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TV rots your brain, so Brownie Turtle, his cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, and Gumby, recommend that you read books instead. Books allow you to use your brain and expand your capabilities, while television is propaganda, and often used to control the masses while making them dumber. Gumby is reading a book about codes and how to break them, as it is important to know how codes and encryption are used in our technology. Brownie reads a book about spy satellites, such as those controlled by the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) and other federal government agencies within the United States. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle is reading a book on how to make his own gun powder, as it is sometimes important to know how to make this for yourself, he also forgot to turn off his old VIP IR beacon that is set to emit green light while underwater, so his former team mates know where he is while swimming. He sometimes does that after he goes for a swim, as it was ingrained into him when he was going through military training and operations. I sometimes borrow it to find my cephalopod friends in the deep dark ocean, as they are attracted to the light. Anyway, read more books this winter!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle is new to the snow thing, as he is from Hawaii. He does not like it since it is cold. It makes him mess up which website he is uploading this to, since he can't think in cold weather. Turtles are reptiles and do not like the cold, and snow. Rusty and Brownie Turtle's cephalopod friends love the snow and cold weather though.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and his friend Gumby are looking at their JBL Mini Carbine spear gun. They use this for fishing. Yes, sea turtles eat fish, and this is their type of hunting. They use spear guns, or sometimes Rusty uses his military issue dive knife. For dark water use, a Pelican waterproof flashlight may need to be added. If you have a speargun, just be sure to not use them against any sea turtles. We are protected species, and only fight in defense of ourselves and others. Then there is that whole ninja "Turtle Power" thing too.

Many countries have effective border security, and you may be captured or shot for crossing a border without authorization. It is important to know where the borders of countries, counties, and cities are for this reason, and for land ownership and legal jurisdictions. Brownie Turtle learns about escape and evasion charts from his cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, from a map he carried during his time in the military. Good thing Rusty knew where he was and where the borders were, when he was in Southwest Asia. He also has his VIP IR/green beacon light on his right flipper, and a replica trench knife he received as a gift from his younger cousin Brownie Turtle. 'Merica!

Brownie Turtle made his Christmas shopping easier this year by buying all of his friends replica World War One (WWI) trench knives. His cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle did the same, so now they each have their own trench knife. Turtles are tough reptiles, but are not always the smartest creatures, and they sometimes seem to think a lot alike. Although, they are American turtles and support everyone's right to have weapons, arms, and anything else, including trench knives. 'Merica!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle made his Christmas shopping easier for himself this year, by getting every one of his friends the same thing, a replica trench knife. These are replicas of knives that were issued to military troops in World War One (WWI). The original was a triangle shaped spear type blade and the second version a year later had brass knuckles and a knife blade. These replicas are not the same as either of those authentic types, instead having a sharp stainless steel blade, cheap leather sheath, and a black painted metal knuckle duster type handle. Even though these are not like the real ones, they are cool knives and Bruce the shark and Gumby like theirs. Rusty Ripsaw likes to give useful gifts and these will look cool at the range with a 1911 problem solver in the other flipper, hand, or fin.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Gumby, and Bruce the shark are watching a movie about an American Special Operations team going through a waterfall, then they arrive in Egypt, but on another planet. I think the movie was called "Wormhole" or something like that. Anyway, some alien guy who claims to be the Sun god "Ra" threatens to blow up Earth. Well Kurt Russel and James Spader decide to blow this thing up instead, with an atomic bomb! As my cousin Brownie would say, 'Merica! So if you have alien/demons threatening you, throw a bible at them while calling the wrath of Jesus on them, and then throw an atomic bomb at their face. Once they take humanoid form, they die like anything else. If you don't have an atomic bomb, a 1911 problem solver would probably work too.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Gumby and Bruce the shark have been watching videos online about directed energy weapons in use by the government. The microwave unit they show in this video works on microwaves that heat up the skin at a distance. Microwaves are attenuated by water, so use wet pet diaper material over a shield to thwart this type of directed energy weapon. Since these are often used along with LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Devices) bring ear protection as well. Then there are the laser dazzlers too. See Rusty Ripsaw Turtle's "To Kill a Tank, Big Game Hunting" video for more info.

Bruce, Gumby and Rusty Ripsaw Turtle are still watching a family favorite move about sharks. Bruce's grandfather starred in this movie as the psycho killer shark. Here we see Roy Scheider shooting at Bruce Sr. Sr. with a rifle as his boat sinks. Bruce wanted to clarify that he likes guns, but does not like humans shooting at sharks with guns. This is why sharks should not eat CO2 or scuba tanks. Stay out of our waters, or play nice with marine wildlife, we were here first.

Bruce the 8th shows us a movie with his Grandpa Bruce in the starring role. This movie is based on a real situation about a hundred years earlier where a bull shark attacked the Cardassians in Jersey Shore. Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw were also in the movie. Bruce said his Grandpa had a hard time filming this scene as Shaw always smelled like booze. He also has a picture somewhere where Shaw is eating a sandwich during lunch break in Bruce's mouth between takes. Bruce was getting old and slow so they had a hydraulic skeleton suit for him to wear while they were filming, so he looks a little robot like. This is a great horror movie about why you humans should stay out of our waters.

Brownie Turtle is happy because he found a Cold Steel Samburu Spear. Compared to wooden Australian boomerangs, this is awesome. Being Cold Steel, metal means it is a more lethal weapon. Although, Brownie Turtle should watch the many videos of this spear breaking due to its wooden section in the middle before saying it is so great. Brownie is excited and likes weapons because he is an American. Gumby, Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and Bruce are in the background looking on. Bruce likes Australia as his family goes there for vacation often.

