The United States is about to launch a massive military offensive against Russian territory according to reports this morning. Russia and China just took major steps yesterday in reordering the world order creating what many are calling a new world order.

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A story about Norse ancestry and finding your roots.
Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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BANKRUPT! Why The Bank Failures Will Get Worse!
Neil McCoy-Ward

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Sunak, one step closer to nukes. Hungary, no to ICC, Borrell & NATO. Elensky, call me, maybe.

Salad vegetable apocolypse, inflation sky-rocketing, Jeremy Hunt clueless.

The year is 2042, my electric car won’t start because yesterday I used the wrong pronoun. No air conditioner in my 30 sq ft pod, because I’ve reached my monthly allotment of farts.


Todays Live UK Column News - 22nd March 2023
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.

The Nano Structures Found In 'mRNA' injections...
Dr. 'Mike Yeadon', 'Karen Kingston' Dr. 'Ana Maria Mihalcea' Dr. 'David Nixon' 'Shimon Yanowitz', Dr 'Reiner Fuellmich', 'ICIC',

March. 15, 2023. 'Covid19' Medical & Geopolitical News. AndreCorbeil. The nano Structures found in mRNA-injections...

Video Investigation By the icic

In this #ICIC episode of ICIC, Dr 'Reiner Fuellmich' and co-host Dr Mike Yeadon have an insightful conversation with four experts on this explosive topic.

Using dark-field microscopy, Dr David Nixon examines blood samples from people who have been injected with mRNA-based substances and explains the results with corresponding images. Crystalline, unnatural structures are revealed, which change in further observation and show characteristics of a kind of nano- or micro-technology.

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea is intensively involved with the ingredients of the Covid mRNA substances. In particular, also with the so-called "shedding effect" of which it is assumed that harmful excretions can be transferred from "vaccinated" to "unvaccinated".

Karen Kingston, whose research interests include toxicology and the analysis of clinical data as well as the ingredients of the covid mRNA substances, complains that all measures regarding a functioning quality assurance management in the administration of a so-called novel "vaccination" to billions of people worldwide have failed and are still not being implemented after the already poor data situation.

For electrical engineer Shimon Yanowitz, the results of his research have shown that it is a kind of micro-technology, as the injected substances change strangely in the human body and have characteristics of electronic circuits. It is also disturbing that the lipid nanoparticles found in the substances have been approved as "technical devices", as Karen Kingston reports. Topics related to COVID origins, vaccine toxicity and whether talk of new variants are just being used as propaganda or are based in measurable truth. Viewers won’t want to miss out on this intense, eye-opening conversation with Dr. Yeadon

March. 16th, 2023 News.

The US Treasury has officially announced it alone will choose which bank deposits live and which will die. Meanwhile, the tyranny in East Palestine Ohio has reached new heights with the EPA doing its part to cover up the scale of the carnage - while the true nature of the event is uncovered. USAF (Ret.) Lt. Col. Sandy Miarecki joins me with a blockbuster report.
SGT Report

Dr. Chris Martenson holds a PhD in toxicology from Duke University, is a futurist and economic researcher. He is also a Wall Street Journal best-selling author with his new revised book called “Crash Course.” Martenson said in August 2021 on USAWatchdog that the FDA approval of Pfizer’s CV19 vaccine named Comirnaty was “actually a fraud.” He was right. Now, Martenson is warning that medical, financial and war troubles abound and people need to get ready to deal with a reality that no human has ever seen before. Martenson starts with the medical disaster called the CV19 vax and explains, “As you give these (CV19 injections) to people,, their immune system gets worse and worse and worse. That’s what is about to come through with common knowledge. You can see them fighting it, but people are starting to notice, hey, my friend who is quadruple jabbed is getting sick all the time now with colds, Covid, whatever. It is very clear this is the single most disastrous medical intervention in all of human history.”

In short, the death and disabilities from the CV19 so-called vaccine will continue and be a huge drag on the economy and society.

Then there is the debt-based economy that is in the process of collapsing under a mound of unpayable debt. The problem was started with 0% and negative interest rates that went on for almost a decade. When interest rates went up, the value of the debt went way down. Dr. Martenson says, “Now, they are sitting on huge, massive losses. . . . That is a small example of what happened to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In 2019, there were $19 trillion in negative interest rate bonds. The bonds are not just under water, there are trillions of dollars in losses, and the question is who is going to eat those losses? . . . . We don’t just have a banking crisis. This is just a reflection of the monetary sickness because we were led by idiots or intentionally harmful individuals. . . . Zero percent interest rates caused damage every year it was done, and now the damage is already done. To me, a very long period of very stupid monetary policy is now about to erupt.”

Martenson says, “People need to be ready for a vast punishing return of inflation . . . and a decade of shortages on everything because of years of price suppression.”

Martenson also says we have been lied to about the Ukraine war. Russia has been winning and not losing. Martenson predicts it will not end well for NATO.

On the political front, Martenson says a Trump indictment signals banana republic time, and that will “guarantee Trump will win in a landslide in 2024.


New video shows Dr. Fauci pounding the pavement to convince DC residents to get vaccinated. In this stunning video, a resident pushes back against Fauci and many of his disinformations.

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The U.S. State Department released an updated report on Human Rights in Ukraine and it honestly reads like a big bag of excuses. This is a report the State Department releases every year and every year they admit that Ukraine is a serious offender of human rights. Only this year, it is because of Russia. We go over this joke of a report and ask: Why is the U.S. supporting this corrupt place?

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Big banks are struggling to pull another small bank out of the depths. This time it is JPMorgan Chase trying to rally its banking peers to stabilize First Republic Bank. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is meeting this week to discuss a possible interest rate hike and other regulatory responses to the banking crisis. Will this continue to send the dollar into a tailspin?

Read the special FED report newsletter we talked about right here:"

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ULEZ: "If you disagree with the Mayor, he's going to paint you as 'far right.'

"If you disagree he'll call you a science denier, a Covid denier, he's going to throw all this crazy stuff at you, because he doesn't want to address legitimate concerns"

Well said Peter Fortune

If you don’t agree with rolling out ULEZ undemocratically & demonising everyone that challenges it then get involved


Chinese President Xi Jinping completed his first day of visits in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders seem to be getting along swimmingly, with the West watching closely. The U.S. has begun ramping up accusations that China is considering sending lethal weapons to Russia although National Security spokesperson John Kirby admitted that “the U.S. has no evidence China has done so.” China and Russia are continuously warning about NATO aggression and NATO is giving them reason to by signaling that they will amass 300,000 troops along Russia's borders.

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The political struggle in Germany has long since reached a new dimension. The opposition is no longer attacked with arguments, but with violence.

Around 50% of all violent attacks on political parties are now directed exclusively against the AfD. We are clearly on the path to open political persecution.

The recent attacks by left-wing extremist Antifa on the AfD party conferences in the federal states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg demonstrated this again just a few weeks ago. Over a dozen damaged vehicles as well as 53 injured police officers are the result of left-wing extremist violence.

The roaring silence of the otherwise permanently morality-drunken “super-democrats” from politics, radio and television is significant. Already in 2020, I called on the EU Parliament in a resolution to immediately put Antifa on the EU terror list. Since then, of course, nothing has happened. High time for me to address those “EU-super-democrats” on their mendacity:

'Ukraine is burning through a generation of men' - MEP Clare Daly

With Deutsch Bank and Republic Bank both moving into collapse this whole crisis is going to another level. The bank run is becoming a financial collapse and the stock market and bond markets are scared.
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URGENT! Why The World's Largest Central Banks Just Held An EMERGENCY Meeting!


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