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Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle returned from their Big Luau in Hawaii, to see large parts of the mainland covered ins now, experiencing power outages and water leaks. The time read and prepare for disasters is before the disaster. So, they recommend reading some books on how to prepare for natural disasters, These include the books: Essential Survival Skills, Prepper's Guide to Surviving Natural Disasters, and Gumby's favorite, Tactical Medicine. For those of you that had to scrounge for toilet paper last years, you should spend more time preparing for known disasters, to include the hurricanes that you experience every few years, the resultant flooding, and the 100 years snow storm. Learn from this and help others learn and remember. Do not expect the "government" to bail you out then things go wrong. And read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica, with guns, fire, and freedom.

Hello America, Bruce the Shark, and his friends, Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle are preparing for the Big Luau. Luau's are party's in Hawaii, and the Turtle family celebrates with lots of guns, ammo, and fire. Human's have hula girls and burned pork, but much of the Turtle family is made up of vegetarians, so they just show off guns instead of eating pork. Although, Rusty said when he was deployed to meteorite worshiping countries, he would eat port and dipped his ammo in pork as well. Anyway, all 'Merican's should have or build guns, and get lots of ammo for the Big Luau. And, read more books, as TV rots your brain.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby want to discuss AR15 problem solver pistols and how their brace stock things are under attack by un-elected henchmen of the BATFE, through election of dumb people that do not understand the U.S. Constitution. Or Founding Father's did not want the people to ever be disarmed, and wanted them powerful enough to overthrow and rebuild a tyrannical government. In 1776, there were more warships and cannons in private hands than the Continental Army and Navy. The Bill of Rights, the Ten Amendments that were ratified by the states in 1791 states that citizens have inalienable rights from their creator, not from a piece of paper, one of which is to keep and bear arms. They did not say what kind of arms, or set limits on capacity. Otherwise the Pucklegun and some other high firepower problem solvers would have been banned. They also did not limit the private possession and use of cannons. Gun control is about power, and the power must remain within the people, and the marine wildlife that seem to know more than you sheep humans. Quit bootlicking and adhering to rules that are not even law, and especially ones that violate the U.S. Constitution. 'Merica! With guns, fire, and freedom.

Merry Christmas everyone. One argument that comes up in many families is the discussion if "Die Hard", that movie where Demi Moore's ex loses his shoes to Hans, that carries a cool HK P7 problem solver, during a bank heist. The movie takes place at Christmas, just like "I Come in Peace" that Dolph Lundgren chemical engineering documentary, about alien drug producers coming to Earth for collection of adrenachrome. Dolph was perfect for that movie, as he has a chemical engineering degree, and uses martial arts to beat up aliens. As for Die Hard, one of the main themes is a Christmas song, with trees lights and everything else, except baby Jesus. So, Die Hard and I come in Peace are Christmas movies.....tell your friend and family. Just do not watch to much TV, as it does rot your brain, especially fake news. 'Merica, with fire, guns, freedom, and Christmas!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, Gumby, and Uncle Bruce the 2nd recommend giving ammo for Christmas this year. With the crazy prices on ammo, and many places not even having stock of ammo, Bruce recommends giving ammo to those less fortunate than yourself. Because, after all, this is America, and you should already have guns, and ammo. But many people have been caught with less than they should stockpile. Gumby has his .357 problem solver and three types of ammo here. Standard ball ammo, semi jacketed hollow points, and Magsafe SWAT ammo. Rusty has his hideout gun, with Hornady .380 ACP hollow point problem solver ammo. Uncle Bruce has his shellfish toxin, used in the CIA "heart attack" gun spewing from his mouth. It does not kill sharks, but it does taste pretty bad. According to the Church Committee report, the CIA had enough shellfish toxin for use in their "heart attack" guns to last for many years. I wonder how often they use this stuff? Death appears to be from a heart attack, and may not even show an entry wound to a medical practitioner. Give ammo for Christmas gifts, and remember the three wise men that gave gifts to baby Jesus.

