Demons attach themselves to us. Through the power of Christ when can kick them to the curb.

What has changed in 10 years? Everything!

The entertainment needs to be put back in it's place.

Good can be noisy.

The gift of seeing past the hate.

Or are we devolving?

and examining my sexual attraction to men.

Harsh words are often necessary.

Seeing ourselves more clearly through the erasing of the lies written on us by the devil through the world.

Are you open to what others have experienced? Are you open to the possibility that you may not be who the world tells you you are/

8 years free of the Mary.

The benefits of spiritual direction.

I've found that, though pleasurable, masturbation is more about a desire for connection with other men.

It's much easier to blame the boogie man than to take responsibility for your own behavior and the consequences of that behavior.

Jesus is who He is not who you want Him to be.

Change is a slow process.

Minding our business is soul killing.

Choosing how to spend Christmas alone.

Fighting the desire to isolate and the lie that temptation will never end.

Update on my goal of living a chaste pure life.

My thoughts on why men experiencing same-sex attraction should not, in most cases, be priests, the difference between sodomy and adultry, and the word abomination in regards to SSA.

We know what everyone needs but ourselves.

Is what I have to give enough?

3 months with no looking at porn....with Christ anything is possible!

I'm going to Italy to follow St. Francis.


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I am a 45 year old ex alcoholic/pothead who has finally stopped running from Christ and His Church. I will post recent content here as well as videos from the beginning of my journey out of addiction into being an aspiring great saint.