....not your typical interpretation of the letters to the 7 churches! Like, share and subscribe!

"Christ as God's Steward, Part 1":
"Once Saved, Always Saved, First Born, First Fruits":

An in-depth teaching on how to know who will benefit from heeding the admonitions contained in the letters to the churches of Asia Minor. Not your typical Bible study! Like, share and subscribe!

Who are the intended recipients of the Letters to the 7 Churches? (Hint: it's not you and me!)

Are we expecting the antichrist? Who's 'peace plan' are we watching for?

Revelation 12 tells us when we're going HOME!! Straight from the Word!

PDF for the "7 Year Chronology of Revelation 12" that appears in this video:

Link to Part 1, “Revelations Timelines of the End” Series

The Biblical signs are pointing to a 2020 rapture....

Are the biblical signs pointing to a 2020 rapture?


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