On August 18, 2018 Boston Free Speech took to the streets to protest against the far left's violence & intimidation of free speech. The march’s route was from Boston City Hall to Bunker Hill. Boston Free Speech showed that the far left will not shut down free speech! After tiring them out at City Hall we had a great march and speaking event at Bunker Hill!

In the heat of summer on August 19th 2017, a group of over 40 patriots gathered on The Boston Common. Less than 500 yards away were 45,000 angry protesters forming a mob bent on swarming, and killing the members of Boston Free Speech that came to protect the first amendment. What was simply a rally dedicated to the defense, and celebration of our constitution was falsely labelled a KKK rally by the mainstream media. Even with the sweltering heat, and the white hot intensity of an angry mob, the group did not falter for a moment.

Speakers including, but not limited to; Senate hopeful Shiva Ayyadurai, Veteran and activist Joe Biggs, Anne Armstrong and Alan Gordon of the Road Island Healing Church, and many other liberals and conservative alike, stood up and spoke from their hearts about the state of America today against the backdrop of far left violence that seems to be taking over the nation. The violence became so bad on that day that the rally goers could not leave without police protection, as a riot ensued leading to multiple arrests on the side that was lead by Black Lives Matter, and Antifa.

Determined to show the country, those 45,000 SJWs, and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh that we would not be deterred; Boston Free Speech has been active in the area countering anti free speech groups, and holding rallies of their own alongside other groups in the area.


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Boston Free Speech is an activist group based in the greater Boston Area, formed to stand up for Free Speech & counter those who oppress it.