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Come Join us on June 21st where we remember The Hero Of Arvada, Johnny Hurley, who one year ago stopped a mass shooter only to be killed by police. Also, big garden updates & progress! Tyranny Response Tuesday Live Stream 9pm MT tonight at

Tons of News & Info to go over tonight in my Tyranny Response Tuesday live stream at :Gun control legislation & Uvalde, pandemic scares, WHO WEF globalists, 1 year anniversary of Johnny Hurley's heroic actions, & Gas Pump Protests! Come join me tonight at 9pm mountain time to get in the action & Fight For Freedom!

Tons of bleeding edge news to go over tonight in my live stream at :Durham/Sussmann verdict, pandemic scares, WHO WEF globalists, & all the spicy stuff. Also, A video I made back in 2009 resurfaced and the messages are just as valid today as they were back then!

Trying to keep up with all the Globalist action going on in Davos & Geneva is a wild ride! This video is just a small taste of all the stuff they are announcing. Join me Tonight 5-24-22 9pm mountain time on my twitch channel to break down a BUNCH more stuff and come talk and hang out with me! it'll be fun!
Twitch Livestream:

Holy cow! Where to begin with this excellent video podcast? Elon & Twitter, 200 Mules, Fake Accounts, Synthetic Reality Vs. Natural reality & Evolution, Christ/Cosmic Consciousness, World Health Summit, Project Bluebeam, raising your vibration & forging your soulblade! SO Much Juicy, thought provoking content!

As news breaks after another crazy person massacres innocent people in Buffalo, NY. We look into his details and what was his real story. His "manifesto" and the MSM false frame job of his beliefs. This has FBI Glow-Op written all over it. Ukraine conflict evolves and loses major city to Russia. Will this escalate to a potential EMP attack that leaves the world vulnerable to installing The Great Reset?

Full Buffalo Shooter Breakdown Video by RadixVerum:

The World Health Organization has written a constitution that, if majority ruled, could usurp all other countries constitutions under the guise of global health & pandemic response. This is the Globalists way to usher the world into their technocratic totalitarian dictatorship. Track, trace, database, lockdown, & control all aspects of every human on this planet.

The Great Reset / Agenda 2030 continues while society gets distracted with celebrity show trials & political rife fills the MSM reporting. DHS "Disinformation" board installed as similar agencies in Ukraine & Russia arrest dissenters! Food processing plants under attack, Fertilizer shipments cancelled, & the looming Global Cyber attack that will enslave all of the world behind a digital tracking/ tracing/ surveillance state.

We take a look into Elon Musk's Business Past and his rise to becoming the Global Magnate he is today. Twitter Adopts Poison Pill to halt Elon's Takeover of the company, which shows their colors when it comes to free speech on the platform. Saudi Prince rejects Elon's offer to buy company, states Twitter is much more valuable than Musk's offer.

Pfizer reports record profits in 2021 but are expected to decline in 2022, is this why the new Covid propaganda push is happening? Shanghai getting Shanghai'd by the Chinese Govt. VAERS data, Politicians testing Positive, all just months before midterms. The narrative at play is obvious.

Join me in my garden's growing season! Let's grow our own produce as we begin to become more self-reliant for the foods we eat! We are unsure what the future will bring with talks of inflation, sanctions, & the global supply line shortages, well now we can insure we will at least have good, healthy food to eat growing it from our gardens!

The election system is broken and has been broken for a long time. Is it worth saving or should we the people just stop pretending that our votes matter? Breaking down electronic voting systems & their flaws. Republicans are still calling to decertify 2020 election results. Corrupt money donations to fund political agendas. All of this and more in this video podcast.

The Financial News NO ONE is talking about! Russia tying the Ruble to Gold, Inflation, the collapse of the petro-dollar, and the gradual then sudden push to implement global digital currency using blockchain technology to develop CBDC's, co-opting the original intention of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Hollywood and the MSM attempting to distract yet again with another celebrity drama show. The real stories are being hidden. Hunter Biden's Laptop, Beau Biden's Charity money sham, Resident in Chief Joe Biden's multi-million income boost post VP position. Regardless of the fact that "Scranton Joe" is only a puppet to the globalist's Great Reset agenda, the Biden Crime Family must be exposed and brought to justice.

We talk about what a woman is with Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson. Government to add to the National Debt with "Gas Stimulus" act. More money from nothing! Finally, the huge story that not many people are reporting on is the Sarah Lawrence College Sex Cult case & Ukrainian Sex Trafficking that's taking place in Poland as we speak!

Fauci emerges again after weeks of hiding to remind us that "Covid is still here and cases are rising" Meanwhile the Ukraine/Russia conflict is on center stage. These two global crises are tied together to institute what Biden is suggesting "A New World Order" In this video, I connect all the dots.

On this full length podcast, we are joined by Jo Bradley of to discuss the escalating situation between Ukraine & Russia. Is this the beginning of WW3 & what is really at play here? We cut through the propaganda on both sides and give our perspective over multiple topics on the Ukraine/Russia conflict. |

Go Check out A short clip of a much longer and expansive podcast with fellow content creator and freedom fighter Jo Bradley from Souled Out Media! If you want to watch the full uncensored & unedited podcast, Check out my new-tech platforms! Links below!

Go Check out A short clip of a much longer and expansive podcast with fellow content creator and freedom fighter Jo Bradley from Souled Out Media! If you want to watch the full uncensored & unedited podcast, Check out my new-tech platforms! Links below!


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In the fast-paced world of today, it is getting increasingly harder to find news outlets that are objective and non-biased. As a new form of independent media, we have decided to stand on the front lines of the information war, to defend free speech, search for truth, and report the real issues that are being intentionally buried by major news outlets.

We plan on building conversations and discussions with multiple different guests over tons of different topics. The first amendment guarantees our right of free speech and we intend on making our voices heard & filled with humor, jokes, & uncensored content. Big tech may swing a ban hammer, but the halls of Alt-tech Valhalla awaits!