It's hunting season again here in North America. So, Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle are reading books about hunting. Bruce the Shark describes how Gumby is hiding in his woodland camouflage blind, and Rusty is already camouflaged for some environments, as he is a tan sea turtle. Gumby is using an AR-15 pistol problem solver and Rusty is using a .357 magnum revolver problem solver this year. Don't buy food that is laced with pharmaceuticals and feeding on contaminated grass, shoot wild game for your food instead. Know how the food chain works, you humans are usually on top of that pyramid, unless you come into our world, the ocean. Also, read more books, as TV rots your brain. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark describes how his friend Gumby is going to go back to defending space, as a member of academia. In the past he used his military GI Bill to get an engineering degree, and now he is returning to space weapons and development of hardware for the defense of the real high frontier, space. Although, the United States could have never made it without the Russian's as a competitor, pushing space technology to the limits of manufacturing and engineering ability on both sides. Gumby has his trusty green laser, he likes that it matches his own skin tone, and that he may get to go back into space, maybe even the moon. A lot of people do not realize that Gumby went to the Moon as a kid, and his Dad had to use a ladder truck to save him from the "Moon Men." 'Merica, with guns, fire, and freedom, in space!

Bruce the Shark and his friend, Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle are preparing their weapons for the 2020 election season. Gumby has decided to make some microwave/scalar wave weapons, but Rusty says that you just need guns to destroy them if used against you. Gumby is an engineer, so he gets a monthly Microwave Journal, that talks about radar, directed energy weapons and other cool high tech stuff. Rusty prefers to go all "Mad Max" mode and reads a prepper book about Arming for the Apocalypse instead. At least both are reading more books though, as TV rots your brain. Are you reading more books, or are you being brainwashed by TV? This is 'Merica, so get ready for election season, and get weapons and ammo ready too. WARNING: THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED WITH A POTATO, AND BRUCE HAS YET TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THE CAMERA. SORRY EVERYONE.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle want to show you some of their new magazines. Remember, TV rots your brain and makes you dumb. So, read more books and good magazines. Here they show "Wired" magazine that has some good information about recent wildfires, but also some odd stuff like sex toys. Then there is "Photonics Spectra" that Gumby reads, since he is an engineer and works with lasers, cameras and imaging systems often. Last, there is "National Defense" magazine that Rusty reads, as he is retired military and still keeps up on issues of self and national defense. Elections also involve national defense and have consequences. Do not vote for Communists, Socialists, or those that do not have our nation's safety and security as a first priority. This also means that as a citizen, you should have lots of guns, ammo and the skill and knowledge to use them if it becomes necessary to destroy and rebuild. This is 'Merica! Where we like our, guns, explosives, and freedom!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby are sending Brownie Turtle a care package as he just finished his Master's Degree in Intelligence Studies. Brownie started this program right after finishing a degree from Turtle U in La Jolla, and is excited to start his career as a spy and underwater demolition expert, like his cousin Rusty. In the Turtle family, getting a college degree also gets you an AR15 style problem solver, ammo, and booze. After al, this is 'Merica! With guns, fire, freedom, and education. Brownie and his friends encourage continual education, and to read more books, as TV rots your brain. It is also filled with "news" that is really just programming, also known as brainwashing.

Hello everyone. Bruce the Shark, and his friend Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle just received their magazine subscriptions. Gumby has this month's issue of Popular Mechanics, because he is really smart and is an engineer. Rusty, he is glad to see in this month's Guns & Ammo issue, that Heckler and Koch (HK) of Germany have released a new MP5 style problem solver. He has been carrying around a German Sport Guns (GSG-5) as a stand in, but wants the real thing. For those of you that need problem solvers that do not compromise, buy HK, the best. They just need to bring back the P7 series of pistols, and integrate that grip into a battle rifle like the HK91/G3/MSG-90, hint, hint HK. 'Merica......I mean, Germany! But 'Merica, with guns, fire and freedom!

I this vintage Brownie Turtle video, he is playing with Lego Star Wars mini figures, which he used yo eat as a young turtle. A young human friend pretends to shoot at him with a laser gun, and Brownie "dies" on video. This was before Brownie grew up, went to college and now works for the man. 'Merica! With guns, fire, and freedom.

