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Happy Columbus Day 2019. To all the h8trz, you would not have a United States of America without exploration of the Caribbean by Columbus and the mainland of North and South America, named after Amerigo Vespucci. We are amazed that Leif Erickson and later Columbus made the journey in such small vessels, as Red Squid and Octa (Kraken) could easily take down a 40 to 60 foot vessel in 1492. Even that huge luxury ship the Titanic couldn't make it across without sinking. Maybe you humans should stay on land, and quit dumping your trash in our world ocean....although WWII left us with lots of bombs, guns, and thank you for that.

Bruce, the Great White shark, just received reparations from his friend Gumby, for a generational injustice that took place in 1916. You see, Bruce's family was accused of attacking several people on the Jersey Shore. In reality, that was a family of Bull sharks, and Bruce's family only eats donuts. They even had a tradition of mumbling "donut" as they swam around looking for donuts. Well, Gumby finally gave Bruce a donut, so he is happy, and glad to also have guns and to live in America! Do not hate on Great White sharks, they are not bullies, those are the evil bull sharks that swim in fresh, brackish, and saltwater, attacking people and acting as swimming garbage cans. Great White sharks were used in the movies as they look menacing and have cold dead black eyes, but you can see that Bruce actually has gray eyes in this video.

Brownie Turtle has graduated from Turtle University in La Jolla, California. Now that he is an adult turtle, he no longer is limited to Nerf guns. His cousin Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, a call sign from his military days, gives his younger cousin an AR15 problem solver as a gift. Remember, guns are not toys, if you are little, get an adult for permission and supervision. Also, TV rots your brain, so read more books like Brownie Turtle.

When Brownie Turtle was younger, he enjoyed learning about martial arts, like his Ninja Turtle cousins. He started with Kung Foo and liked the song, so he would sing it often, but others did not always like him singing this song all of the time. In this vintage Brownie Turtle video, Brownie is flailing his flippers around and singing his favorite song of the time. Turtles are tough reptiles and enjoy martial arts, and also carry their own body armor.

Bruce the Shark is filling in for Brownie Turtle until he is back from Turtle University. He and his friend Gumby have been 3D printing guns and magazines, and encourage all Americans to do the same. This country was founded by gun owners, and for gun owners. If you don't like this, there are plenty of Commie nations you can move to. But, if you are little....don't play with guns. Gumby likes making things, since he is an engineer (The Jackal), and has an ultimate set of tools. Although, he sometimes acts like an old Fudd, he enjoys making cool things in his workshop. Be like Gumby, make something the real world, not a video game fantasy land. Because, TV rots your brain. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark did not have much luck with people sending him Plutonium for his friend Gumby's experiment. But he reminds you people watching this channel that you can always send them ammo. Since Bruce and Gumby are Americans, they like fire, guns, ammo and America! Gumby would also like to ask for smoke detectors. Bruce is not sure why though, but he knows that Gumby's dad was a firefighter, and once rescued him from the Moon with a ladder truck.

Gumby the Engineer (Jackal) needs some Plutonium for a science experiment he is working on. Gumby is a smart clay person (and possibly made of C4 explosives), and enjoys making cool projects that we can not show on this channel. If you support his work, please send him some Plutonium. Once again, if you are little, do not play with Plutonium, or fire, get an adult to help.

Bruce the Shark likes fire, and fire arrows in video games. However, he is still learning about lighting and the use of a tripod, so sorry for the shaky and dark video. Bruce is still playing video games and messing up Brownie and Rusty Ripsaw Turtle's high scores. Rusty uses video games to compensate for his PTSD from his military service in underwater demolitions. Brownie just likes the fire and fun times with video games. Bruce doesn't get to see fire in real life, as he is a shark and lives in the water, so he likes video game fire. Remember, if you are little, don't play with fire, get an adult to help you. Fire is your friend.

