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Originally broadcast in 1956.

Originally broadcast in 1956.

Saint Anthony or Antony was a Christian monk from Egypt, revered since his death as a saint. He is distinguished from other saints named Anthony by various epithets: Anthony the Great, Anthony of Egypt, Anthony the Abbot, Anthony of the Desert, Anthony the Anchorite, and Anthony of Thebes. For his importance among the Desert Fathers and to all later Christian monasticism, he is also known as the Father of All Monks. His feast day is celebrated on January 17 among the Orthodox and Catholic churches and on Tobi 22 in the Egyptian calendar used by the Coptic Church.

The biography of Anthony's life by Athanasius of Alexandria helped to spread the concept of Christian monasticism, particularly in Western Europe via its Latin translations. He is often erroneously considered the first Christian monk, but as his biography and other sources make clear, there were many ascetics before him. Anthony was, however, the first to go into the wilderness (about ad 270), a geographical move that seems to have contributed to his renown.[6] Accounts of Anthony enduring supernatural temptation during his sojourn in the Eastern Desert of Egypt inspired the often-repeated subject of the temptation of St. Anthony in Western art and literature.

Anthony is appealed to against infectious diseases, particularly skin diseases. In the past, many such afflictions, including ergotism, erysipelas, and shingles, were referred to as St. Anthony's fire.

1. Litaniae in honorem Beatae Mariae Virginae Procession 3:05
2. Jesu dulcis memoriae Motet T.L. Victoria 3:59

Première louange: Saint Robert de Molesme
3. Dives in cunctis Hymn 2:00
4. Beatus Robertus Abbas Antienne et Psaume 109 3:11
5.Super Exordium Lecture 2:18
6. O Beati viri Roberti Grand répons 2:27
7. Maria virgo virginum Codex Las Huelgas 3:12
8. Alma redemptoris mater Antienne 1:32

Deuxième louange Saint Alberic
9.Pulsante cithara Hymn 2:14
10. Viduata Suo pastore Roberto Antienne et Psaume 110 3:47
11. Super Exordium Lecture 1:20
12. Propter testatmentum Grand répons 3:52
13. Ex illustri Codex Las Huelgas 2:29
14. Ave Regina coelorum Antienne 1:32

Troisième louange Saint Etienne Harding
15. Sublimis aula caelitum Hymn 1:32
16. Venerabilis Pater Stephanus Antienne at Psaume 112 3:08
17. Super Cartam Caritatis Lecture 1:23
18. Domine praevenisti eum Grand répons 3:52
19. Salva porta regis glorie Codex Las Huelgas 2:03
20. Salve Regina Antienne 2:37

21. Laetare Felix Cisterciem Antienne et Magnificat T.L. Vittoria 8.47

1098 Chant Cistercien à l'Abbaye de Flaran
Ensemble Antiphon
director Rolandas Muleika
et la Maîtrise du Conservatoire de Toulouse

Originally broadcast in 1956.

Originally broadcast 1956

Pontifical Mass. Hear Andrew Richesson's new motet commissioned for the occasion! (30:26) Photos from history of Bp. Dolan's international apostolate and Bach Dorian Toccata (49:35) Splendid music by Aichinger, Asola, Bach, Cekada, Montani, Richesson, Stehle! For

Cistercien chant. Monodies of the twelfth century.

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Bishop Sheen Family Retreat

Originally Broadcast in 1956

Feast Day Aug 25

Roman Catholic monastic life and origins, with scenes from Assumption Abbey in Richardton, North Dakota, USA.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen - "A Catholic Catechism"

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Originally Broadcast in 1956


Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen - "A Catholic Catechism"

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by Fr. Mark Goring

They now need to follow up and do this in our own country.

Bishop Sheen Family Retreat

Father has a lesson on how to protect yourself in the spiritual warfare we are engaged in daily.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen - "A Catholic Catechism"

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The Vaccine Chip Developer for Gates comes clean.
A project engineer who made the microchip that will soon be implemented along with the Covid vaccine WARNS US NOT TO TAKE IT. Please listen carefully to his story and his message in this video. Please share, like and subscribe. God bless

(Note: I was sent this and have not verified any of this.)

Bishop Sheen Family Retreat

(This was recorded three weeks ago)

50 priests, scholars, journalists, and Catholic leaders published an Open Letter to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, thanking them for their recent statements in which they discuss some problems of the Second Vatican Council's documents that might need a further evaluation and correction. The renewed debate about Vatican II has been criticized by Cardinal Brandmüller. Dr. Taylor Marshall explains the problem texts in Vatican 2, and the three positions on how to move forward from there. As a lot of us did 50+ years ago.


None of this is new. We became critical of the liturgical changes that followed in its wake, which we argued were a result of distortions and misreading's of the Council's mandates for liturgical reform. It started what were called Traditional Catholics. The volumes that go over these "time bombs" in the documents of the Second Vatican Council's documents were documented by Michael Davies in the 1970's in his three volume set (and other books he wrote.) And he was not alone. These document errors and the hierarchy actions caused the formation of the SSPX and many other Traditionalist.

It is amazing they think this is new. We knew about this as the Council came to its end and the documents were read. But we had to do this in lectures, articles, books and seminars. These books come out now when it is safe. We are glad they finally join us and reiterate what we spoke and wrote of fifty plus years ago. While for almost fifty years we have been shouting these errors from the roof tops.

(In the early seventies we called Dr. Marshall's 'Land Mine' as 'Time Bombs!')
Even the Popes did not recognize this council as a valid council.Just listen to how the council was closed. And not one Pope has made an infallible statement in its support.

May God bless you all!


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