This time I show which poles are on the magnets ... Dosent seem to have anything to do with the poles ... I think one magnet is just is magnitized slightly differantly than the others.

2 ring magnets on a ferrocell. One magnet seems to have a smaller hole in the center on one side than the other one.

Candle lit version of the last couple of videos where 2 magnets are stuck on ether side of a steel bar with poles facing the same way.

steel bar with magnets poles the same direction

I mad a ferrophoto of my last upload of the 2 bar magnet with the steel bar between them . Both poles are facing the same ways. I used window light to show the ferrophoto.

Just 2 magnets with a bar between

the field is warped a lot by this config . i think it is very interesting.

kinda neat ... you just got to watch it.

I put the bar magnets on repulsing and joining and view in the ferrocell.

2 norths pointing in and 2 souths pointing in

This time I explain the magnet configuration. I also have wild speculations as usual. Crazy old me.

4 magnets pointing in with 2 north and 2 south poles next to each other. I don't explain it in the video.

Candle lit version showing 3d ness of the Ferrophoto magnet field imprint

showing that weak magnets are usable on a ferrocell and are much more controllable than strong magnets. Notice how the internal fields move towards and away from each other.

This is the same Ferrophoto of the 4 bar magnets I made a video of last time. This time I use the red and blue flash lights.

This makes an interesting ferrophoto. More on this ferrophoto to come.

Another wild speculation. I was just wondering if the Right Hand Rule works this way with magnets ??? Or maybe a 90 deg. rule ???

This time I use a red and blue flash lights to illuminate the ferrophoto.

Ferrophoto of the ring magnet from previous videos on a ferrocell light box.

This shows how a ferrophoto will show a positive image on one side and a negative image on the other side

Using candles as my light source gives a more 3d solid image. One side of the ferrocell shows the reverse image of the other side of the ferrophoto.

Ignore what I say in the video. I don't think that the fields of the 4 magnets are attracting. I'm forcing 4 magnets together with similar poles up. The corners do appear to be in the centre of the magnets the closer they are to the ferrocell. this config is basically acting as one magnet.

when the magnets get close to each other you can still see separate fields.

Ignore the circles seen between the magnets they are burned in patches from some disk magnets and are not caused by the magnets fields.

you will see a thin darkish line appear when I role the magnets back and forth. this is the separation zone between the north and south poles on a magnet or between to separate magnets or in this case between to joined magnets.

Shows how adjacent magnets affect the inner fields of ring magnets.


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