Brutus Of Troy

We do all the runes


If you have a saxon surname then you are a saxon

If you believe in Hierarchy then you must believe in God

The pareto principle

This is good. I like him. I don't really trust Sargon and I reckon they will try to co opt it but still UKIP needs to start using alternative media.

I made this video right before he quit.
He is definitely charismatic and Trump likes him but I don't trust him. And the Tories will use him to stay in power in the next election.

And she did

I'm not a great singer but somebody made me do it.

Will the Jews burst that bubble? Will it be a good thing or a bad thing?



Does what it says in the title


The oil industry must die!

Music cannot be owned by copyright



Politicians need to start using youtube


This got kicked off youtube pretty dam fast.

Sad but true


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We must defeat our enemy! We must stop white genocide!