I talk with Attorney for Freedom, Marc Victor, about my dad's influence on his thinking and his life, some of his latest lawsuits against tyrants, the Live and Let Live movement... and why he is optimistic about the future.

Live and Let

The website dedicated to my dad:

Marc's lawfirm, Attorneys for Freedom:

I speak with Ron Paul's former communications director, Rachel Mills, about her chidhood experience in Haiti, what she learned about poverty, racism and social systems. She also tells us what we can do to truly help people in underdevelolped countries.

Find Rachel here:

The film she mentions: Poverty, Inc:

I speak with educator and activist, Peggy Hall, about the legality (or lack thereof) of CA Governor Newsom's "orders" to shut down businesses and force people to wear masks. We also talk about what increasingly appears to be an executive-branch takeover of the government in California, and what you can do to stop it.

Peggy's website: The Healthy American:

You can see Peggy's videos here:

A book everyone should read: Life and Death in Shanghai:

The New California State, which Peggy talks about at the end of the interview:

I speak with Jeff Tucker, Editorial Director of the American Institute of Economic Research, about censorship of AIER's content on Amazon and Facebook, the dysfunctional nature of that censorship, and what it took for him to stop taking mainstream media seriously.

The American Institute of Economic Research:

"Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic" - the article that was "fact checked":

Coronavirus and Economic Crisis - AIER's book that was suppressed by Amazon:

My article from last fall, on censorship of the vaccine conversation:

My article on germ theory vs terrain theory:

I speak with history student Chris Calton about everything from the difference between private police and "policing" as we know it, to what "institutionalized racism" really looks like.

Did you know that not only are African Americans disproportionately represented in the prison population, but that the proportion of African Americans in prison has RISEN over time, and is continuing to rise???

Chris offers some powerful insights into why that is, and a vivid picture of how "policing" is a very different thing from one neighborhood to another, how our prison/law/policing system creates a distinct group of second-class citizens, and what the Stanford Prison Experiment has to do with all of this.

If you're wondering why so many people are calling to defund the police, please listen to this one.

Chris's article, "What if We Didn't Have Police at All?" is here (, his article "the Tragedy of the Commons in the Courtroom" is here (, and you can see more of his writing here (

You can find his (former) podcast, "historical controversies", here (

His video "Do We Need the Police?" is here (, and his YouTube channel is here (

Some of the books he mentions:

On the Run, by Alice Goffman (

Texas Tough, by Robert Perkinson (

The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander (

Independent journalist Jeremy R. Hammond provides some much-needed perspective on the contentious topic of masks as protection against Covid-19.

Jeremy wrote recently about the mask issue here.

His website is here.

I speak with Twin Cities writer and videographer Brandon Ferdig, about what he is seeing in Minneapolis now, and about how the quality of our conversations plays a role in feeding–or not feeding–unrest and violence.

Brandon can be reached at [email protected]

You can see his videos (including his documentary on homelessness in Minnesota) on his YouTube channel:

Here is the interview he mentions, with the mother and fiancee of the young man killed in 2016:

And you can find him on Facebook, here:

...and here:

I talk with Sara Brady, the Idaho mom who was arrested for "trespassing" on a park playground that had been closed off as part of that state's lockdown measures. We discuss what happened on that day, her upcoming court battle, and a question each of us needs to be asking ourselves in these times: Where do we draw the line against tyranny?

The video of what happened is here:

News coverage is here:

And you can contribute to Sara's legal defense here:

Everyone's talking about some "New Normal" we're all supposed to get used to. Here's mine: A world where people figure out how to live with each other without coercive force and without living in existential fear of each other.

I speak with independent journalist Jeremy Hammond about government responses to Covid-19, some of the problems with thinking a vaccine will be a solution, and why this is an opportunity for health-freedom advocates to speak up.

First-hand accounts of anti-lockdown demonstration in Sacramento on Friday, May 1st. I interview two of the demonstrators.

As I post them, I'll put links here to some of the videos mentioned in the interview:

1. Marine vet speaking to the police, urging them to do a "gut check" and uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution:

I am told that this is a video of a funeral, held in Williamsburg, NY, in April of 2020. I cannot confirm that myself, but what is clear from the video is that:

a) A whole lot of Orthodox Jewish people (mostly or all men) are gathered in a neighborhood, performing some sort of entirely peaceful ceremony; and

b) There is a whole line of police vehicles filling the road, blasting sirens every few seconds, and blaring out a message repeatedly that sounds like this:

"...reminded to keep a safe distance of six public places to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. Please help us keep (New York?) safe. Thank you for your cooperation."


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