cheems rams into another one of his fleets ships

b5n2 type 97-3 rams into own ship

Nakajima b52n type 97-3 "kate" kamikae's a object 279

b5n2 crashes into Russian ships with Japanese war chants

a premium jet was destroyed by me the other wallet warrior great success, very naizzzz i like secsssssssss

kamikaze attack on 4 tanks in warthunder

a German BMW plane does a kamikaze move

a german boat rams a ship until it sinks

german bmw plane does kamikaze attack

b5n2 kills ship before burning up

i cheat duplicated serenna and her old ass hoe mom in the soul carin

b5n2 kills two big ships with 1 800kg bomb

b5n2 gets a unlikely torpedo kill

t-14 kill Clemson with torpedo

small Japanese boat blows up a Italian destroyer with depth mines, the person that got blown up said that I was "resourceful"

the bomb landed on the plane and hit it with 0 second fuze and it went *boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

the people and the ship was not ok after the explosion...

japan violates enemies at sea

kamikaze explodes 'merica ship

small japanese boat ambushes freccia with depth mines

Japanese T-14 blows up Uss helena


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