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Pop over and watch on YT while it's still up, give him some support👍 Got some cracking songs on there, they normally get taken down when viewings start getting too high😏

Reckon this will be taken down soon🙄 Can't see YT keeping this up?

He's being a pain in the arse again😏🤣
Got to love this bloke, he's standing up for the people❤👍

The power of words are mightier than the sword, this hits home😥❤

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Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still

Thought this might be of interest to UK viewers, a statute will be passed in the UK to keep cash as an alternative payment source.😁👍 1:28:19 for the key statement -The Money Shot!!
This isn't for the little old lady in a sleepy village, how will the corrupt MP's be paid their bungs and backhanders if the UK is fully digital? (CDBC) or buy their teenage hookers?? (sorry, rich people have Call-girls🙄 sounds so much nicer)😏
But that's a weight off my mind for sure..... not because of the hookers🙄😬 should have phrased that better🤣

What's going to happen in the rest of the world, who knows??

It's fucking long winded at 1hr 39mins, I lost the will to live listening to this live yesterday, listening for the 'money shot' quotes, and those nuggets of information they quite often let slip in these hearings, this is where I find out the real shit that's playing out😉 and shelve that info for joining dots when different shit hits the fan.

The Dominic cummings one was about 6hrs and I sat through the whole thing, got some juicy shit from that one.... should have phrased that better as well🤢🤣😉

Just fucking around down the Gun range, rattles your fillings firing one of these cunts indoors😬

The battery did die and I didn't realise🙄 And if I was going to fake a grouping, I'd have picked a better one than that😉🤣 this was my first group, the second was slightly better but I ain't that good a shot, not bad, but don't get to practice enough plus using cheap off the shelf rounds.... that's my excuse and sticking to it🤣

In my MRNA video from the House of commons this ties in with the Hunchback Cunt telling the others to leave.
Better to stand alone and fight, than to sell your soul to the Devil😏

MP Andrew Bridgen...... Good guy!!👍
Notice the hunchbacked cunt in the middle of the thumbnail? That's the prick telling the others to leave!! Plausible deniability!!
So don't tar all politicians with being corrupt, some put their careers and kids futures on the line to get the truth out, he got 2x jabs as he trusted the system, exactly the same as millions of ordinary people, he's obviously just woke up and so are a lot of the sheep.
This fight can't be won by people like us, we're the minority, so try not be pricks when dealing with the sheep, they're easily startled😉😏

A bit more sensible for shooting indoors.
Fucking love this gun, I first see one of these when I was 14 and got one in my 50's and not disappointed😍

Silicon Valley Bank (UK) just been bought out by HSBC (UK) over the weekend.
Some fucking juicy nuggets of information in here from questions put by MP's in UK Parliament.
48 mins long but worth a watch👍 Late uploading, had a boat to help move🙄🛥W⚓😉

I had my life savings in RBS when that fell over around 2008, so feel peoples pain, that gut wrenching feeling of dread, but I did get my money out but nervous times for sure.
That's why I don't trust the cunts now🤨😉

I'm enjoying doing these now, breaks up the serious shit😎👍

Terrorvision - Alice what's the matter

Not suicide....MURDER!!
Lets not forget the people who tried to fight this WEF tyranny, these are the behind the scenes heros who we should never forget.
They died fighting Evil, which should inspire us normal folk to do the right thing when the time comes.... and it's coming😏
One piece of the Puzzle that's lead to our current situation?
A warning for others to tow the line?
Or Tony Blair flexing his muscles and calling in a favour?
So many questions, and more scandal brushed under the carpet!
Don't tar all politicians and civil servants with the same brush, some are fighting on our behalf as we speak, let's not forget, it's the media that are the mouthpiece of Evil, they need dealing with first so the truth can be spread to the sheeple.... Any ideas that don't involve killing? As the moment that happens to one of their own they will still have the voice to smear anyone fighting for good. Tricky one, and way out of my pay grade or brain power😉

Happy Women's day, thought I'd knock up a meme special to show my appreciation for the lovely ladies out there in internet land ❤
No Doubt - Just a girl

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile

Satanic Ritual?? Gates of Hell?? CERN?? Welcome to Earth Satan, nice shoes??

Was this the precursor to the start of this Scamdemic and the genocide of millions of people as a Sacrifice?
The World did seem to go a bit batshit crazy after this🤨
So the New World Order uses a satanic ritual to unveil Gotthard Train Tunnel (2016)
Yeah fine, nothing to see here, move along😏😉

Goat man having sex with a fallen angel is quiet normal for the opening of a train tunnel, that's just a normal Saturday night on the London Underground🙄😏 and the all seeing eye was very Sauron, nice touch👍

Loads of YouTube videos down playing this now, and I can remember nothing in the Mainstream media at the time showing this? Surely such a show would have warranted at least 10-15 minutes of airtime? With a WTF??!!?? on the news bulletins?

