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Only a few days have passed since the destruction of Equestria, and already troubles are building aboard the Nozomu. The galaxy is full of mysteries, both good and evil. The only certainty is, there will be Terror.

The end of the world has come... but this night could not be stopped. Ghidra and Twilight rejoice in their bond, and in their passion is the promise of the world yet to be.

The day of the big wedding has finally arrived, but as Ghidra and Twilight prepare to make their vows, Sombra and Luna face off against Spike and Celestia as the war for the crystal Empire begins.

Discord struggles to reconcile himself with the changes in Fluttershy. Meanwhile, Scootaloo finally gets to live her life long dream of flying with her idle. But the glory of flight will only speed her and Rainbow Dash on journey to terror.

Fluttershy finds herself on trial for her life while Spike seeks his true name.

Fluttershy journeys to Cloudsdale to confront her father. But what she finds there instead is a great and terrible choice.

Ghidra's partnership with Filthy Rich is threatened when something terrible threatens their mining operation.

With some prodding by Luna, Discord decides to meddle in Celestia's plans and help Twilight change her mind about the Prince of Terror. But is it too late?

Fluttershy is near ascension, but a vision of her father makes it clear that in order to move forward, she must first confront her past.

Culture shock leads Twilight to do the unthinkable, while Shining Armor discovers with his wife's obsession with the Prince of Terror

Twilight turns the tables on Celestia, while her friends are left to face nightmare moon.

Concerned about her sister-in-law, Cadence, the Princess of Love, comes to Ponyville to teach Twilight how to reign in The Prince of Terror. But, she quickly finds she has grabbed a dragon by the tail.

The Unicorn Council invites the Prince of Terror to the Gala to recongnize him as an official Equestrian Prince. However, Celestia has other plans.

Applejack seeks out the Prince of Terror to help her track down the pony who killed her parents. But what will she do when she finds him?

Twilight investigates a mysterious structure on the dark side of the moon, suspecting it to be Celestia's secret library. She finds that all the books in this library are filed under T for Terror.

Scootaloo asks the Prince of Terror to help her fly. But she finds out her real problem has nothing to do with her wings.

Pinkie Pie throws a surprise party to get the Prince of Terror's true smile. But she gets more than she bargained for.

Twilight asks the Prince of Terror to help Fluttershy overcome her stage fright. He is guaranteed to succeed, but at what cost?

Rainbow Dash challenges the Prince of Terror to a race, only to find the faster she goes the closer she comes to Terror.

Scootaloo's life long wish to have the power of flight is granted, but her impatience to fly before she has received any training leads quickly turns visions of glory to sheer terror.

Rarity pressures the Prince of Terror into finding her a prince. But Twilight decides she needs to teach Rarity to be careful what she wishes for. But nothing goes the way anyone expects as Rarity experiences the Terror of the Blind Date.

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers an ancient Abyssal artifact that will forever change the course of her destiny.


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