First attempt to fly in MSFS with Crystal HMD

Filmed with Sky Dolly

Some landings around Tower Bridge and Tower of London in MSFS2020

Short tour around Rome including the old city and Vatican. 8 landings around various monuments.

Hover practice in 20 k plus gusts from inside and out.
0:00 Inside cockpit hover around wind sock
5:39 Outside at windsock
11:11 Engine out and auto with hover inside
12:00 From field view
12:19 Engine out and auto with skid in inside
13:04 From field view

Practicing landings with 500E in sim. Nine landings of varying difficulty on Cheyenne Mt.

Calm night time tour of San Diego in sim.

L39's in loose formation over NZTG. Filmed with Sky Dolly.

Flight of 3 H135 at Aspen in using Sky Dolly. Two vehicles for ingress and egress of personnel while one is on overwatch. Low level flight with landings in close quarters and on building. High energy video made easy with Sky Dolly!

Short field landing at Louvre and some light aerobatics through the Eiffel Tower

Three full stop landings at Courchevel in the F22 MSFS2020


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