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Politicians need to start using youtube


Sad but true

What is their plan and why can't they be honest and straightforward?

Smart guy

Maybe he should talk to Jason Kessler

Good bloke but no plan

He's a good guy but does he have a plan?

It's true

We have to stop abusing our women

She is indeed.

How will you stop your white ethnostate from being invaded?

Don't go with the flow

Cultural accelerationism is good. But only because it will turn people away from Labour.

If you think this is a good idea you are either dumb, joking or (((one of them)))

If you vote for this guy he will flood our country with Muslims

Maybe next year. But until then can you stop undermining his base?

Some thoughts on Internet infighting and gossip

Hmmmmmm lot of questions that need to be answered.

The leaders of the Alt Right turn against the one guy that actually wants to get elected?

The white race will die without a religion

People need to start talking to each other.

a bit of a rant, I get going at the 7 min mark.


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We must defeat our enemy! We must stop white genocide!