Brian Stelter argues that CNN is more credible than Joe Rogan, because they have desks

- Whoopi Goldberg outrage
- Joe Rogan outrage
- Protecting the children

- Losing the locker room
- Book banning jamboree

Why did the DNC get behind President Joe Biden and railroad Bernie Sanders for the second time?

Joe Biden vs Bernie Sanders


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- Bill Burr is racist
- Merging topics
- The new 2021 CHAZ

- My Black Son
- Updates from everyone's favourite doctor
- Rightful arrest

- Mail held hostage in Canada
- Distracting from the stimulus
- Local government keeping you safe
- A box on wheels
- Milo is now maybe gay

- Feminists are giving men a bed time
- Superspreading is fun
- Cereal on a pizza
- Definitely not conspiracy

- Dan Bongino's new segment
- Something is afoot
- The vaccine passport
- Drones are keeping me safe!

- Audience participation!
- Checking for Covid in the back passage
- Mardi Gras politics
- Advice for young people
- Microwave cooking with Nat

- Donald Trump's 'real' legacy
- The modern day Nazi
- Vaccine passports will never happen here
- Robocop rolled out

- A word from Joey B
- Dead protesters on live TV
- Be less white but not that much
- The greatest City Hall meeting on Earth

- The Chat Aboot post game
- The spread of misinformation
- Disgusting acts of self expression
- A CNN tribute to Rush

- The Chat Aboot post game
- The spread of misinformation
- Disgusting acts of self expression
- A CNN tribute to Rush

- Poor snowflake
- Cart Narcs meet gun owner
- Confessions of a peeping tom
- Hair equality

- Reviewing the Biden town hall
- Facebook bans Australia

- A feel good tune
- Thankyou for the circuit breaker!
- The difference between lies and bullshit
- Mic slap, baby mic slap
- Too many white people in here

- Why Tom Brady is a bad man
- Sharpe analysis
- Courtside Karen gets job offer
- From Ken doll to Barbie

- Markov Chain Music
- Ron DeSantis vs The media
- Thankyou for keeping me safe!
- The Biden message of love

- The only thing in the news
- The Cracker Barrel rabbit hole
- Arguing on Twitter is pointless
- The logistical problem
- The colonial noose

- Bernie's white privilege
- Meet The Biden's
- 5 masks are better than one
- Police protecting a 9 year old girl with pepper spray

- Can we get some sleep now?
- Saving cult members
- Snap lockdown
- A dying wish
- Yang Gang for New York

We are joined by JoyOfPesi, host of the midnight riff party to discuss, the ethical wrapping of edibles, women with bold framed glasses and celebrating self improvement.

We are joined by Major Tom, host of The Big Empty, to cover the happenings involving Gamestop, and the hedge funds eating a poop sandwich.


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