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“The Digital world will be gone in a flash! Do not depend on it, My son. What will you do when all is gone? I have preordained its destruction; electromagnetic pulses are ready to do My bidding, says the LORD. What will you do when all is gone? The world and its devices will come to a sudden end—its back to the Stone Age for all of you! Few will survive what is coming. All depend on electricity for their livelihood. Few will go back to the Dark Ages; few will survive what is coming. Electromagnetic pulses will be everywhere. Digital data will be gone! If you depend on it—woe unto you! The world and its data will be a thing of the past. The idols must fall! Destruction will be everywhere! Society cannot cope with the loss and the Modern Age will be no more. Expect it! Thus says the LORD. Amen and amen.”

Weird Red Circular Lights Appear Over The Night Sky In Chongqing, China

Brother Got Jumped By 10 People, Turns Out He's A Brawler, Sends 2 Of Them Into The Shadow Realm

Always to be certain that you check and see that there is no creepy dude lurking in the women's restroom when your daughter has to go to the bathroom!!!

Tucker Carlson- 'I'm EXPOSING The Whole Thing, Even If It Gets Me K-lled'

Situation Update- The Cabal Is In Panic Mode As Their NWO Agenda Is Falling Apart!

New Benjamin Fulford- High Intel Update Weekly Geo-Political News 2024

Jim Willie- Putin, Trump Won, Cancer Vaccine - Feb. 15, 2024

This banking executive insider shares some real intel on the impending collapse of Wells Fargo Bank. Clothed in a $4,000 suit, and sitting in a limo with plush leather seats, this man knows what he is talking about and seems to be very believable about what may happen very, very soon!

Banking Collapse Of 2024- Banking Executive Spills The Beans On Wells Fargo Bank

Some Very Compelling Evidence That The Tower Of Babel Was Real



Interstellar Film- Galactic Megastructures In Space

BENJAMIN FULFORD DAILY NEWS 02-15-2024 'Military Is The Only Way'

New Dr. Jim Willie: Contempt Before Investigation via Snafuradio February 2023

The Russian Nuclear Sneak Attack Against My Cities Of Sin

“My son, the Russians are out there. They cannot be stopped. The subs are patrolling the coasts, ready to lay off any American coastal city they want with a sneak nuclear attack! My son, it is My judgment. Their sins have reached the heavens. They must be destroyed! Its wickedness is before Me, and I cannot stand it! The Russians are a tool in My Hand to destroy My enemies with nuclear attacks; nuclear warfare is the wrath of God against My wicked sinners! Stay out of Florida—they won’t repent. California too shall be gone—its cities laid waste. New York is detestable in My sight—its wicked sinners must go! They won’t repent. Neither will Boston—it must go! The wicked cities of sin will be destroyed by My Russian nuclear missile attack—its sins are before Me and must be judged! Millions will go straight to Hell—their day of reckoning has come! I cannot stand their wickedness any longer—Russia shall clean house! Washington shall be gone! So shall Houston—its presence is a blight on the land. All big cities are appointed for destruction—My wrath shall reach them—millions shall be gone! Expect My wrath to decimate the sin cities of the land! My wrath shall reach all! Expect it! Your God has spoken!”

Only Those Who Are In Me Will Live Through The Great Falling Away

“Many will be consumed by My Great Falling Away. Those who refuse to obey will enter eternal death. They refuse to obey Me, My son, because the Modern Age has deceived them with its creature comforts. Lukewarmness abounds in the Modern Age, and they refuse to obey Me, My son. My Laodicean Christians will be consumed from the earth because they are too lukewarm to obey Me anymore, My son. You are one of the few who has overcome the End Time Age of Lukewarmness. My Fire abides in you, and you are full of My anointing. They refuse to obey and do My will because they will not pay the price involved to leave all and follow Me. They will not obey because their hearts are full of covetousness and worldliness and sin. They will not give up their lives to follow Me because they love this Earth too much. That is all they think about, nothing else. Truly all men care about their own things, not the things of Christ. Therefore, they will not make it in to My Kingdom. Your LORD has spoken. Amen and amen forever!”

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 02-02-2024

It helps if the pilots knows where the airport is!!!

PROPHECY—Stop Worshipping My Enemy The Antichrist!
"The Antichrist is My enemy forever, My son. I hate it with a passion. The Antichrist controls the world through its spirit. Soon the Antichrist will appear. It will take all who are doomed to Hell from the beginning of time. All who are destined to be with him in the Lake of Fire he controls. He is Satan incarnate, the man of sin, of perdition. Do not follow his ways; stay out of the world, his domain. It will be around forever in the Lake of Fire. I will make sure he goes there. All who worship him and take his Mark of the Beast are doomed forever. Soon he will appear on the world's stage, deceiving multitudes who are destined to go to Hell, who are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Stay out of the world, his domain. You may have to go live in the wilderness to escape his clutches. Do not go there, My son- stay out of his domain. New York City is where he dwells, and other big cities of the world. Stay out if you value your soul! Do not be deceived with the multitudes going to Hell. Stay out of his domain, My son. Stay in the desert where you are safe, where I Am. Your LORD has spoken. Amen and amen forever!"

PROPHECY— Stop Worshipping My Enemy The Devil
“Some people love the Devil, My son. I wish that they would love Me, the Living God, Who loves all, even the wicked. Some people want Satan in their lives. I don’t know why when I bled and died for their sins on the cross. Some people want even more sin in their lives, and will do the Devil’s work in the world. They have eternal Hell awaiting them in the end, where they will burn forever! The Devil has deceived them by giving them power and money and wealth. He deceives the world that way. I Am A God of love. I love all mankind. I died so that they could be saved. But they don’t want Me. They want the Devil in their lives because he gives them what they want. They will be damned forever. They go to the Devil’s realm, worship Satan in their hearts because they love him. They do not love Me, even though I gave them life. Eternal life they could have had, but they chose the Dark Side to live in because they loved Satan. They will not be saved because they hate Me, the Living God. They will burn forever in the Devil’s kingdom of sin. Your LORD has spoken.”

Jim Willie Is Very Excited In This New Interview! February 2024

The bad guys are running into a wall and they are not getting any money. The info war is keeping them from making their lie a truth. Their desperation is growing.



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