Catholic Brother Without Order

Fighting the desire to isolate and the lie that temptation will never end.

Update on my goal of living a chaste pure life.

My thoughts on why men experiencing same-sex attraction should not, in most cases, be priests, the difference between sodomy and adultry, and the word abomination in regards to SSA.

We know what everyone needs but ourselves.

Is what I have to give enough?

3 months with no looking at porn....with Christ anything is possible!

I'm going to Italy to follow St. Francis.

Some leaders in our Church are enslaving rather than freeing.

Mother Mary knows her Son better than any other than God Himself.

Freedom from porn.

My trust in many of the leaders of our Church is gone. These are the seeds they have sown.

How do we live with the current scandal in the Church.

Why live a chaste/pure life?

Letting go...again.

Shepherd's need to correct their sheep when they go astray.

To truly love I must love self sacrificially.

My thoughts on Dr. Peterson after having heard him speak .

Telling myself I am justified in my anger makes it more difficult to let go of.

After years of no gaming I'm considering buying a PS4.

Removing graffiti from my body.

Many slaves don't want to be free.

I am not my behavior or my feelings.

Authentic masculinity is the solution not the problem.

What is reparative therapy and does it work?

Can humility bring joy into our lives?


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I am a 45 year old ex alcoholic/pothead who has finally stopped running from Christ and His Church. I will post recent content here as well as videos from the beginning of my journey out of addiction into being an aspiring great saint.