Brownie Turtle

Brownie Turtle

This week in the United States of America is Cephalopod Week, celebrating the invertebrate sea creatures like: squid, octopus, nautilus, and cuttlefish. They spent this week visiting their friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, who get free food for helping teach little kids about themselves. They also watched Monster Quest episodes about sea monsters like the Kraken, giant squid and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Octa said next year he wants to go to Seattle since he heard from the Monster Quest show that there is a tribe of huge Amazon like female octopus in Puget Sound. This was a great week. America!

SOLAS is an International Convention that sets minimum standards for maritime industry and vessels for ensuring Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). This is why the Coast Guard boards vessels and checks for fire extinguishers, first aid kits, strobes, flares, food, and other items depending on the type and size of your vessel. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Bruce and Gumby are checking some of their items here, but wonder why their human friends need so much stuff to go in the water. All they need on land is their .45 problem solvers and some ammo. (Gumby is kept around in case a vessel is taking on water, as he may be used to seal the leak.)

Brownie Turtle and his friends say that you should read more books instead of rotting your mind with movies and video games all of the time. His cephalopod friends are smart and read books on intelligence community relates subjects. His cousin Rusty Ripsaw Turtle likes to read military books about special forces and other well trained military personnel and units. However, Bruce the Great White shark has been reading something that he should not be reading.

In Brownie Turtle's younger days, he thought oil based Lego toys were food. After all, he is an oil based stuffie, so this makes sense. He begins to eat Lego mini figures and is then attacked by a spaceship. His friend Red Squid comes to his aid and downs this craft.

Since the American military has a shortage of pilots, especially for drones, maybe they should look toward cephalopods and octapods. These sea creatures are very smart and octopods have brains in their tentacles too. Here Octa is seen flying his computer simulator after studying his flight guide. For those wondering why he is wearing sunglasses indoors, part of being a pilot is looking cool. America!

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle went camping and saw fire. He is happy since he, like his cousin Brownie Turtle, likes: fire, explosions, guns, and America. Remember, fire is your friend, and if you are little, do not play with fire.

It is summer vacation and the Turtle family has gone all over the place for vacation. Rusty went to the beach, and as a sea turtle, loves it. His cousin Brownie Turtle often brags about going to the beach and Rusty moved to the mainland from Hawaii, so has longed to see the ocean. Now he sees the ocean and is happy.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle has some more to say about the DNA results from his trip to Hawaii, where he was thought to be the father of three turtles. Bruce and Gumby provide emotional support, and Rusty is happy with the results from the Maui Povich Show.

With all of the talk about 3D printed guns and parts, Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Bruce, and Gumby decided to give it a try. Pretty cool, but CNC machining is still a better option.

While on vacation in Hawaii, the Turtle family and friends were getting DNA tests done. Well Rusty Ripsaw Turtle was on the Maui Povich Show, to determine the paternity of some young turtles, and Brownie Turtle was allowed do the reveal for his cousin Rusty.

This week is Shark Week. Octa and Bruce were caught listening to their favorite tune. It sounded like something that would be heard during "Shark Week."

Red Squid wanted to have a DNA test for himself and his clone, Maroon Squid, to see how close his cloning process was. Since Maroon Squid is a clone of Red Squid, they should share the same DNA. However, many DNA testing facilities have different algorithms for analyzing DNA. Their results are not what was expected.

While on vacation in Hawaii, Brownie Turtle decided to have his DNA tested, since he never knew his Mommy, and wanted to know more about himself. What he finds out astonished him, and some of it just does not make sense.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Bruce the shark, and Gumby have done some research into a green fizzy drink that can glow, be made into explosives, and the acid can make plastic under certain conditions. What a great drink, for humans. If you are marine wildlife, this stuff is poison.

Brownie Turtle is very excited for the 4th of July. He likes this day as it represents the birthday for the United States of America. It also includes fire, fireworks, guns, and explosions. All things that Brownie Turtle likes as an American citizen.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, Gumby, and Bruce are using a radio direction finder to track the underwater robot that was caught before. Rusty and Gumby placed a tracking device on the robot so they could track it easier. They hope to find more underwater stuff lurking in the depths. As marine wildlife, Rusty and Bruce do not like intrusions into their domain. They hope to get the cephalopods on board as well, since they can go really deep and are scary creatures that hide out int he depths of the oceans. Turtles can only hold their breathe underwater a for a while, and the others can stay down indefinitely, so this should help in the search for underwater robots. I wonder if they are tapping the underwater cables that carry data around the world?

