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A group of students walked out during Harvard's commencement ceremony, on Thursday, in support of the students who are currently being blocked from graduating for participating in the anti-Israel encampment protest on the campus recently.

Police in Lufkin, Texas, chased a kangaroo on the loose that had escaped its enclosure after a gate was left open. They caught the kangaroo and returned the animal back to its owner on Sunday.

Live in the pens, eat the bugs man! Animals of Chicago's Brookfield Zoo got a rare treat when they were spotted chowing down on the rare emerging brood of cicadas this year.

A man who was found inside of a stolen car fled from police in Seattle, Washington, hitting occupied tents as he fled. The suspect eventually abandoned the car and tried to hide in a dumpster. After being found by police, the man asked for a cigarette.

What the DUCK?! Footage from Frankenmuth, Michigan, shows a giant inflatable duck blown across the roads due to high wind, much to the astonishment and laughter of those in the car witnessing it. #shorts

Delta Airlines workers were seen chucking golf club bags which were intended to be used at the NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship by the East Tennessee State University men’s golf team, at the San Diego International Airport, on Tuesday. #shorts

A driver stopped to film some foxes who seemed curious and potentially perplexed at the sight of a man filming them from a jeep, in Warren County, Virginia, on Thursday. #shorts

Emergency responders in Washington, DC, executed a dramatic rescue on Tuesday, saving a woman trapped in a vehicle precariously balanced over a creek.

Dallas Zoo celebrates Nety the tiger's departure with a grand farewell party as she prepares to join the Greensboro Science Center.

Infant rescue! Flagler County Sheriff's deputies received a call from a woman in Palm Coast who had accidentally locked her child in her car. A deputy smashed a window in the car against the mother's protestations to rescue the infant.

A Conservative Member of Parliament who contracted sepsis and lost all his limbs last year has returned to Parliament for the first time, to standing applause. Quadruple-amputee Craig Mackinlay had told BBC that he wanted to be known as the "bionic MP."

Footage was captured showing a massive amount of crickets swarming a home in Spring Creek, Nevada, recently, covering walls, windows, and even the doorbell camera. #shorts

Police in Thornton, Colorado, released footage showing one of their officers attempting to help a fox escape a skatepark bowl. Despite the effort to create a ramp for the animal to use, the clever fox was ultimately took matters into its own paws to escape.

Crews in Baltimore successfully refloated and removed the cargo ship Dali from the wreckage site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Monday, nearly two months after a deadly collision and collapse in late March.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken faced significant opposition from pro-Palestinian protesters during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Footage was captured of emergency crews in Bangkok, Thailand, swarming to a flight that had to be diverted to the airport following a severe amount of turbulence that ended up killing one passenger on board.

An alligator was detained by police in Jacksonville, FL, as they removed the 5-foot reptile from nearby the home of a 104-year-old woman. #shorts

A bear was seen strolling across a road in Truckee, California, recently, completely unimpeded by vehicle traffic, which halted patiently as the bear crossed the highway. #shorts

Rush hour traffic, amiright?! Massachusetts Environmental Police filmed a white-tailed deer swimming across Cape Cod Canal on Friday. #shorts

Firefighters deployed planes to drop fire retardant on the Wildcat Fire, ignited in the Tonto National Forest east of Scottsdale, which had swiftly expanded to over 5,000 acres.

Understatement of the year: "It looks like there's a tornado coming straight at me." Dark swirling clouds with gusts of winds towered over a line of houses in Great Bend, Kansas, on Sunday. At least three tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in Kansas that day. #shorts

Perfect analogy! Footage from Monday shows firefighters scrambling to put out a fire blazing in a garbage truck in the middle of the street in San Francisco.

Dallas Zoo celebrates Nety the tiger's departure with a grand farewell party as she prepares to join the Greensboro Science Center.

Three tickets to Zootopia, please! Three wild deer were spotted sprinting through Kahului Airport in Maui.

A thief wearing a hoodie and pajamas dove through the opening of the counter to steal cash from the cash register, in Memphis, TN, on May 13.


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