Listen to Middle Management.
Unless they tell you to come to work sick while current the Kung Flu from Wuhan is about, then just ignore them.

Allegedly this is an internal Google training video that is required viewing for all senior managers. It seems to imply that one of Google's long term goals is to use big data to make Lamarckianism work. It gets rather disturbing about halfway through the video.
Originally reported on at The Verge last year...
...I'm putting it on BitChute because it needs to be seen and not disappeared.

Linux users...They're FUN!
You will enjoy the freedom of Linux...oR ELsE!1!

Original video by firexq

Another test of the Bichute channel :
Footage taken 7 years ago in Washinomiya Japan.
A brief video of a walk from the Tori (gate) at the great Shinto Shrine of Washinomya to the first set of altars..just to give some idea of the scale of the place.
Note that because of Lucky Star, this place is is ocassionally a nexus for Anime fans. However, it is important to remember that it is a very significant shrine to the Japanese so please be respectful if you go there for an anime related trip..

It's the oldest Shinto shrine in all of the Kanto region and a very impressive and beautiful complex in its own right

Test Post.
Original drawn by 宝丼 NorthwoodsInside


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