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Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read the book "Adventure Guide to Mount Rainier" by Jeff Smoot. This is a good book about the mountain and hiking around it. Gumby said he met a famous mountain climber, Lou Whittaker (and his twin Jim), that kicks this mountains butt for training on bigger mountains. But, this is also considered one of the most deadly mountains in 'Merica, because it kills people. And we thought Mount Hood took people out with that whole "here's Johnny" thing. Anyway, cool book and mountain, Rusty and Gumby want to go climb parts of it. If you like that type of thing, read this book, because TV rots your brain, and mountain hiking is great exercise for you humans!

Bruce the Shark and his friends, Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read a book about the Bigfoot Video Conspiracy. We don't know what the conspiracy is all about, the Giant Wood Ape exists, and wants to be left alone. The one shown on the cover of this book is a, you know there were others around hiding.

You humans should be tooled up when in the woods, because you don't have fangs, or claws, or sharp teeth. Gumby and Rusty have their problem solvers, you should too. But, the most dangerous thing in the woods is probably feral people, like tweakers, and meth heads. If you see Bigfoot, or Alma, or Sasquatch, use a camera instead. And, read more books, because TV rots your brain!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby started reading a book titled 110 Amazing Facts - You Don't Know, by Michael Gonzalez. We are only a chapter into the book, but there are some cool facts, like a Catholic priest saved a 4 year old boy from drowning, the boy's name was Adolph Hitler. This is why you should read more books, because history tends to repeat itself. Too bad that guy did not have a Chronovisor, then he would have known enough to go into that situation from a smarter position. I wonder what he would have done? Read books, because TV rots your brain, and learn about history. 'Merica, with books, guns, fire, and freedom!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read a book by Christopher Nyerges. Nyerges is a survival expert who specializes in finding food in urban and suburban areas.....eating things like cat tails, lily pads, dandelions, and stuff most humans don't even see as food. Gumby said that the larger stores try to sell dandelions as their "spring salad" and people eat that, so you might already eat some of this stuff. Good book by a cool guy in California, who has taught others about survival since 1974. He also writes about self-sufficiency and taking care of yourself for just a little money. We like this guy, because he is one of the few humans that seems to not require government assistance to survive these days. So, read more books, learn skills and live life on your own, don't rely on TV, government handouts or taxpayers to keep you alive! 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby talk about a book they read about Camp Rilea, Oregon. Gumby has been there several times during his military career, and he said it was fun to shoot machineguns, land nav(igate) through the swamp, and have bonfires at the beach. He even won a bet once against his commander who had to do a "sugar cookie" where he got wet in the surf and then roll around in the sand looking like a sugar cookie. Cool, base with lots of history on the Oregon Coast, where military units have trained for a long time. Honor you veteran's, and read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica! With guns, fire, freedom and military bases.

Bruce the Shark, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, and Gumby read a cool book about Native (American) Mythology. This is a 1965 book about the Thunderbird, Cuchina dolls, masks that ward off evil spirits and other mythology....but sadly very little on the North 'Merican Wood Ape. Bummer. This is why we carry guns in the woods, there are a lot of evil things in the woods, like meth heads, tweakers, and people who little. Good book. Read more books, because TV rots your brain. Make that a 2024 resolution.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, and Gumby read a book about Leonardo da Vinci, an artist and engineer. This guy drew diagrams of gears, screws, and machinery that eventually became popular machines. He also painted a lot of cool art work. Learn more about this guy, and others that seemed to understand machinery that we now take for granted. A company named Leonardo also makes cool helicopters, like the new Air Force MH-139A Gray Wolf, for ballistic missile base support. Gumby likes that one. 'Merica! with knowledge of history, guns, and fire. Merry Christmas (Happy Birthday Jesus), and have a Happy New Year everyone.

Bruce the Shark, Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle were looking for some cool Black Friday items to buy. They usually look for guns, ammo, flamethrowers, and other cool stuff. What they found was a bunch of Cold Steel knives. They like Cold Steel, as they made decent knives, machete's swords, and other cutting items. Bruce likes knives because they remind him of his teeth. Rusty likes them as a tool to augment his guns. While Gumby uses knives when hunting and as tools. Cold Steel did not sponsor or endorse us, but if they did we would like some cool Cutlass Swords please. Enjoy your Black Friday shopping. 'Merica! With Cold Steel knives.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby love Gatling guns. This book is about Dr. Richard Gatling, the inventor of lots of farm equipment, and of course the Gatling Gun! Gatling guns changed warfare, and is the basis of the Thunderbolt II tank killing "Warthog" airplane. We like that airplane, especially when it was built around a 30mm Gatling Gun made to "kill" tanks. Then there was that "Body" guy, who killed aliens with a Gatling Gun. (It was actually
Ahnold who killed that alien guy, but the Navy guy carried the Gatling gun first). To think these things were made in the days of cowboys, and are still in use today, getting smaller and faster as time goes on, they are more useful in warfare now than ever. Thank you Dr. Gatling, for making this awesome machine. Too bad we can't afford one of these cool guns. Christmas is coming up, if anyone would like to donate one to us, we would appreciate it. 'Merica! With Gatling Guns. Read more books, because TV rots your brain, and this book is also about guns, Gatling guns.

