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Charlene Downes was a 14-year-old English girl in Blackpool who was murdered by an Islamist gang who then minced her body into kebab meat.
Britain First is campaigning closely with the mother of Charlene Downes to finally get justice.

At a recent regional meeting of West Midlands activists, party leader Paul Golding gave another passionate speech.
He particularly warned about two great dangers, the onslaught from the fake news mass media, and far-left dirty tricks designed to cause havoc within our party.
This speech is truly Paul at his best.

The Britain First local election campaign is firing on all cylinders in our South East London target ward.
Last weekend, a team of South East activists completed the first sweep of mass leafleting.

The city of Portsmouth, home of the Royal Navy, is the location of a new illegal migrant hotel.
The Royal Beach Hotel, located on the seafront, is a plush accommodation that is being used to house illegal immigrants.

A Britain First team has been pounding the streets of the Welsh Valleys for several days now, with a combined total of nine hours leafleting for the local elections.
While on the streets, party leader Paul Golding filmed a short interview with our election candidate, Carl Burgess.

Activists from the North East took our Cromwell Battle Bus and parked it over a busy section of a motorway outside the city of Newcastle.
Once again, there was plenty of beeping of horns from passing motorists.

At a recent meeting of Yorkshire activists, in Pontefract, just outside of Leeds, party leader Paul Golding gave an off-the-cuff speech calling for action from those assembled.
Yorkshire is an important target area for Britain First, due to the large number of colonised towns and cities within the region.

At a meeting of Yorkshire activists, party Chairman Ashlea Simon gave an uplifting speech to those assembled.
She discussed the high level of support in her local election target ward and the need for a strong voice for the British working class.

When Britain Returned to the same junction of the M25 where we encountered a huge outpouring of support a few weeks ago, we experienced another avalanche of support, proving beyond doubt that Britain First is hugely popular with the public.
How can the political Left, the media, the politicians, explain away this level of organic support for Britain First?

The local elections are fast approaching and due to this our efforts are being redoubled in our target areas.
We do not have any time to lose with the elections just under two months away.
We fought so hard, for so long, to be able to fight elections.
Now, we are just a few months away from our first electoral test.

Simply parking a Battle Bus over a busy stretch of motorway is enough to reach tens of thousands of passing motorists with ease.
A team of midlands activists took the Battle Bus (Churchill) and parked it above the M42 near Birmingham.
Many of the passing vehicles beeped their horns in approval.

The Eastern region covers a big area, including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.
At a recent regional meeting, party leader Paul Golding gave a strongly-worded speech to the assembled activists and urged them to take action before it is too late to save our country.

The final hotel in Northern Ireland to be exposed by Britain First is the Ibis, in South Belfast.
This hotel is situated in the student area and is housing many illegal migrants.
As usual, there is taxpayer-funded security and migrants walking in and out of the premises.

In the pleasant seaside town of Bangor, in Northern Ireland, near Belfast, is a lovely hotel called the Astala Lodge.
Britain First was shocked to find out that this hotel was being used to house illegal migrants!

In the town of Newtownabbey, on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland, you can find the popular Chimney Corner Hotel.
Unfortunately, this hotel has been filled up with illegal migrants.
Britain First visited the hotel and was ordered to leave the premises.

Another day, another illegal migrant hotel, this time the Wellington Park Hotel in Belfast.
When our team visited the hotel, they found Chinese illegal migrants smoking outside the premises.
The staff were very hostile to our team and the police were called.

Directly across the road from Belfast City Hall you can find the Easyhotel.
The Easyhotel has been closed to the public and filled to the brim with illegal migrants.
Belfast is full of homeless people, so its a slap in the face to see taxpayer funds being spent on housing and feeding illegal migrants.

Britain First is contesting a local council election in a suburb of South East London.
Our campaign is in high gear now that the recent storms have passed.
Our candidate, local man Nick Scanlon, organised another mass leafleting session and covered at least half of his target ward.

The key to winning local elections is canvassing, and lots of it.
The first sweep of canvassing in our Manchester target ward has begun, and will shortly begin in Wales, London and elsewhere.
A team of activists, eager to escape the storm that was ravaging Manchester, started their sweep in apartment blocks instead.

The coastal town of Bangor, in Northern Ireland, is a unionist town that Britain First has visited many times.
So it was with dismay that we learned that a hotel in the heart of the town has been taken over to house illegal migrants.
The Marine Court Hotel is a very nice hotel overlooking the marina - it is now packed with illegal migrants.

At a meeting of new activists in the North East of England, party leader Paul Golding gave another passionate speech in which he called for those assembled to stand up and be counted.
He described what is happening to the British nation as "genocide" and finished with a strong call to action.

The Loughshore Hotel, in Carrickfergus, just north of the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a plush hotel that is being used to house hundreds of illegal migrants.
As you can see from this video, the hotel is packed with migrants and the local residents are reportedly very angry about this.

When Britain First was told about multiple migrant hotels in Northern Ireland, a team visited to film a number of reports.
After joining up with local activists, the first hotel on the list was the Holiday Inn Express, in South Belfast, which was packed with illegal migrants.
Some migrants confirmed they were waiting for housing, while others reacted with hostility.

The Best Weston Calcot Hotel in Reading is a 4-star hotel that is being used by the Home Office to house illegal migrants.
The British taxpayer is footing the bill for all the rooms in this hotel.
When Britain First arrived to film a report, our activists were literally harassed by the hotel security.

Britain First is proud to have launched a new local election campaign in a suburb of South East London.
Our candidate, local lad Nick Scanlon, is contesting a target ward that has heaps of potential for a potential victory.
The campaign started with a leafleting session and once the first sweep is complete, will progress to canvassing.


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.