Thank you all for three interesting years.

Bruce the shark and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle mention the book, Execute Order. This book was written by Rusty's former commanding officer in the military, and it is a novel about UAV (Unmaned Aerial Vehicles - we like these, and Octa is a UAV pilot) pilots, and conspiracies within government. It also mentions TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) members, JTAc (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) certified people, and others within Special Forces roles in the military. The author also flew as the stunt pilot in "Flight of the Intruder" so he knows his stuff. It is rare that Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle can review a book written by someone he served with, so he liked this book. Although, the author should have consulted him on weapons, as there is mention of a suppressed Taurus .32 revolver. Gumby wants to meet this Major Lannon as she sounds like a cool chick. There is also a nod to another unit member, who used AK-47 rifles taken from their previous owners when their ammunition supply ran out. 'Merica, with gun, fire, freedom, and veteran's.

Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, and his friends Gumby and Bruce the shark are show in front of a small pyramid of honey roll doughnuts. Doughnuts are a Bruce family favorite as they swim along the ocean searching for doughnuts. This has caused them some trouble though, as they are menacing Great White sharks. It even got Bruce's grandpa a job in the movie industry, where they made these sharks look like mechanical mindless killers. In reality, Bull sharks are the ones you need to watch out for. Rusty says the honey roll pile looks like the pyramid on the dollar bill, and that the "All Seeing Eye" and unfinished pyramid is a bunch of Illuminati stuff. This is America, with guns, fire, freedom, money, and doughnuts.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" turtle and Gumby want you to be safe with lasers. Lasers can be used on weapons to help your aim, as designators to laze enemy targets, and for fun. However, many of them will harm your eyes, especially ones that lack and Infra-Red (IR) filter. Some are sold as lower power units and will damage your eyes even if they are only used once. Do not shoot your eye out! Bruce was a little distracted in this video, as someone was aiming a red laser at his "cold dead" gray eyes and nose while he made this video. If you own laser problem solvers, be safe in using them, and do not point them at people, unless a JDAM is inbound! 'Merica, with guns, feuer and freedom!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle discuss books they are reading. Gumby is reading about the Police Code of Silence, while Rusty is reading about "Manipulism" where people are guilt-ed into becoming Communists. Bruce reads the U.S. Constitution, and states that anyone in the United States should know this, or leave! Here in America, we like fire, guns, and freedom, and do not tolerate those that wish to destroy our nation through socialism, or any other "ism" unless it is nationalism. Gumby is listening to his Motorola radio programmed to act as a police scanner, and has his problem solver, while Rusty has his old M7 bayonet, wrapped in paracord. This is an older model, made in Germany for Colt, and issued to people stationed in Germany in the Cold War Era. Read more books, because TV rots your brain.

While Bruce the Shark, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, and others always suspected Gumby of being a brilliant engineer, possibly "The Jackal" and made of C-4 explosives, it finally comes out that Gumby spent twenty years in special operations. He was a communications expert, and went on lots of secret missions. No wonder he wasn't in any videos for about twenty years.....Being an election year, Gumby pulled out some of his old school technology, a handheld Motorola XTS1500 handheld radio to monitor local police, and a Motorola LST-5 tactical satellite communications radio that he used to call air strikes. He even had his old three day assault pack, and extra magazines for a M16 problem solver. Here, Gumby and his retired Navy special warfare friend Rusty sight in one of their problem solvers. Be sure to make yourself a problem solver, buy lots of ammo, and be ready for the election. 'Merica, with guns, fire, and freedom.