Bruce the Shark, Gumby, and the Turtle Family have long used another metric to understand the economy. They use Dollar Tree back scratchers, as they (except Gumby) have fins and flippers, so a back scratcher is a useful tool. But, Dollar Tree has changed its product and price over time. Our economy is a mess, and some people want it that way. Invest in metals for the future (gold and silver are good), like guns, ammo, and knowledge. Read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle review the book "No More Ramen - a 20 Somethings Real World Survival Guide. This is a good book, as we see many of our human friends work their butts off for everyone else. Work your butt off for yourself, and lean how to live well by not being mediocre. Strive for excellence while your so called friends sit around and watch TV, or play video games and accomplish nothing. This is a good book on how not to be lazy and live a terrible life once you get older, because you can't afford anything. Gumby says you should also learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Rusty used to say that you should go into the military, but he says that is a waste now too, don't work for the Man, you know, that one that says you should bow to a tribe. Be 'Merican, and be smart, read this book.

Engineer Gumby wanted to smarten up Bruce the Shark and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle, as space is the new economy and where the future corporate wealth with be generated from. This is one of those magazines that is set up like a book, and describes many rockets and missile systems. Gumby says rockets are fire and forget while missile's have a guidance section and can be steered. Then he described Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control (LITVC), where cold substances like Freon are injected into the missile exhaust, acting as a steerable thruster, with out any moving parts. This is not rocket science, but missile technology. Anyway, read more books about space and related science, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica, with guns, fire, and freedom.

Gumby also wanted to remind people that the Clinton cartel sold ICBM technology to China in the 1990's, Minuteman II/III and Peacekeeper, and that they now have a very well developed space station and programs, often unknow to us in 'Merica!

Book by Geoffrey Regan on historical military blunders. Bruce the Shark and his friends were busy with Shark Week 2023, but have read some cool books lately. This is another book that talks about military operations that failed, Like Operation Eagle Claw, when that Vining guy started Delta Force to get our hostages out of Iran. But, peanut farmer president failed in many ways and Chuck Norris had to make his own movie about how he says we should deal with terrorist. Great boo, read more books, because TV rots your brain. 'Merica! With, guns, fire, and freedom......and never negotiate with terrorists or those that take hostages. Only cowards take hostages.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, Rusty "ripsaw" Turtle, and other members of the Shark family celebrate 'Merica's birthday on July 4th. Happy Birthday U.S.A.!
Gumby knows Bruce is in a fireworks frenzy, and can't recall the words to the Star Spangled Banner, so here they are below:
O say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave

'Merica! Forever! Don't be dumb, read more books (preferably on history, math, and science), as TV rots your brain. Happy Birthday U.S.A.!

Gumby wanted to share his 1974-1975 Radio Shack book, Dictionary of Electronics. Two Navy guys he works with were trying to figure out a small magnetometer attached to a multi-meter. Two guys who supposedly went through electronics school. Gumby learned electronics in the Army, where he was a techno-geek in Special Forces. While looking up this book online, we also found out that Radio Shack had a theme song, playing in the background. Bruce the Shark tries to "dance" to this music, but he is a shark, while Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle looks on. Even though this book may be old, Gumby uses it to restore old tube type radios and discrete semi-conductor electronics. Be smart and learn how this world works, and the electronics you may use every day. (Geeks like Gumby run the world now, and they learned a lot from the chain of stores called Radio Shack).

Here in 'Merica, we have rights, that are limitations on government in both the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Bruce the Shark and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read a book that described these rights, and watched a video about a drug addict that used his right to not self incriminate, and to remain silent during a police interrogation. Know your rights, this is 'Merica!

In 1979 the Iranian snackbar people held 'Mericans hostage while our peanut farmer president did nothing. Then Reagan was elected and said we would cruise missile their ass if they did not let our people go. Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and was once a bustling country, but snackbar ideology have made their country isolated and retrograde. This book is about Operation Eagle Claw, where our special operations forces screwed up by the numbers. This is shown in the beginning of that "Delta Force" movie where Air Force veteran Chuck Norris and Marine Corps vet Lee Marvin show how it should be done. Never negotiate with terrorists, we are 'Merican's and cruise missiles work a lot better than money, or the release of prisoners.

Hello 'Merica. Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle show off Rusty's new Exothermic Technologies flamethrower. 48 states allow flamethrowers, well 49 and possibly 50. Maryland may ban them or require a permit, it is hard to tell in that state that has a history of arson and fire related crimes. California castrates them down to three feet. Rusty has one that is capable of firing up to 35 feet. Great fire breathing problem solver. There is also an under barrel version available. The Exothermic Technologies version uses a lithium battery to ignite a stream of gasoline or gasoline/diesel mix. Bruce almost goes into a frenzy talking about fire. Be a 'Merican and get yourself a flamethrower.

