Eamonn Holmes' double entendre. NOT a Cameltoe in sight but Cameltoe related. It's for Carol's vast collection.
If anyone has Carol Vorderman's "Find A Fortune" episode where she had to apologise for her "tight trousers", please upload it. ;)

"Sometimes the only way to tell the truth is through comedy"

According to Michelle (some say Michael) Obama, Barry's August 4th (6x6x6th day) celebration is for his "official birthday."
I have discovered 216 is key to a lot of diabolical events, when "666" is too obvious.
"666" is the 6x6x6th day of 1961 (Obama's "official" birth date).
"777" (the number of God) on the door is the hoax code. [On Oct 3rd 666+666+666+6+6+6, (also 2016=216) Jewish Year became the God year 5777]. 216 is also the number of God & Beast (man). Also see Aleister Crowley '777' book.
"33" was the year the film was made. Highest "official" level of Jew-run freemasonry.
"13" as we know is represented on the obverse side of the dollar bill (Star of David).
"2222" is after the Bible ends. [Last book in Revelations 22:21].
"93" on film poster could be an allusion to Crowley's Thelema greeting.
"Sun" is hidden in the middle of the letter "O" in "SONS of the Desert" - a clue to what they worship.
"Chicago" is the convention they must attend. [Barry Soetoro's home town].
"Fake Fruit" - The wax apple that Stan eats. Fake fruit from the loins of communist Frank Marshall Davis?


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