The Bloodstained Men visited the Denver clinic of child cutter Briana Oster during the 2019 Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests.

Infant genital mutilation (aka "circumcision") has been called "the solution in search of a problem." Check out Briana Oster's website, Precision Medical Solutions and see numerous examples of junk science and other inaccuracies being used to convince ignorant and gullible parents of problems where none exist.

Four people, (Quinn, Virginia, Sharra and Brad) share their thoughts about cutting children's genitals.

Recorded during the second day of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests, in Orem, Utah.

During the 2019 Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends met a man who, prompted by the demonstration, spoke about the life-long problems he suffers from a botched circumcision.

A conversation with a couple who speak candidly with fellow human rights activists about their experiences with this issue, and the psychological harms of cutting the genitals of children.

Recorded July 13th, 2019 in Orem, Utah during Day 2 of the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends 2019 Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests.

Frank, Andrew and Jesse discuss growing up intact in a penis cutting culture.

Filmed in West Jordan, Utah. Day 1 of the 20 day Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests.

On the first day of the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends 2019 Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests in West Jordan, Utah, Candice Dutson told a horror story, her son Oliver almost bled to death after the foreskin of his penis was cut off by a sexually sick, genital mutilator of children.

On Pride weekend in San Francisco members of the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends marched through the Tenderloin to the Pride Festival. A young woman took exception to the protest and threw sugar water at the camera and a man spoke of gaining freedom from body shame by being nude in public.

Please bear with the editing and audio glitches in this video. Problems with my editing program freezing up resulted in having to use an unfinished version.

When James' wife Jessica was pregnant with their first son, the issue over whether to cut him almost ruined their marriage. James describes the events and emotions that contributed to a harmonious resolution.

Jessica told her side of their story here:

Kylie and Brandon Dix caught up with the Bloodstained Men during the Heartland Circumcision Crisis Protests in St. Louis Missiouri and shared their story with Brother K during his live broadcasting.

The Bloodstained Men & Their Friends protested in St Louis and marched to the Arch (Gateway Arch) stopping at the memorial statue of Dred and Harriet Scott. Human rights activist Brother K ponders the perilous fate of baby boys who are subjected to forced genital mutilation surgery.

When Prianna Winkelmann was pregnant she announced that she would be keeping her son whole, intact, NOT cutting him. The baby's father and his family gave her pressure to cut the baby but Prianna maintained that she would protect her son from such an assault.

Recorded during teh Bloodstained Men & Their Friends Circumcsiion Crisis Protest in St Louis, MO.

An Ohio man learned the truth about circumcision and showed "Elephant in the Hospital" to his parents. His dad said "This is wrong". His mother feels a great guilt and sadness that she let the doctor manipulate her into it.

Here's the link for the university lecture by Prof. Ryan McAllister, "Elephant in the Hospital"

Recorded during the Circumcision Crisis protest in Hamilton Ohio.

Bloodstained Men & Their Friends

Elephant in the Hospital:

Dolores Sangiuliano MA BSN RN-BC speaks frankly about the harms of infant circumcision.

Recorded at the Bloodstained Men protest of ACOG, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Conference (2019) Nashville TN.

Angela Marie R.N. attended the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends Circumcision Crisis Protest of AGOG, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Meeting in Nashville.

Human rights activists Jessica Rigdon R.N. and Celeste Melody Lyons spoke with doctors attending the ACOG (2019 Nashville) helping educate about normal healthy penile anatomy and the harm of forced genital mutilation (aka "circumcision".)

Rachael & Daryl Williams protected their son from harm, but unethical nurses tried to take him to be cut, against his parents wishes.

Recorded during the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends, Heartland Circumcision Crisis protests, Peoria Il.

Douglas Thiering describes researching circumcision to protect his son. Douglas and his family attended the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends Protest in Peoria Il.

Nickoté Rinaldi joined the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends tour of the Gulf States. On the streets of Destin Florida he explains his passion for protecting human rights, and ending sexual mutilation of children.

While demonstrating with the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends in Destin, Florida a college student, Wesley Wilson joined the protest and and we spoke with a man who stopped to consider what the message was all about.

One of the happiest aspects of touring with the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends is meeting delightful intactivists along the way.

Very pleased to present this interview with Rowan Johnson, a wonderful, conscious parent who is nonbinary.

In Rowan's own words, "He/him pronouns are most correct for me, but they/them pronouns make me smile too. I’m transgender. I’m transmasculine. I’m nonbinary. I’m a spouse and a parent. And I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world."

#NonBinary #Trans #TransMasculine #IntactGeneration #AAP18 #AAP19 #HumanRights #Intactivist #CircumcisionHarm

At the American Academy of Pediatrics Convention members of the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends publicly address the ethical doctors within the AAP, asking them to speak out and help end genital mutilation of children.

Struggling to understand sexual abuse Debra Stewart researched and found links with forced genital mutilation of children. She took matters into her own hands and rented a billboard for Your Whole Baby.

Carl Silverman is one of a growing number of people of Jewish heritage speaking out against cutting children.

Jessica Rigdon was a nursing student when she witnessed a baby being cut. Several years later while pregnant she started a war with her husband James, who was adamant that their son be cut.


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