magnum "Language, Truth, and Logic. Ayer discusses the elimination of speculative metaphysics for an analytics of definitional use within language. I also discuss the influence of his ethics being one of emotion instead of an actual propositional moral judgement.

Video discussion using the main contents of Wittgenstein's philosophy through his analogies towards culture advancement in technology primary through social media and the Internet. By being embedded within the two perspectival proverbial cities each increasingly finds the other game incomprehensible embedded in the language games given through technology and thus morality itself becomes more estranged.

Discussing the later Wittgenstein's work towards meaning and language theory within the use of language games by summarizing some of his famous critiques and examples such as the shopkeeper, the builder, language as a metaphorical city and how philosophy should be done going forward towards ordinary language.

A for fun discussion video using Hegelian concept of freedom as an analogy for collaboration within team sports as the embodiment of the Hegelian state of mutual recognition as subjective players within a team towards objective goals.

Various discussion topic video from the end of last year through the first month of 2023. Midterms, Biden's scandal, Elon's transition to twitter ownership and many other plethora of events and significance.

Discussing the various insights such as verifiability and critiques from the likes of AJ Ayer, Norwood Hansen, Michael Polany, Thomas Kuhn, and the later work of Wittgenstein as a maturation of objective empiricism to one accounting for limitations of empiricism in philosophy of Science.


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