A look at how the British Empire has evolved, over the centuries, in an attempt to hold onto its influential position concerning the future direction of humanity and the globalisation project. Taken from the book 'Language of the Gods' by B R Taylor.
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Language of the Gods :
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Time is running out on our old freedoms. Our common law rights are being undermined by the growth of corporate fascism, interlocking cartels joining together to promote this latest form of globalisation. From the perspective of this presentation both fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin of totalitarianism.
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Podcast on corporations.

A detailed explanation as to why humanity, during the Golden Age of Leo, set about trying to stimulate the Earth's atmosphere with electromagnetic frequencies which would keep them and future generations in a perpetual high state of Golden Age awareness. Unfortunately, around 12,000 years ago a devastating cataclysm smashed the Earth, which rendered the Pyramids useless. leaving humanity to descend down towards lower levels of consciousness into the hands of the manipulative Demiurge.

A brief look at some corporate logos with satanic symbolism hidden within.
Music: Passe Compose by David Hilowitz.

A short promotional video for the book 'The Left Hand Path'. A new book by B R Taylor, exploring Kabbalistic principles and how they relate to today's geopolitical environment.

Santa is an anagram of Satan, who is the personification of the energetic characteristics of the planet Saturn.

A metaphysical look at why German National Socialism
was opposed to Judaism. Along with a reason for Saturn's final triumph over the rebellious and revolutionary characteristics of Uranus.

A presentation showing the influence of Mars (the God of war) on German military campaigns during WW2. It shows how Mars, going retrograde, during operation Barbarossa could have been the deciding factor which influenced the outcome, and defeat for Germany.

A brief look into Atlantis, the existence of which became part of German National Socialist ideology.

A brief look at how some Nazis saw Adolf Hitler as the new Messiah, a leader who personified the characteristics of Uranus, the planet which rules the first 1000 years of the Age of Aquarius (the 1000 year Reich).

A look at the Apostle Peter and his connection to the planet Saturn. "Get behind me Satan". From the book "Metaphysics of the Gods".

A brief look at how Mars, the God of war, heavily influences the start of the new Age of Aquarius. And what we are witnessing now is the start of that new Age.
For a more detailed look at the outer wheel of the Pisean Age watch "Wheels within wheels part 1".
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A brief outline of bull, ram and fish symbolism associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Aries and Pisces. From 4300 BC to O AD.

The seven days of creation correlate to the seven days of the week and the seven planets. Each religion has adopted a different planet to worship.

An astrological explanation of archangels, angels and demons; and the war in heaven between Archangel Michael (Sun) and Venus (Lucifer).

A song i wrote 30 years ago and recorded in 2010 with the Leggomen. Video footage from Nottingham beer festival 2013. CD available at the Astro-shop on my website.

A satirical newspaper set five years in the future.

A brief video examining Donald Trump's fascination with the number 6 and black cubes, both of which are symbolic of Saturn's occult energetic characteristics.
5:10 Correction: to the inauguration date, 20th January 2017.

The Corporation. An explanation of how the corporations have evolved into interlocking entities which essentially work together to create a global corporatocracy. Furthermore, it explains how the legal fiction was created to absorb humanity into its deceptive tentacles of control. Taken from the book 'Language of the Gods' by B R Taylor.
Intro music by Richard Mace.
Interlude music 'Here is now' by Ketsa.
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Language of the Gods :
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An alternative solution to the problems we face at this poignant moment in human history.

A promotional video to launch my new website, bringing together all my work, plus a great deal more on offer with unique designs on quality products.
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The control system. A detailed explanation of how the banking cartel took over the reins of globalisation while undermining the American Republic, German independence and any other country who tried to avoid the cartel's debt based monetary system. Excepts from the book 'Language of the Gods' by B R Taylor.
Intro music by Richard Mace.
Interlude music 'Here is now' by Ketsa.
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