Now look at a Map of Middle Earth and where Mordor is (Lord Of the Rings) then look at a map of Europe😳🤔 Was Tolkien trying to tell us something?,6.0771189,6z?hl=en-GB
Do wonder if while researching old languages he came across restricted books while at Leeds and Oxford Colleges? maybe the clubs where fellow academics would chat over a pint, there was whispers and rumours about Switzerland?
All speculation of course, and nothing I can prove, but the similarities of the maps does raise an eyebrow🤨
What with the Eye of Sauron and the eye at 41:00 on the video.... Just saying😏😉

The veil was lifted and we all missed it, so it seems? Well fuck me, we know it's here now!!🤣🤣

Mind control techniques from the early 60's, brought to you by.... Drumroll please.... The CIA🙄😏

Check out:-
I love this woman, smart as fuck and pleasing to the eye😏... oh wait, not allowed to compliment people anymore, what was I thinking?🙄😔
Anyhoo!! another Rabbit hole to descend and some good links from this, enjoy👍

Off topic, but found this
I'll need another holiday to get over this holiday ffs, keep getting distracted, need to find a campsite with no WiFi🤔

Had this in the bag, forgot to upload it.... last for a while

Ofenbach - You Don't Know Me

Full un-edited speech.
Not fucked about with, talked over, taken out of context, translated by a person with a stupid voice (BBC loves to do that when mocking people)....cunts!!

He talks real sense, thought it worth sharing, tend to get some home truths out of his mouth. Scares the sheeple, they get confused🤣

Full Tokyo Speech. Friday 17 February 2023
Strange one this? I'm on Holiday at the moment (I'm retired, every day's a holiday)😎😉
But thought she was part of Klaus's team? No time to look into it so fill your boots and let me know what the fuck is going on here.
Maybe she's pissed with being booted out of office by Rishi? A woman scorned?
Shit always kicks off when I'm busy, FFS!!🤣
Will probably be Aliens soon? Whatever!!🙄😏

Smash Mouth - All Star

I put a joke minions video up about Unicorns but i do think they existed before the 12'000 year solar shit storm and the Earth pole flippy shenanigans.
We know from modern horned animals that it's like nails growing, horns decompose, I'm certain History has been covered up and any written evidence is in the Vatican vaults.
If Sabre tooth tigers existed pre 12'000 years why not Unicorns?
Check out the 1850's map at 20:00 on this video I think there were pockets of unicorns in isolated places until they just died out through hunting or some shit. we know how the Chinese are mental for Tiger dicks, Rhino horns and Elephant tusks, and Panda scrotums (ok made the last one up but you get the gist) Humans are cunts when it comes to shit like this.
But do think they're fluffy and smell of candy😉🤣

From Ryan Zehm's YT channel, he seems to have lost the plot but did some good videos before he went a bit mental?

I'm on the fence with this, but kind of makes sense with the destruction of monasteries by Henry the VIII (8th)
The Monks were into alchemy and did some clever shit back then, guess we'll never get to the bottom of this?
Red mercury is some freaky shit, don't fully understand it but has got some magical qualities🧙‍♂️

From Ryan Zehm

Natures a wonderful thing😍🌞🌦🌶🍏🥭🥕
Shame greedy corporate cunts keep fucking with nature & trying to make it faster. That's why you get more nutrition eating the fucking packaging, unless you grow your own🙄🤨

And growing your own you occasionally get a carrot that looks like a cock and bollocks which is always good for a laugh🤣 Who said God doesn't have a sense of humour😁
The Big G got it right 1st time.... clever Bastard 😇🙏

Music: Ian Drury & the Blockheads - Clever Bastards

Will be taking a break for a while, got real life shit to sort out.
Sucks being an adult🙄
But some adventures need planning... 6000 miles+Norway+20yr old C90+old cunt+global genocide+Financial collapse = Headaches and all happening in less than 3 months.... Fuuuuuuuuk!!😏🤣
Music - 4Non Blondes What's up


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I'm retired, in my mid 50's & from the UK. Unvaxed and never will be, I'll leave this planet Butch & Sundance style before some cunt forces me to do anything against my will.
Have been calling this scamdemic out since April 2020, took me a month to realise this was all bollocks, been booted off FBIbook, 30day bans, shadow banned to fuck, so was forced off there & also ditched YouTube for here.

I like Bitchute, so keen to add some different content to the fold.

There are a few old videos I'll upload, that I use to have on my YT channel & FB, I will upload new ones as I do new stuff, and hoping to improve my camera work and sound, mainly filmed for family and friends in the past, I'm not monetised or asking for handouts, I'm retired and comfortable so just sharing stuff for people who either can't get out though illness, family ties or money constraints or you might just think, if that old cunt can do it, so can I, then my time and effort has been worth it.😎👍

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I post my travel vids and thought provoking vids, If your into tik tok 20second shit you'd best fuck off, I don't do thick cunts,
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