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In this video part 2 of “When SKATERS Go INSANE…” We’ve put together some more pretty INSANE Skaters and Skateboarding tricks! You never seen before… Including tricks over big gaps, stairs, rails and more… Enjoy! Please Subscribe if you enjoyed the “When SKATERS Go INSANE…” video!

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Here on Strictly Skateboarding we produce quality Skateboarding videos of Skaters from all around the World. With the main goal of making the best Skateboarding videos we possibly can that showcase all the different aspects that Skateboarding has to offer, Including: Impressive Tricks, Funny Moments and a lot more...

Strictly Skateboarding always has the Skaters permission to be featured in our videos.

In the coal mines of Pennsylvania, embittered miners have started a campaign of sabotage to retaliate against the owners' cruelty. McParlan is the undercover cop who joins the gang to expose them, but ends up in sympathy with grizzled chief Kehoe.

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Original: This location has to be one of the creepiest and daunting locations i've ever filmed. An abandoned funeral home was always on my bucket list of places to explore, so when we found this location, i was extremely happy. We first scouted it out over the summer and knew we had to return to film it. A few months later we returned, only to find someone was inside with a radio playing. Thinking it was best not to press our luck, we left and thought we missed our opportunity. So on a cold early winter morning, we gave it one last shot. No one was inside, but it was evident that people have been there. While filming, i couldn't help but to feel an unnerving feeling like we were being watched. The entire house had a unsettling vibe to it and we wanted to film and get out as quickly as possible. What the basement held for us though made it all worth it. The embalming room was literally a time capsule. Very old and vintage embalming equipment sat there with a layer of dust from the last time it was used. Needless to say, i'm glad i got to film it, but i wont ever return to this location. Enjoy

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Please Note: Exploring Abandoned locations can be dangerous. I don't condone or encourage anyone to enter an Abandoned structure. Not only is safety a concern, but often times its illegal and when possible, i seek out permission. I simply go to document its history before it's gone and leave things the way I find them. I assume all the risks & responsibility in doing so. Please don't attempt to do this on your own.

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Abrupt weather swings are becoming rapidly more extreme, many are now finally beginning to notice and ask questions. The “news” theater continues to eclipse much more critical breaking headlines.
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