Bop Animations

Some poses from the first class of Animation Mentor, mixed in with some yoga poses. Gotta love them strange looking yoga poses.

If anyone would like to practise their drawing or 3d posing skills here is a good site. Caution as it does have a nude models options.

My 2015 term 5 progress shot with Mentor Dave Burgess. The classic moment when as a student you take on way more then you can do... and spend ages looking for audio...then can't complete lip sync :P

During my time at Animation Mentor my tutor Steve Cunningham suggested to everyone to sketch daily and to do one pose a day in 3d to warm up, get used to new rigs and to improve overall line of action and pose quality. I took his advice, and here is the first month of poses.

All rigs were posed out from models using the line of action site. (Caution site does have a nude model option) If you would like to practise drawing or posing out chars the link will be below.

My term 4 Intro to acting end of term shots with Mentor Steve Cunningham.

AMy term 3 retake with Mentor Steve Cunningham. Even though I passed I decided to retake the term to try and understand mechanics more before the acting classes.

My 2014 Animation Mentor end of term shots with Mentor Scott Lemmer.

My 2014 shots from the end of term 2 with Jay Jackson. Gotta love those paddle hands and on railway tracks quad walk :P

My 2014 Animation Mentor end of term 1 shots with Mentor Jean-Denis-Haas.


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Hi everyone, This channel is about sharing my animation journey progress, practise videos and show reels.