The Porn industry in my opinion has been one of the most damaging inventions and concoctions in human history towards the destruction of lives and minds. #Pornography #Sex #Fornication #Adultery #God #Bible

There is nothing wrong with riches but without christ those riches are actually shackles #Gospel #God #Riches #Wealth #Life

If you are a rogue; who can check you when your wrong. What is to prevent you from following your own ideas and doing whatever you think, and in that instance what happens when your thoughts are wrong.

We all want to be kind and accommodating and rightfully so, but at some point a distinction has to be made . I have always heard the phrase "you are the company you keep" and I have rarely seen this saying not play out to be valid

These questions might not ever be answered and maybe they will. #Deepstate #Fakenews #newsoftheday #newsfeed #deepstatefiles #uygher #epstiendidntkillhimself

At some point as a Christian we have to grow up. We can't grow up if we don't have the proper diet and I'm not talking physical I'm talking spiritual.

Anger is one quick way to make a bad situation worse. Anger removes your ability to reason or be reasoned with, it removes your ability to think logically, it adds multiple layers of contention. This clearly is not helpful to anyone

I have honest questions for an honest discussion not argument. I know often times some opinions are thought to have equal value in this instance I do not believe that is the case, of course this is just my opinion. There are conflicting visions for the country one lends itself to success one to destruction and for me it is that simple. #Democrats #Republicans #Libertarians #independents #America #Donaldtrump #Joebiden #Liberty #Justice

What do you believe and where did that belief originate #Bible #God #Doctrine #Truth

The need to speak sometimes becomes the licence of fools

To God Alone belongs all honor glory and praise, I'm nobody.

I use to struggle with this whole concept of what my purpose was and is in life. God has made this simple and we complicate the matter.

History isn't a necessary area of study to know what the Bible says, but it is very useful in debates surounding the scripture and the early church.

Initially When I heard the term I just wrote it off as a joke and didn't pay it to much attention. As time goes on I'm beginning to see this is an actual problem, it appears there is so much hatred for Trump that people can't think rationally.

Gods mercies are new every morning and it is only because of his mercy that I'm alive to speak of it Lamentations 3:22-23. Do not make the mistake I did in thinking that you can just go on living how you want, coming to God with fake repentance and come out unscathed.

Christians what are you about, what is your priority, what takes pre-eminence? #God #Bible #Salvation #Bookoflife #Life

We can take action we can do something and we should. To you blue check marks and influencers that watch my videos I see you consider what im saying and use your influence. #Gab #Minds #Bitchute #parler #Fakenews #Technocrattakeover

We are entering a new form of government in the united states and that new form of government is a dictatorial technocracy. #Censorship #Technocracy #Freespeech #Publisher #Platform

No Real point Just Some Thoughts

It doesn't matter what I talk about what I warn about no other message and no other warning is as important as this. #Thegospel #God #Bible #LordJesusChrist #Salvation

Marxism, Communism, or Socialism which flavor of death and despair would you like. As for me I will take an extra helping of freedom, and capitalism to go with a sprinkle of pursuit of happiness. #Marxism #Communism #Socialism #Capitalism #America #Freedom #Liberty

God Is right every time and that's that. The book I mentioned by Vance Ferrell is called The Evolution Cruncher: Scientific Facts which Annihilate Evolutionary Theory. And the creation scientist I mentioned is Kent Hovind. #God #Bible #humanism

The American dream is alive and well, not a perfect dream but its 1000% better then the nightmare dystopia the marxist/Communist/socialist are selling. #Marxist #communist #Socialist #America #Americandream #Capitalist

I will not be supporting any one world system, new world government, illuminati, kumbaya get together session at all. Man is not inherently good the opposite is true. Good comes to Man when their lives are interrupted by the gospel outside of that none of us are good, we are all gone out of the way, none of us seek God Romans 3:10-12 #Illuminati #Oneworldgovernment #Newworldorder #oneworldsystem #God #Bible #Genesis11 #Babel

There is definitely a problem when a group of people believe they have a legal right to a violent insurrection. Just my ramblings and thoughts on some constitutional matters. I am no constitutional scholar these are my opinions, and they are open for ridicule. #USConstitution #Article1section8clause15 #1stAmendment #1A #Democrats #Insurrection


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