One thing Rusty Ripsaw Turtle forgot to mention when it comes to hunting season, is how people glow in the dark. People wear clothes with brighteners in them, and this causes many animals to see people as if they were glowing. Rusty recommends his humans friends to use U-V-killer spray to prevent this glow when they go hunting. Otherwise, animals will laugh at you. Gumby once again shows off his .44 magnum problem solver, and a bottle of "Slow Elk" beer.

Brownie Turtle and his friends like weapons, to include foreign ones like the Australian boomerang. Boomerangs are carved sticks used for hunting, defense and sport. Bruce's family brought these back after they went on vacation to the east coast of Australia to watch abalone divers. Great White sharks, or "men in gray suits," go here often to feed in the warm waters off the Australian cost.

Remember our veterans on 11 November, including those that are no longer with us. Brownie Turtle decided to throw his cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle an early Veterans Day party, as he is a veteran. Rusty is an underwater warfare and demolitions expert and was in the desert because of his camouflage coloring. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle prefers Hawaii, but often goes to see his friends in Coronado, California, where he surfs along the beach and lounges in the sun. Gumby and Bruce celebrate with him for being an honorable veteran. Rusty has his Navy dive knife and a bottle of Stone Ruination IPA. 'Merica.

Brownie Turtle read a book called AC6V's FM 101x Using FM Repeaters book and found out that the old Motorola Astro Saber radios the Turtle family uses are using CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) or PL (Private Line) sub-audible tones to open squelch during transmissions. Brownie heard that newer Motorola radios used by "cool guys" use frequency-hopping and spread-spectrum digital Motorola's. So he managed to scrounge some old DTR410 radios, so they can be cool too. These are much more secure than FRS/GMRS or Chinese "Feng" radios if you use your own private channel. Get some better radios, so you are not broadcasting to everyone. 'Merica.

Brownie Turtle interrupts Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and Bruce while they are doing some target practice. Brownie Turtle found out that analog Motorola radios use CTCSS or PL tones. PL tones, or "Private Line" was a Motorola term that was used for sub-audible tones that open squelch, and in the past acted as a sort of private channel. However, in 2018, this is not secure, and anyone with a similar radio with no tone enabled can listen in. If you want better security the DTR series Motorola radios offer a better alternative. Frequency hopping spread spectrum digital radios are a lot better than analog ones, from a security perspective.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle explains how it is hunting season here in America. His shark friend Bruce says you need at least a .357 to hunt, while Gumby prefers his .44 magnum problem solver. Gumby likes Dirty Hairy movies, and will be hunting slow elk this year. Be safe with guns, and if you are little, do not play with guns. See Brownie Turtle's gun safety video for more information.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle tells the audience that it is election season in America. Gumby takes this as time to fill out a ballot, while Red and Maroon Squid get guns and ammo. Bruce the shark also got in on this with his pellet gun. He is not old enough for a real gun yet, but he is getting better, and the time will come.
Rusty Ripsaw Turtle has his stump remover and oil for election season. How do you vote, with the ballot box or the cartridge box?

This week in the United States of America is Cephalopod Week, celebrating the invertebrate sea creatures like: squid, octopus, nautilus, and cuttlefish. They spent this week visiting their friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, who get free food for helping teach little kids about themselves. They also watched Monster Quest episodes about sea monsters like the Kraken, giant squid and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Octa said next year he wants to go to Seattle since he heard from the Monster Quest show that there is a tribe of huge Amazon like female octopus in Puget Sound. This was a great week. America!

SOLAS is an International Convention that sets minimum standards for maritime industry and vessels for ensuring Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). This is why the Coast Guard boards vessels and checks for fire extinguishers, first aid kits, strobes, flares, food, and other items depending on the type and size of your vessel. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Bruce and Gumby are checking some of their items here, but wonder why their human friends need so much stuff to go in the water. All they need on land is their .45 problem solvers and some ammo. (Gumby is kept around in case a vessel is taking on water, as he may be used to seal the leak.)

Brownie Turtle and his friends say that you should read more books instead of rotting your mind with movies and video games all of the time. His cephalopod friends are smart and read books on intelligence community relates subjects. His cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle likes to read military books about special forces and other well trained military personnel and units. However, Bruce the Great White shark has been reading something that he should not be reading.

In Brownie Turtle's younger days, he thought oil based Lego toys were food. After all, he is an oil based stuffie, so this makes sense. He begins to eat Lego mini figures and is then attacked by a spaceship. His friend Red Squid comes to his aid and downs this craft.

Since the American military has a shortage of pilots, especially for drones, maybe they should look toward cephalopods and octapods. These sea creatures are very smart and octopods have brains in their tentacles too. Here Octa is seen flying his computer simulator after studying his flight guide. For those wondering why he is wearing sunglasses indoors, part of being a pilot is looking cool. America!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle went camping and saw fire. He is happy since he, like his cousin Brownie Turtle, likes: fire, explosions, guns, and America. Remember, fire is your friend, and if you are little, do not play with fire.

It is summer vacation and the Turtle family has gone all over the place for vacation. Rusty went to the beach, and as a sea turtle, loves it. His cousin Brownie Turtle often brags about going to the beach and Rusty moved to the mainland from Hawaii, so has longed to see the ocean. Now he sees the ocean and is happy.


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