Badger Basin Bison Near Hartsel Colorado - Shot from my cheap ass phone on Jan 21st, 2020

I believe that these bison are being cared for (feed for survival) in winter months by funds paid for by hunters, and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. When one buys a hunting permit, a portion of your fee is allocated towards the preservation of wildlife such as these bison.

Beginning song on Breaking Bad - Season 3- Episode 12
Windy - The Association

Dimmu Borgir - Indoctrination [Live In Wacken 2007]
Live In Wacken Open air 2007 DVD The Invaluable Darknnes
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Gojira - Global Warming
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93 year old Mother Martha on her 93rd Christmas day, 2019

Remember the days of alcohol prohibition? I doubt it, unless you're 100 years old, but who's counting? The point is that it's all about supply & demand. Just because some substance is a governmental prohibited substance doesn't mean that it's not wanted, and catered to by someone. This, mi amigos, is the essence of it. If there wasn't a market for it, nobody would cater to it, hence the cartels. Kudos to the cartels says the Norte Americano, no?

Devin Townsend - Where We Belong
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Exclusive: The 911 Call This Swat Team Doesn't Want You to Hear
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This older Clam Sleeper ice fishing shelter weighs approx. 190 lbs. , and the Otter sled (with towbar attached) weighs approx. 50 lbs.
The Clam Sleeper folds out to just under 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 7 ft. high.

I never took this out on the lake, has been stored at no less than 55 f temp. Maybe one day, but it is a monster for sure. It would be the ultimate.

From Roxy Music's album, Siren, this song (Love is the Drug) hit number 30 in the US pop singles chart in 1976, and was a number 2 hit in the United Kingdom. Bryan Ferry, vocals.
This song is being played on an older Pioneer PL-600 turntable with Pioneer VSX-2000 receiver.
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I was offered a dinner before the Ghost performance at the World Arena (Oct. 1st, 2019). Little did I realize that the $30 per person dinner had other perks such as not having to wait in that big line to get into the venue. I just walked right into the Penrose Club entrance with no search hassle, ate some ribs, spicy chicken, shoelace-cut au graten potatoes, and a foo-foo desert, grabbed my beer, and walked right into the arena. Is this worth the $30? Yeah! Thanks, Verlee, for hooking me up!

I don't make a tuna sandwich often, but when I do, Cali the cat knows the sound of the can opener, for sure. She also knows that she's going to get a little tuna out of it.

This is the beginning part of the show. Sorry for the terrible resolution, as I was using my cheap ass Samsung cell phone, but hey - A dude's gotta do what a dude's gotta do.

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New Zealand takes Colorado Springs by storm with BLS @ Black Sheep on Sept. 18th, 2019
I can put this in the record books, for sure. How many of us have the chance to see such a band? Fortunate am I.
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With former frontwoman for The Agonist, Alissa White-Gluz, Arch Enemy has continued strong for many years, and will continue to do so.

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Zakk Wylde - Thanks for making Colorado Springs a stop along your way.

RIP David Peel. 1942-2017
He was worthy

Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance - Burning Man Style
* Stay tuned for yet another Churro Sheep Shearing video shortly as Uncle Harry & I should be carrying out the deed sometime tomorrow.

Now get over yourselves. Who cares Aye?

Sentenced - Creep - ((Radiohead Cover))


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