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Britain First held a peaceful flash demo outside the notorious extremist Didsbury Mosque.
Recently, an imam at the mosque was caught red-handed calling for armed jihad against the West.
In response to this extremism, around thirty Britain First activists descended on the mosque to protest.

Britain First activists organised a street rally in Ballymena that attracted one-hundred and fifty local residents.
The turnout was a symptom of the deep disillusionment with the influx of gypsies from Eastern Europe into this small town.
Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a passionate and rousing speech to the assembled crowd which was well received.

Britain First Northern Ireland (BFNI) held another successful day of action in the town of Lisburn, just south of Belfast.
BFNI is relentlessly active and has held dozens of activities over the past several months.
The people of Lisburn were very receptive to our message and party leader Paul Golding posed for photos with many supporters.

Britain First stormed the office of Northern Ireland MLA Paul Frew and intimidated his daughter and staff!
Only joking, but this was the ludicrous claim made by Paul Frew MLA on Facebook and reported on in Belfast newspapers.
We are publishing the full footage from inside his office to demonstrate that he is telling outright lies!

The small town of Ballymena in Northern Ireland has been earmarked for a massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies.
The local British population is in uproar.
Britain First visited the town to investigate the situation.

Solicitors acting for Britain First lodged the paperwork at Belfast County Court to start legal action against Facebook.
This will be the first time that Facebook has ever been sued for discrimination.
Britain First is seeking an injunction demanding that Facebook reinstate our fan pages.

Britain First held a peaceful and successful day of action in the heavily Muslim town of Bradford until we were ran out of town by a hostile police force.

Britain First hits the streets of Newcastle city centre and distributed around 5,000 leaflets.
Our activists placed themselves opposite a terrorist supporting pro-Palestine leftwing protest and we drowned out their megaphone with our PA system.
For hours they were forced to listen to loud patriotic anthems.

Activists from Northern Ireland took to the streets of Portrush, a popular holiday destination on the northern coast, to hold a day of action.
For several hours our activists moved among huge crowds awaiting an air show, distributing thousands of BFNI leaflets.

Britain First activists have visited the town of Newtownards and leafleted the area around the local mosque.
Many in the area are not even aware that a mosque (above) exists in their small unionist town.
Several years ago Britain First visited the mosque and were confronted by a large group of young Muslims.
All the roads in the immediate vicinity were leafleted by our activist team.

Parts of Sunderland, in the North East of England, are undergoing a rape crisis.
In response, Britain First turned up at the notorious Roker Avenue which, according to locals, is a dumping ground for migrants.
Our activists leafleted the entire road and spoke to many of the locals.

Britain First recently visited the unionist town of Carrickfergus, near Belfast.
The loyal people of the town were overwhelmingly supportive.
About 1,000 leaflets were distributed to the public.
During the whole activity there was only one heckler.

When Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were sent to prison and our Facebook pages were deleted, the establishment thought that our movement was finished.
In just six weeks of furious activity, Britain First is back stronger than ever.

Britain First held a day of action on Saturday in the northern town of Huddersfield, a grooming gang hotspot.
Around twenty activists dominated the town centre while a gaggle of leftwing extremists held a small counter protest across the road.
Around 5,000 leaflets were distributed in the town.

The Fountain Estate in Londonderry is under siege, attacked nightly by IRA-supporters.
Britain First in Northern Ireland has visited the estate several times recently and leafleted the entire area.

Britain First leader Paul Golding visited the offices of the Northern Ireland Equalities Commission.
Britain First is on the verge of taking legal action against Facebook for political discrimination.

Britain First held a successful day of action in Birmingham city centre recently, attracting dozens of activists.
Halfway through the day, a march of communists, Islamists and freaks passed past our static protest.

Britain First held a successful day of action in Birmingham city centre, attracting dozens of activists.
The British people of the city were very supportive.

Britain First has held its first day of action in Northern Ireland, in the staunch unionist town of Portadown.

Our activists engaged with the public and distributed about 5,000 leaflets, all sporting the new BFNI logo.

Britain First leader Paul Golding asks why Labour-run Greenwich council gave Stephen Lawrence a memorial, but not Lee Rigby?

Activists from our Northern Ireland branch and party leader Paul Golding visited the besieged city of Londonderry.

Britain First's inaugural meeting in Northern Ireland was a great success.
Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a rousing speech to the assembled patriots.

Britain First leader gave an update from the town of Newtownards in Northern Ireland.

Britain First held a successful day of action in the North East city of Sunderland.

Sunderland is a strong patriotic city and Britain First has massive support in the area.

Around thirty activists dominated the city centre for about four hours.

There was a complete lack of hostile opposition.

Britain First leader Paul Golding handed himself into Bromley police station for the second time to be arrested.

He was met by two officers from 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' who refused to arrest him but instead asked Paul to accompany them to the local magistrate's court, which he duly did.

When he arrived at Bromley Magistrate's Court, the two officers from 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' stayed with Paul and babysat him for the next 4-5 hours!

When Paul came before the magistrates, he presented his evidence to the prosecution who were dumbstruck at what was happening.

The Probation Service were pushing for him to be sent to prison for 14 days but he was ready and prepared for them!

The Probation Service had lied through their teeth with many of their claims and Paul - who was representing himself in court instead of a solicitor - was able to show they were lying.

Paul was able to completely outmanoeuvre the Probation Service and left them demoralised.

The judge simply threw the case out and Paul walked from court a free man!


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.