Gumby is a smart clay person. He has been an "engineer" for a long time now, but we suspect he is really an engineer (the Jackal). He is even made of clay, which may really be C4 explosives for all we know. While he is quiet and calm, it is usually the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. His whole family used to work in firefighting and clay, so who knows, maybe those two things were not a coincidence. Gumby enjoys reading technical and engineering journals, and one looks like the emblem used by John Titor, the possible time traveler from 2036. That guy should have left his Corvette with Bruce the shark for safe keeping. 'Merica.

Brownie Turtle told Bruce the Shark about how the U.S. government spent a lot of money on Project Stargate, where remote viewing attempts were made to "see" events at remote locations. This is not the same as the movie with a portal to another part of the universe and Air Force teams fighting aliens on another planet. However, this is a big rip off, and a lot was spent on waste such as this. Gumby is reading about how China is using our societies greed to gain technology and intellectual property from the United States. Bruce provides a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark is channeling Brownie Turtle and his love for America's birthday, July 4th. He, along with Gumby are planning a celebration with guns, fireworks, and more fire. They like fire, and guns. America is a country that was born from fire, and guns, when the colonists told England to stay off of their lawn. Then they had to say it again in 1812. Bruce and Gumby are too young to remember that, but they enjoy celebrating our nation;'s birthday. Remember, if you are little, do not play with fire, guns, or fireworks. Get an adult, and have fun. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark has checked up on his friend Gumby, who has gone to Defense Condition (DefCon) 1 over recent world events. Gumby has his radio or radar system ready for air defense and an old school manpad launcher. Although, I did not tell him that that is a World War Two (WWII) vintage item, he may not have rockets for that anymore. Gumby is a bit old school, but he is like sixty years old too. Good on Gumby for being prepared though. Since he is made of clay, I don't think explosions hurt him anyway. Maybe that is why he likes his .44 Magnum problem solver.

Bruce the Shark is home alone, and he is messing up the high scores of the Turtle family's video games while they are away on vacation. He did not mean to do this, but he is a shark and not used to playing video games. He does like that the main character has swords, bow and arrows though, as they are shark objects, like his teeth. 'Merica!

Brownie wanted to tell everyone that Game of Thrones always sucked, and if you wasted time watching that garbage, you wasted your life. Instead, Brownie Turtle shows off his last books from Turtle University in La Jolla, California before he heads back from Spring Break. He is studying mathematics, biology, and ceramics for art work. Once again, he also cautions people to read books, as TV rots your brain. Get outside, and stop playing video games and drinking soda. Brownie Turtle's cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle is looking at Brownie's books, and still wearing his Bowser type spiked backpack. 'Merica!

Maroon Squid, the clone of Red Squid went violent again as Brownie Turtle and Octa were re-creating government experiments on their psychic abilities. This is why you never trust clones, they go crazy, have tendencies of rage, and are unpredictable. Red Squid pulled out a knife and a spoon, what was he thinking. Luckily, Octa had a 1911 problem solver handy. Don't mess with cloning, ever!

Brownie Turtle and Octa are going to try some psycho, or psychic experiments they learned about on Red Squid and his clone Maroon Squid. Supposedly the United States government conducted experiments on twins and psychic ability. Project Stargate was also for remote viewing and MKUltra is some weird stuff too. Anyway, Brownie decides to try this with the squid, but thinks it is bunk. The government probably wasted millions on this type of stuff.

Brownie Turtle did not want people to just think he was just being fed Communist crap books while at Turtle University, near La Jolla, California. After all, it is Turtle University and not Berkely! (Brownie is contemplating doing a year at Turtle University, Hawaii, but has heard that they do not like Haole sea turtles, but his cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, a native of Hawaii said he should be alright.) So he is showing a military history book, a book about sharks in the Puget Sound, and Walden, Or Life in the Woods. Read more books, because TV rots your brain!

Brownie Turtle wants to show off some of the books he has read at Turtle University. George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm are on the list. 1984 is about a draconian surveillance state that spies on your every move, sort of like the United States today with XKeyscore. Then Animal Farm is about a bunch of communist animals that need to go on a helicopter ride. Last, there is The Catcher in the Rye, that tells the reader to lash out and do hedonistic things and may be brainwashing people into becoming school shooters. Read these books with caution.

