Robert Moore, So. Infielder for the Arkansas Razorbacks from Leawood, KS and Shawnee Mission East HS, hit for the Cycle during the game against UCA on Tuesday March 30, 2021. He credits his identity in Jesus and all of those who have supported him throughout a 2-3 week hitting slump for his coming out of the hitting sump. After counseling with his parents, grandparent, coaches and teammates he came to the conclusion that his identity was not in baseball but in his faith in God. We wish Robert much success as he keeps his priorities right and continues his baseball career.

A "ready mind", searching the scriptures (Acts 17:11), with an "honest and good heart" (Luke 8:15), gives the believer "excellent health" (Proverbs 4:20-22).

Scientist in PA busts out health officials, doctors, FDA, politicians and others who promote the vaccine and/or other dangerous methods of dealing with coronavirus. Shame on them all.

What news are you listening to, and is it the truth?

Bro Thom shares a word from Luke 8:11-18 having to do with sowing seeds and the 4 types of soil.

Dr. Steven M. Greer, an American UFOlogist and retired traumatologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly classified secret UFO information, reveals how powerful and transforming prayer actually is when there is a collective or corporate involvement; corporate prayer transforms.

Bro Thom prays for President Donald John Trump and shares

Bro Thom shares about the political state of the nation following January 6, 2021

Bro Thom shares from Proverbs 29:2 in light of the elections and the future. Are the righteous in authority when mass murder of children in the womb takes place in America for over 50 years?

Bro Thom shares who his US Senator got it wrong concerning his stand on the fraudulent Electoral College votes that are expected to be cast January 6th

Bro Thom shares about the year just done and what we should focus on in this year of 2021

Bro Thom shares a little bit more about Walmart than the honorable Senator from Missouri who heard of a Walmart employee’s viewpoint concerning his decision to object to the electoral votes of some States come January 6th.

Bro Thom shares an encouraging word

Bro Thom advertises for The Lord and Life

Bro Thom advertises for The Lord and Life

Bro Thom sets the record straight concerning mask wearing

Yahoo. Make ‘em act right Trump

Bro Thom vents about the crazy so-called stimulus bill the Congress wants President Trump to sign into law. Hope he VETO’s the thing. It’s more of a foreign aide and climate control bill than a help to those in America who are hurting due to the scamdemic.

Bro Thom searches a place to get away from people. It’s hard to do. But the real problem isn’t people; it’s the devil.

Bro Thom shares and prays about the Republic called The United States of America

Go to to register and pay $97 for your Founders’ position. Call Bro Thom at 501-804-5777 for any questions.

The Health Ranger talks about different scenarios involving the Presidential Election, America, SCOTUS, DOD, and other parts of the Federal Government that may lead to President Trump enacting the Insurrection Act which could trigger a Civil War when ANTIFA, BLM et al go crazy with terrorism.

“ of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33b

LT. Gen. Michael Flynn (RET.) speaks out about the corruption in government and with the most recent SCOTUS decision.

Rudy Giuliani tells of his dismay concerning the SCOTUS decision not to hear the TX lawsuit against States that certified votes the cancelled out the votes of those in TX who chose Trump for President.


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