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Hebrews chapters 1-8
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1Timothy - 2Timothy - Titus - An Exhortation of Church Doctrine
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Pentecost is Tuesday May 23, 2023
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If you keep Yahweh's Solar Calendar, according to the Spring Equinox, then Tuesday May 23 is Pentecost.
Pentecost is part of the Holy Feast Days and is a significant part of the Gospel message.

Some Solar Calendar-keepers have the 24th as Pentecost.
Other Solar Calendar-keepers calculate it a little different as well, so theirs is in the first week of June.
The 'churches' and society have the 28th as Pentcost.

Whichever date you decide to observe Pentecost is really up to you.
We are not to condemn our kinsmen in these decisions. The important thing is respect and brotherly love. Understanding what Pentecost means. And that these Holy Feast Days should always be kept.
We will all be on the same page in the Kingdom Age.
The Holy Spirit is given to them that OBEY Him.


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And a look at what the 'Perfect Heart' is.
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EPHESIANS - and a look at what 'The Will of God' is.

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If you claim to be a Christian, and if you identify as a transGentile, and follow any of the 33,000 denominations of Christianity, ...then you are trapped in the Eighth Beast of Revelation, Mystery Babylon, The Edomite Matrix of Deceit.
You push the PLAY button and I show you just how deep the Rabbi hole goes.

Age of Laodicea

Torah in 1st and 2nd Corinthians.

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Feast of Weeks/Wave Sheaf/First Fruits and Countdown to Pentecost is April 4, 2023.

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The Feast of Unleavened Bread this year (2023) is April 3-9.

These Feasts are memorials and should NEVER be forgotten.

Feast of UB
Learn when to eat, and how to make, unleavened bread.

You can view, print, share, the CALENDAR here:

Passover this year (2023) is Sunday April 2, followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread 3-9, followed by the Feast of Weeks on the 4th.

These Feasts are memorials and should NEVER be forgotten.


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We finish an article by Arnold Kennedy. The Doctrine and Spirit of Lawlessness.

Acts chapters 1-13.
Salvation is conditional. (A look at the 'if' and 'then' verses)

The New Testament has 1050 Commandments for the Christian.

1050 NT Commandments document:

In today's episode, a couple articles by Arnold Kennedy 'God's Law and God's love' and 'The Eternal Law of God'.
Love and Law go together.
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Article by Wesley Swift 'To Be Called Great in the Kingdom'.
Torah teachings in LUKE.
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We are living in the last age before the return of our King and Kinsman Redeemer Yahshua Christ.
The Age of Laodicea.
Are you in the right belief? Do you worship the right Jesus?

Age of Laodicea

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