Supposed to be sitting on the helicopter but this is the first time I saw the menu so it's just a guess, what a surprise that the update breaks on launch.

Mind controlling a buzzard while sitting in an invisible boat mobile.

Happened very often after the release of Operation: Archangel.

JC4 had a rough release

Didn't even get to play the game and it broke

This particular spot isn't hard to reach as you need to go through for collectibles, but the borderline crawlspace to do it in is very sensitive.

Happens a few times in one playthrough

The only thing from black ops to be posted, that isn't to say there's no glitches of course.

Sometimes the NPCs still blink

There are flashing lights so be careful with this one

This isn't supposed to happen normally, wasn't aware there was an animation for the player to use terminals.

Walker couldn't land a hit at point blank so the engineer drops for him.

It was there when the cell loaded but disappeared mid-mission.

Another red dead 2 failed respawn.

I discovered that this particular wall and roof came from my settlement in the Boston Airport, which isn't even loaded in. Pieces like sinks and water fountains were just floating when I came back.

When you first walk into this cave during debt collection missions, the scripts force you to take out a lamp, had to respawn but respawned with a rifle and lamp. Think me being in combat is why it pulled out the rifle.

They don't have stealthboys

Wasn't able to recreate, never seen anyone get this before.

Happened a lot at release

No voice, no lip sync

Somehow the characters when they de-spawned, still died. Only with Ubisoft

Sure in-game cutscenes let you keep performance and customization but when it's ubisoft thats a different can of worms.

Happens in other games too

Easy to recreate with many other items

Towards the end


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