Brown dog

Brown dog

Brown dog


In the north central Florida woods next to Ichetucknee springs on Black Friday 2020.

Billy Blvd to Billville

Brownie the Brown dog playing with Harley and her boys: )


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Dirt road cracker back wood hillbilly country boy in central Florida. Like a good old Brown dog we stand our ground round these parts so if any city folks wanna come out here and have a smile then take the mask off and share a smile awhile but dont bring no mask because they are only really good for hiding smiles and we dont allow for no hiding of smiles around these parts! This pandimic wont ever end as long as people are still wearing those mask but its fine with me if they wear a mask but dont ask for me to join in to your way of thinking because I'm not going to wear a mask unless its a situation that one is needed