These people hurling milk shakes at Sargon and Tommy are going to remembered like the people in this photo

Watch out

I think so

Between Margaret Sanger, and Gun control, these people are on no fitting to call others hateful towards Blacks

Old news but I keep hearing the talking point

Chuck Schumer is the best paid clown on Earth

Islam needs to drop the barbarism

Authoritarians must be resisted

Here we go

Was I correct?!

Senate 3-6 seat gain for the Republicans

House stays Republican by 1-5 seats

Intersectionality in the context of the toxic identity politics spells disaster

Mid terms are coming up fast

SCOTUS is conservative for our life times


Did the Dems shoot themselves in the foot?


Some honest thoughts about the up coming mid terms

Beep boop we will exterminate all life

Here we go boys 3 months!

It's just called being racist

The left would have been just as skeptical in the early 2000's



Doesn’t matter what color you are Ideology drives you


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