Bruce the Shark describes how his friend Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read the Marine Corps guide on camouflage (from Unmanned Aerial Systems, drones, and Chinese balloons). He misspoke in the video saying it was Gumby, but Rusty is camouflaged for the desert, along with his Glock problem solver. Bruce also thinks this video would have been cooler set to Beastie Boys song, Sabotage. Anyway, with all these Chinese things, and our government persistent surveillance platforms, everybody should now how to camouflage themselves. 'Merica, with books, fire, and freedom.

Our country was founded on both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that expressed limits on the federal government, limiting them from denying certain rights such as the right to keep and bear arms, speech, religion, and privacy. About half of 'Merica realizes constitutional carry of firearms, while the rest of the country does not. Our politicians are sell outs, and often sign a contract to side with Israel instead of 'Merica and its people. Gumby, Bruce and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle advise you all to read more books, and realize that television rots your brain, and is subverted by our intelligence community, to keep people dumb and subservient. People are so dumb they do not even realize why our Founding Father's wrote their intend down, for future generations to read and understand. But, you will not understand if you do not know how to read, or respect guns. Many of you may be surprised that colonists used to have cannons, and warships. So,m read more books, and Guns & Ammo magazine is ok too (even if some of the writers are Fudd's).

After Gumby worked in Satellite Communications (among other things - he is made of C4 you know), he needed to learn more about practical applications for the private sector. One of the books he used was Bruce Elbert's book "The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook". Reading technical manuals and books can get you a good paying job, makes your brain work better (TV rots your brain), and technical people will always be in demand. Satellite communications is becoming more relevant today than the 1990's, when Gumby expanded his horizons past military use. Now, people like Elon Musk are pushing satellite Internet, mesh networks using satcom hardware, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation allows for accurate time and location data. Then there are spy satellites that can read a newspaper from orbit. Wait, do people still read newspapers in 2022? Gumby still orders Wired, Popular Mechanics, Guns and Ammo and other magazines so we have to read hard copy. He might be one of the few keeping print media alive. Good on you Gumby. Bruce the Shark, Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle recommend you have a good set of encyclopedia's, and other hard copy books, because TV and the Internet rot your brain. 'Merica!

Bruce the Shark and his friends Gumby and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read the Car Spotter's Encyclopedia 1940-1980. Gumby was feeling nostalgic as his parents had a Buick. Bruce can't figure out if it was a Roadmaster, Riviera, or something else, but he is a young shark and does not remember those old cars. Rusty likes the cool muscle cars of the 1970's. These guides were often used by law enforcement to learn to recognize cars by their tail lights and headlights, and by consumers who were into cars. Bruce recommends buying American (trucks/SUV's) or at least buying cars made in 'Merica, as quality has gone down for many cars made here. Good book for car enthusiast's.

Bruce the Shark, and his friends, Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle and Gumby read a cool book about The Alamo. The Texas outpost where Santa Ana killed all defenders, including Daniel Boone. Next, the British saw 'Merica as a weak and young country, and came back to fight us in 1812. Then 'Merica kicked everyone out, to include anyone fool enough to stick around, taking all land to the Pacific Ocean. Us marine wildlife like the Pacific Ocean, with the Shark family preferring the warm waters of California (except you humans need to get those pedo people Satanists out of there). Read about history, because we tend to see it repeated, and do not trust what is on the Hitler/History Channel, they leave out a lot of the truth. Get you information from many sources and visit historic places to learn more about 'Merica!

Note: Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle also said that you should never die for land, that you should hit hard and fast and continue to keep maneuvering around, make you enemy die for land instead.......then he went into some rant about using the enemies guts to grease the treads of his tanks and how we should have gone after the Commies in WWII (as he was clutching his "comfort Glock").

Bruce the Shark, and his friends Gumby, and Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read National Defense magazine, a trade journal about new military technologies. Kamikaze drones have been used in many recent wars, flying until they run out of fuel or until they "see" their target, crashing or flying into them. Don't be stupid, get smart and engineer cool technology. But when threatened, have weapons to defend yourselves. This may include ballistic missiles, kamikaze drones, and anything else that may help you survive....because we are 'Mericans! Read more books, because TV rots your brain.

Bruce the Shark, and his friend Gumby, and cousin Rusty "Ripsaw" Turtle read a book about Space. Space is the next economy and frontier, the marine wildlife do not want humans to explore and encroach on their environment, the world ocean. But, they caution you humans to stop watching TV, instead, read more books and become smart, so you do not collapse into Mexico, where working construction and striving for mediocrity are the norm. Be 'Merican's, where you push the limits of technology, knowledge, and experience!


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