Gumby has been teaching Bruce about guns. TRex joins in but can't handle guns since the whole hand thing. Rusty then goes full Desert 'Nam and tells Bruce to fill his fins as he is about to get shot at with Nerf guns. But Rusty forgot to fully load the magazine, so he only had a dozen shots or so. 'Merica!

Introducing our new friend Bruce. Bruce is a Great White shark, he is actually Bruce the 8th, as he is the eight member of his family named Bruce. His dad and grandfather are also called Bruce, and they come from a long line of movie stars. They made a famous horror movie where they swam around asking people swimming in the water for donuts. It they didn't get donuts, they ate them. Although, they all seem to like to suck on gas cylinders for some reason. Bruce found some of our CO2 cartridges and is sucking them dry. We had to hide the rest so we could shoot our BB guns. These sharks would live longer if they did not eat gas cylinders, they seem to get blown up that way in the movies.

Octa and Rusty Ripsaw Turtle are stuck in a stalemate as they play Capture the Flag. They have been at this for hours now, and neither seems ready to give up. Octopods are tough creatures, as are turtles, so this was a very even match. Red and Maroon Squid took each other out earlier, as they were on opposing teams and evenly matched. You know, that whole cloning thing and all. Catfish and Gumby fell out first. Catfish just wanted to go back to his sewage pipe, and Gumby is made of clay, so that worked out evenly. These two, Oct and Rusty need to give it up though, they both won. It is alright for there to be a tie.

Octa and Rusty Ripsaw Turtle are the last two left in the capture the flag game. Now they up the firepower, who will win? Octa uses a MASK Bronco with rocket launchers, while Rusty gets an AH64 Apache helicopter. The AH64 is a very lethal attack helicopter, and many videos of them being used against insurgents can be found online.

Brownie Turtle describes a game he likes to play with his friends. This is capture the flag. Each team has a flag, red or blue, Bloods or Crips, Capitalists or Commies, just need two teams. Then you try to keep the other team from capturing your flag. They use cap guns, their own weight, and anything else to keep the other side from winning. Games like this are great competition. It keeps all of the marine stuffies in shape and competitive. Octa learned this game when he was in prison, so he is demonstrating it with Rusty Ripsaw Turtle here now.

Vintage video of young Brownie Turtle in his fight against Star Wars clone troops. This is a video when Brownie Turtle was younger and still learning how to use Nerf guns. Brownie Turtle and the rest of the Turtle family believe in fighting for freedom from oppression, wherever it may come from. When Brownie Turtle runs out of ammo, he resorts to his martial arts skills. However, being a young turtle when this was made, he still needed some work and practice. You also see a younger Red Squid and then Green Eel passing the camera. They were not early supporters of the rebellion, but came to it in time, from the conviction of their friend Brownie Turtle.

Do you know how to kill underwater robots? Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and his friend Gumby have been working one methods to kill robots, since this may become a problem in the future. However, in their research, they found an underwater robot, but since it was underwater about 100 feet, they could not use guns and fire against it. They ended up just yanking it up to the surface by its umbilical cord, once the battery wore down. If you know how to kill underwater robots, let them know.

Have you seen the video of that robot "cheetah" running on a treadmill, it is pretty fast. Now imagine this robot having weapons and artificial intelligence. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and his friend Gumby have found some ways to kill robots. Fire works, but you must have a hot enough flame. Methylacetylene and propadiene, commonly known as MAP gas is hot enough to kill a robot. This is found in the yellow torch cylinders at home improvement stores. Guns also work, but they need to have enough power in their ammo to punch through metal and electronics. So the best way to kill robots is with fire and guns.

Rusty Ripsaw Turtle and Gumby talk about hatchet throwing. Hatchets were weapons and tools for pioneers, natives, and others for centuries. Rusty and Gumby sometimes practice throwing them in the back yard. Rusty Ripsaw Turtle, being from Hawaii is also great at throwing burning road flares, like the performers at many events in the Hawaiian Islands. Guns are still much more efficient, and the great "Equalizer." That was a cool show and movie too. RIP Edward Woodward.


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