Bruce the Shark is learning about the term of "one upping" someone in some way, but still does not quite understand it. His friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby are trying to explain it to him. Rusty says you do not "one up" someone, you "7 Up" them. Go big or go home. Being our nation's birthday, we celebrate with fire, fireworks, and guns. However, Rusty says he uses his 37mm launcher to send some flares really high, and Gumby has an old HK launcher and some rocket flares from his time engineering items for the military. Bruce still uses the term "one up" though, as he is not used to overpowering anything, other than donuts. Happy Fourth of July.....with guns, fire, and freedom!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby are preparing for America's birthday, the 4th of July. They bought a bunch of mortars and have their problem, solvers ready. They celebrate with guns, fire, and freedom, and make sure to be good American's, which means being the type of person that was worth fighting and dying for. Our country was born from fighting the world's superpower, with unorganized militia and private weapons, cannons, and warships. At the time of the war for independence, the Continental Army and Navy had less weapons than civilian population, as it should be. While many may deny this, we are still the most heavily armed population on the planet, and the Turtle family, Bruce the Shark, and Gumby and their friends promote freedom, to include gun ownership and setting off of fireworks. This is America, celebrate the 4th of July!

Gumby, and his friends, Bruce the Shark and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle are preparing for war on the Moon. Gumby went to the Moon for the first time in 1955, and found some orange cone type things that were hostile to him. His Dad, a firefighter rescued him that time. Now, as an older engineer Gumby wanted to go back to the Moon, but the "Moon Men" were still hostile. Upon his return to Earth, Gumby decided to get his crawler ready, along with some problem solvers, and Cheez-It crackers, as they seem to like those. Like any enemy, find their weakness, then pay out the rope until they hang themselves. This works for "Men" on the Moon and for other enemies. This is America, and we are American, with guns, fire, and freedom!

Bruce the Shark and his friends, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby have tried to return to the Moon. Gumby went there in 1955 and was attacked by the "Moon Men" until his Dad, a firefighter borrowed a ladder truck to get him back safely. Gumby has never forgot that incident and now seeks to liberate the Moon from these invaders. However, NASA is dedicated to the peaceful exploration of space, so they won't fund our trip back. So, Gumby and his friends are reading about making sugar rocket engines, and Michio Kaku's book about hyperspace and multiple dimensions. In this dimension or the next, Gumby and his friends will wage war on the Moon. ' space!

Bruce the Shark and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" turtle and Gumby also read magazines instead of watching TV. As you should know, TV rots your brain, so read more books and magazines that stimulate your brain. This includes old magazines like issues of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics, or 2600 Magazine. Here we show off one of each, with an old satellite article back when they were a new technology, and Rusty is learning how to be a hacker or phone phreak like his engineer friend Gumby. If you read technical magazines, just be sure to learn about the deeper theory in books, so you are not just a script kiddie. Gumby thought it was funny that this month's issue of 2600 was titled "Boomer" with a Google looking letter style. 'Merica, with guns, fire, freedom, books, and magazines.

Bruce the Shark and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby were preparing Gumby to go back to the Moon. He one went there as a child and hid Dad, a fire fighter took a ladder truck up to rescue him from some "Moon men." Rusty says Gumby should take some Cheez-It's this time, along with a hatchet and his problem solver. Gumby feels confident that his pistol and one spare magazine is enough, and he should know, he has been to the Moon after all. Gumby thinks that space is important enough to defend with missiles, guns, and smart people engineering space based laser platforms. He is reading a book about "Defending Space," while Rusty is reading about "Man-Made UFO's, 1944-1994." However, Gumby had his mission scrubbed due to poor weather in the launch area today. Bruce is pretty bummed as he wanted to see his friend return to space.

Bruce the Shark and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle are reading more books, because TV rots your brain. Gumby is reviewing his Motorola NST021 Communications Systems Concepts participant guide, while Rusty reads Gun Digest's book about Survival Guns. As Americans, it is important to understand how guns, fire and freedom are fundamental parts of being an American citizen. So, turn off your TV, and read books about things that stimulate your brain, like the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, books about guns and fire, and technical manuals so you learn marketable skills.

Bruce the Shark and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle encourage you to read more books, as TV rots your brain. Gumby is reading a book about Land Mobile Radio systems, since he is really smart and an engineer. Rusty is reading a book by Jeremy Wade, about River Monster's or large fish and sea creatures that live in the ocean and rivers and streams. He had a cool show that some of our friend appeared as guests from time to time. I am reading about fake news, and how the media passes crap off as news. If you must watch TV, watch our friend Mark Dice, as he shows the real world behind the fake news. 'Merica! With guns, fire and freedom.


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