Passing the 2 magnet , 2 bar down past the edge of a ferrolens or split cell.

I fixed my 5" ferrolens light box now I can make better looking videos. I will probably re-do the last vids with the iron filings

same as the last video with magnets closer together

This is a request video. Ferrolenz sucks I need to match my plastic better.

I was asked to make another video but move the magnets closer to each other.

Wow maybe. I'm not convinced this effect is do to the magnet field. I need to do more testing with some other kind of container but I don't have anything suitable at the moment. I broke a glass doing some more testing . I need to get some container plastic probably that wont break.

Others have done this so I thought I would try. Good first try I think. I will make more of these videos. It is kinda interesting. Id like to see (off topic a bit) water frozen between 2 capacitor plates. I wonder what would happen freezing water in a static field. I can't do that since I don't have such devices. If you do Id love to see it. (EDIT: I don't think the ray like bubbles at the bottom of the glass are do to the magnet field. After testing with a glass with out a magnet the same thing happens. )

2 magnets ... 2 steel bars ... making a magnet ... view transition zone ... inside the magnet

Are magnet fields shells ? A ferrophoto shows you the what the underside of a ferrocell may show but you can not see. because it is a solid imprint of the field. You can look at it from both sides. What I see is a reversal of the image which looks like a magnet field is a bubble, with an inside and outside surface. The magnets are about 1" appart and are on their side with N,S,N,S

ferrophoto of 4 1" long bar magnets in an X shape with a red light behind.The magnets are N S N S held in an acrylic jig.

I wondered how a steel bar is attracted to a magnet. So I used a ferrolens to see.

Seeing what happens with a ring magnet and iron filings

it looks like the iron filings take an opposite structure than the ferrocell. in the ferrocell the fields sepreate at the transitions between N and S poles. with iron filings they collect in the transition zones and the archs shown in the iron filings are opposit to the archs shown in the ferrocell. The poles seem to be respected in both structures. I think the ferro cell shows that magnets have two seperate fields with nothing traviling between them and that iron filings show the magnetic direction that little magnets follow. a magnet attracts N to S , but the fields are seperate from each other on the iron filings too under the infulance of the 2 magnets under the cloth. then again I could be wacky as a loon bot. What do you think ?

combo of iron filings and a ferrocell. The iron filings seem to gather where the fields seprate do to the transition zone between the north field and the south field.

I colected some iron filings in a sand pit and removed most of the sand. I have some videos with the stuff comming up.

This time I show which poles are on the magnets ... Dosent seem to have anything to do with the poles ... I think one magnet is just is magnitized slightly differantly than the others.

2 ring magnets on a ferrocell. One magnet seems to have a smaller hole in the center on one side than the other one.

Candle lit version of the last couple of videos where 2 magnets are stuck on ether side of a steel bar with poles facing the same way.

steel bar with magnets poles the same direction

I mad a ferrophoto of my last upload of the 2 bar magnet with the steel bar between them . Both poles are facing the same ways. I used window light to show the ferrophoto.

Just 2 magnets with a bar between

the field is warped a lot by this config . i think it is very interesting.

kinda neat ... you just got to watch it.

I put the bar magnets on repulsing and joining and view in the ferrocell.

2 norths pointing in and 2 souths pointing in


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