Brownie Turtle is home for Spring Break from Turtle University in La Jolla, California. He heard about a problem with the Global Positioning System receivers and how they may not work due to a Y2K type rollover without software updates. The last one was in 1999. Well the handheld units they tried work fine, but some airliners had some problems with their GPS receivers, delaying flights and causing some maintenance issues. Being sea creatures, the Turtle and Bruce the shark do not need GPS to get around. Gumby might, but then, he is also made of clay.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle wants to share a book about the WWII USS Bowfin submarine that sank Japanese warships, and is currently a museum in his native Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He found a book about its history and wanted to show the BitChute community. Bruce the Shark is reading a book on Devils Tower, Wyoming, and picked it out because the squid are often called "red devils" and this sounded like a cool book name. Gumby is reading "The Art of War" which is a classic Chinese book on warfare, and is still taught in many military circles. However, what makes the U.S. military the strongest in the world is that they are unpredictable, and empowered to make split second decision in many cases. This is contrary to the Germans for example, that will write a book in peacetime about their tactics and then follow it to the letter in the next war they start. Luckily, General Patton read Rommel's books before he fought them in North Africa. Read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Gumby, and Bruce the shark show off two wind up radios they like to take with them when camping. Bruce has a Baygen S360 and Gumby has a Grundig FR-200. Both are great radios that work without batteries, as they can work on their wind up function alone. The Baygen S360 does have a rechargeable battery inside, but can work even if this is dead. Great to have when you are out and about in the woods or wilderness. Although books are still preferred, but radio is still a little better than television. 'Merica, and guns, and radios.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle describes how he and his friends, frustrated at the government taking away Octa's tattoo parlor, decided to exact some revenge. Well they are new to the hacking arena, and instead of P0wning the IRS, they managed to mess up social media instead. Sorry everyone. Rusty also states that the government should not tax Octa into oblivion and give him his tattoo parlor back. 'Merica!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle gave his friends Gumby and Bruce tactical mugs with AR15 handles and rails on them. However, Gumby got his leg stuck in his, while Bruce the shark chipped some teeth on the tough aluminum rails. These are great mugs, but be careful, they may hurt your teeth or get your foot stuck. These mugs come with rails on three sides, but they can be sharp, so with an AR15 handle on one rail, Rusty put Knight's Armament rail covers on the other two rails for his friends mugs. Still Bruce took one off and messed up his teeth. Luckily sharks grow rows of teeth, so it isn't a problem for him. People on the other hand, be careful.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle describes what is known in the military community as a "technical," or a normal vehicle modified into a gun truck or weapon system. Here, Gumby has his UTV with a Navy flag on the brush guard, an American flag waving from the roof rack, and his problem solver mounted on top. Bruce the shark is going for the "Sharknado" look on his Dodge Ram pickup truck with infrared compatible flag and beacon mounted. Both have a bright pink VS-17 panel, which is a reversible pink/orange panel to alert aircraft to friendlies on the ground. Rusty is also wearing his spiked backpack, which he uses when he wants to look more intimidating, like video game turtles that have spikes on their shells.

TV rots your brain, so Brownie Turtle, his cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, and Gumby, recommend that you read books instead. Books allow you to use your brain and expand your capabilities, while television is propaganda, and often used to control the masses while making them dumber. Gumby is reading a book about codes and how to break them, as it is important to know how codes and encryption are used in our technology. Brownie reads a book about spy satellites, such as those controlled by the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) and other federal government agencies within the United States. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle is reading a book on how to make his own gun powder, as it is sometimes important to know how to make this for yourself, he also forgot to turn off his old VIP IR beacon that is set to emit green light while underwater, so his former team mates know where he is while swimming. He sometimes does that after he goes for a swim, as it was ingrained into him when he was going through military training and operations. I sometimes borrow it to find my cephalopod friends in the deep dark ocean, as they are attracted to the light. Anyway, read more books this winter!


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